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"You are Jedi."
"But not Jedi."
―Xash and Sindra[src]

Lian Dray was a Jedi who existed during the time of the Galactic Republic and resided on the planet of Vigil. He was a protector of a Force-sensitive child named Nova.


Lian Dray was a male Force-sensitive who was trained in the Jedi Order on the planet Monfreen by Jedi Master Ven-Mah Tyrrahl. Dray was a confident man who often felt that he was being held back during his training, due to his contemporaries being below his level of skill. During his time in training, he befriended fellow Jedi Yeres Threem, and eventually fell in love with fellow Jedi Cayli. During training, when Dray expressed his frustration at his slow pace to his master, Tyrrahl allowed Dray to journey into the Citadel of Shadows, a dark side nexus. In the Citadel, Dray first encountered the dark side, and succumbed to its pull. Later, Threem discovered Dray's fall and attacked him. Dray proceeded to kill Threem, and after being confronted by Cayli, he left the Jedi Order and retreated to the planet that he named Vigil, in order to think and clear his mind.

Later, while meditating, a starship crashed near Dray's camp. Dray investigated, in enough time to save the only survivor, a young girl named Nova. Nova's parents had been killed in the crash, but Dray sensed a huge Force potential in the girl, which was confirmed when she accidentally threw him into a lake with the Force.

Sith sorcerer Thannor Keth sent his two apprentices, Xash and Sindra, to capture the girl. As protector of the child, Dray boldly stood up in her defense and killed Keth's apprentices. However, he drew on the dark side during the battle, using Force lightning and ultimately killing Sindra while she was unarmed. Nova, terrified by Dray's actions on her behalf, ran away from him. Keth was then easily able to capture the girl, and held her in a cage which was resistant to the Force.

Dray went to search for Nova immediately. He stumbled upon Keth, who was in the process of repairing his starship. Dray quickly attacked, using the Force to damage Keth's starship even further, distracting the Sith sorcerer long enough for Dray to slice the cage in half and sprint away with Nova.

Keth was enraged, and refused to let the two of them get away. Chasing them, he cast Force lightning at Dray, causing the Jedi protector to fall to the ground and lose his grip on Nova. Keth offered for Dray to give up the girl in exchange for his life, but Dray refused. In anger, Keth struck at Dray again with Force lightning, but Dray was fast enough to deflect the bolt with his lightsaber. Keth attacked again, but this time struck a critical blow against the Jedi.

Keth began charging a huge lightning bolt to finish off Dray. However, Nova realized that Dray was her ally, and that she should help him. Working in tandem with Dray, the two light side users began charging their own bolt to counter Dray's death blow. Their combined power in the light side was no match for Keth's dark side lightning. Nothing was left of Keth's body after their counter-attack, except pieces of his torn robes. Soon afterward, Nova became Dray's apprentice. Dray and Nova left Vigil, with Dray deciding to go to Ossus. Although he knew that he would be hunted at first by other Jedi, Dray took the risk, determined to redeem himself and provide Nova with a better life than his own.

Personality and traitsEdit

Lian Dray was bold, confident, and even headstrong at some points. He claimed not to be afraid of anything, and felt that his fellow trainees were impeding his progress, and believing that he was prepared for the Citadel of Shadows test. Still, when asked by his master if he would leave wounded behind in a battle, he replied that he would not. Dray's confident personality ultimately quickened his fall to the dark side, although he remained brave and confident even after his redemption. Dray grew angry when laughed at by Sindra in their battle, and used that to his advantage. Dray was a skilled lightsaber duelist, easily defeating Xash in combat. He also defeated Sindra, who was much more skilled than her brother. Dray managed to stand up Thannor Keth in combat, blocking Keth's Force lightning with his lightsaber. Dray wielded a gold-bladed lightsaber.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Lian Dray was created by author Paul Danner and appeared as the main protagonist for a short story titled Light and Shadow, which was set during the time of the Great Sith War. Light and Shadow was originally slated to feature in one of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journals, but was never published therein. Thus, the characters (Lian Dray included), places, and events of Light and Shadow are not considered part of canon.

The story can now be found on the internet at the Star Wars Fanboy Association. Danner has had five other short stories published in various Star Wars Adventure Journals; One of a Kind, Small Favors, The Last Hand, No Disintegrations, Please, and Two for One.


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