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Liann was the name given to the inhabitants of the planet Lianna, which was populated predominantly by Humans. They were mostly known for their talent in starship design, as Lianna was home to one of the powerful starship manufacturing companies in the galaxy, Santhe/Sienar Technologies. The average height of Liann Humans was less than the galactic average.

Society and cultureEdit

The Liann were ethnically very similar to the other inhabitants of the Allied Tion sector, but were considered slightly more arrogant as a society than most Human cultures. However, most Liann would like to think of themselves as tough, shrewd and cunning but also pleasure-loving and successful. Liann architecture and fashion focused on decoration and bright color in most design aspects, which was seen as slightly garish by many off-worlders, as well as a sign of their arrogance. As a result of the urban lifestyle and environmental pollution of Lianna, flamboyance was seen as the ultimate luxury in Liann society. The homes of the wealthy on Lianna were filled with all the kinds of plants, trees and animals, as well as uneven stone floors and lush gardens stocked with flora that Lianna's environment lacked.

Politics were very much a part of everyday Liann life, with almost everyone on the planet having some involvement. This is due to the fact most people where economically linked, normally through direct employment, to one of the many starship manufactures who ran the planet. One of the laws made by these companies and strictly upheld by the Liann was a strict weapon ban for all off-worlders. The Liann themselves were known for always carrying weapons, even in the home or in the workplace, despite the fact that Lianna was a relatively peaceful planet due to its citizen's neutral stance in the Galactic Civil War.

Due to the lack of flora and fauna, Liann society was almost entirely dependent on importing food from other planets. As a result, fresh food was very rare on Lianna, and most dishes where strongly flavored with spices and additives. The few foods that actually were produced on Lianna were also usually described as hardy and inferior. This combination of reconstituted and poor quality food only added to the off-worlder view of the Liann being a people of questionable taste.

Other than these differences, the Liann functioned like many other Human societies. As is to be expected of the inhabitants of a planet owned by corporations, business was a strong focus on Lianna, but there was also a strong social aspect to Liann culture, with many clubs and bars found in every city.


Under the Galactic Republic, Lianna was an independent world of many cultures and religions. Liann society felt little bound by Galactic Republic law or policy during those times. As Lianna was a traditional territory of the Republic, the Senate turned a blind eye to the troubles of the Liann. Eventually, however, Lianna became part of the Kingdom of Barseg. In the era of Barsegian control, the Liann population was significantly reduced as a result of disease and culture shock. Many Liann were transported offworld during this time to become manual laborers throughout the Kingdom.

The Liann rebelled against their new cruel rulers many times, but with each revolt ending in failure. The last rebellion was the attempt at independence made by the provinces of Berene and Caldara.[source?] Around the year 300 BBY, the plight of the Liann people reached the ears of policy-makers on Coruscant, and the Senate placed Lianna under its own governorship.

Approximately 99 years before the Battle of Yavin, control of Lianna was turned over to the Sienar megacorporation, one of the key players in the galactic starship construction market. Kerred Santhe the Elder, a very wealthy industrialist native to the planet, purchased a controlling interest in the company immediately after Sienar assumed control of the planet, forcing Sienar to move the company's headquarters to Lianna and renaming it Santhe/Sienar Technologies.

The company was initially all-powerful on Lianna, employing many of the Liann people, but its grip had loosened by Imperial times, allowing other corporations a say on the planet's management. Emperor Palpatine maintained a firm military presence on the planet to ensure Lianna's loyalty to the New Order.



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