The Lianorm Raceway was a 10.5 mile-long Podracing course on the planet Naboo. Its terrain consisted of grass and swamp, offering several obstacles to Podracers along its sinuous path. Although Podracing was banned on many worlds, Naboo hosted championship events on the raceway during the final years of the Galactic Republic. At one point, Human slave Anakin Skywalker was considered the favorite to win on the track.


The Lianorm Raceway, located[1] on the Mid Rim planet[2] Naboo, was a Podracing track set up on a terrain composed of swamp and grass, where creatures such as shaaks and bantha-like herbivores could be found in small enclosures. The raceway was located at the edge of a large body of water, and a head statue[1] linked to Naboo's ancient Elders[3] could be found at the site.[1]

The sinuous course had a total length of 10.5 miles, possessed two shortcuts, and featured a small water fountain and several sets of stands for the public around the finishing line,[1] all built in the classical Naboo style of architecture,[4] with some of the buildings covered with a domed roof. Although most of the terrain was clear for passage, ponds, rocks and groves were common sights in the middle of the track. A map for the speedway detailed some of its features, while also containing annotations in a Huttese script and circles around certain curves along the path.[1]


Top view of the Lianorm Raceway stands at full capacity

Although the sport of Podracing was already banned from most civilized star systems by 32 BBY[5] and was considered extremely dangerous for Humans to compete in,[6] Naboo still hosted Podraces during the waning years of the Galactic Republic,[1] which was the ruling government of the galaxy at the time.[7] The Lianorm Raceway was a venue for events such as championships, regular races and one-on-one competitions. Racers sometimes competed from the end to the start of the track.[1]

The Human slave and later Jedi Padawan[7] Anakin Skywalker was at one point listed as the track favorite. Other Podracers who may have raced in the course include[1] the Dug[8] Sebulba,[1] the Nosaurian[9] Clegg Holdfast,[1] the Veknoid[10] Teemto Pagalies,[1] and the Aleena[11] Ratts Tyerell.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Lianorm Raceway was only mentioned in Racer Rush, a Podracing online game available at StarWars.com. The game was launched as a supplement to the theatrical re-release of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace in 3D, which, along with the portrayal of a young Anakin, indicates that game itself is set during the Rise of the Empire era.[1] It is unclear if the track is related to the Lianorm Swamp of Naboo.


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