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"We must plan for every contingency. We must defend Endor now, and we've promised General Calrissian assistance with liberating Cloud City."
"I talked to Lando on the comlink. He says he's got ideas of his own."
Admiral Gial Ackbar and Han Solo[6]

Months after the Battle of Endor, the gas giant Bespin was liberated from the Galactic Empire by General Lando Calrissian of the Rebel Alliance.


Fleeing the Galactic Empire's occupation of Bespin, Lando Calrissian left his position as Baron Administrator of Cloud City to join the Rebel Alliance.[7] Working with his former aide Lobot, Rebel pilots Luke Skywalker and Shira Brie, and Bespin's Ugnaught population, Calrissian overthrew Cloud City's Imperial garrison.[8]

However, the Empire retook Bespin,[1] maintaining control of Cloud City until after the Battle of Endor,[9] in which now-General Calrissian lead the Rebel starfighter assault, destroying the second Death Star.[10] After the battle, Lando was promised all the fighters the Alliance could spare, but with the Rebellion's resources occupied with the defense of the temporary Rebel capital at Endor and a mission to Bakura, Calrissian developed a plan of his own,[6] assembling a group of mercenaries and soldiers dubbed "Lando's Commandos" for the task.[11] Though he was briefly diverted to support his old friend and fellow Rebel Han Solo in putting down an attempted Black Sun resurgence, Lando Calrissian made Cloud City's freedom the focus of his attention, taking advantage of the Empire's confusion in the wake of the Battle of Endor.[1]

On Cloud City, the population celebrated the Rebel victory at Endor with fireworks in a cheering demonstration.[10] With the Alliance gaining the upper hand in the Galactic Civil War, disenfranchised Imperial Security Bureau agent Tian Chyler defected to the Rebellion, enlisting the aid of Alliance sympathizer Willrow Hood to turn over information on Cloud City's defenses,[4] which proved vital in the liberation of Bespin.[12]

The liberation[]

"We need to free Lobot, X2. He's key to liberating Cloud City."
Lando Calrissian to X2[2]

In a months-long campaign, General Calrissian and Lando's Commandos drove the remaining Imperial forces out of Cloud City.[1] A Rebel force composed of an MC80 Star Cruiser, multiple EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates, and a group of T-65 X-wing starfighter pilots, including Calrissian and the clone Jedi Knight X2, engaged in an aerial battle with the occupying forces. At Calrissian's direction, X2 shot down a Tibanna gas platform, causing it to plummet into and take out a Star Destroyer. After eliminating several pursuing TIE/LN starfighters, X2 brought his starfighter down to a landing platform and joined Lando on the colony's surface.[2]

A Sentinel-class landing craft deploying Dark troopers.

Making their way to a computer terminal, X2 engaged stormtrooper forces while Calrissian determined the location of Lobot, held prisoner on Cloud City by the Imperials. Passing through a carbon-freezing chamber to reach the cyborg's cell, X2 escorted Lobot to the central computer, defending him from attack as he bypassed ray shield defenses and gave Lando control of the city. A pair of Imperial landing craft lauched a counter-attack, deploying a stormtrooper detachment and six Dark troopers to landing pads on opposite sides of the complex. Both forces were defeated by X2, Calrissian, and Lobot, freeing Cloud City from Imperial control.[2]


"Great job, X2! Bespin is liberated. The people of Cloud City extend their heartfelt thanks. Drinks are on me!"
―Lando Calrissian to X2[2]

Following his victory, Lando was once again Baron Administrator of Cloud City, while Lobot's expertise led the cyborg to take on the role in a de facto capacity. Approximately one year after the Battle of Endor, Calrissian's tenure would be cut short once again, losing Cloud City to Zorba the Hutt in a game of sabacc.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The liberation of Bespin was first mentioned in the 1993 Bantam Spectra novel The Truce at Bakura by Kathy Tyers,[6] but went largely undetailed until the 2002 release of the Del Rey reference book The New Essential Guide to Characters, featuring in the entries of Lando Calrissian and Lobot.[1] The battle was later expanded upon in the 2009 video game Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron.[2]

Elite Squadron identifies Cloud City's occupying force as the Imperial Remnant,[2] a faction established in 12 ABY.[13] Whether this is an error or an indicator that the event depicted in Elite Squadron is a later liberation from this group is not clear.



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