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The Liberation of Exocron was a two-pronged assault on the planet Exocron conducted in 8 ABY by members of the New Republic ship FarStar and local insurgents against the ruling Devisors.



In 8 ABY, the New Republic ship FarStar discovered the hidden planet of Exocron within the Kathol Outback. The planet had been isolated from the galaxy for many years, hidden within a gas nebula created by a failed protostar, and ruled over by the Devisors who forbade space travel.

After a probe droid they had dispatched failed to return, Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum of the FarStar order a manned recon mission to the planet to retrieve the droid. The mission encountered Captain Horzao Darr of the sky-dreadnaught Maxion, and he invited the New Republic crew to meet with the Devisors in the capital, Caballa City.

Following the meeting, the Devisor Pagda Gevtes announced that, for the safety and continued security of Exocron, the crew of the FarStar would be held on the planet for the rest of their lives, and their was to be impounded. Captain Adrimetrum herself was taken away for questioning, and a powerful tractor beam was locked onto the FarStar in orbit and began to draw it down to the planet's surface.

Captain Darr, appalled at the Devisors treatment of the off-worlders, especially after the crew had assisted in the defense of the cruiser, Desaclates, managed to take custody of the rest of the crew. He took them to the home of Eida Sharden, who was a member of the insurgency in Caballa City. Opposition to the Devisors' rule had been a constant problem for the ruling caste, ever since the colony ship Exocros Cabal had arrived at the planet. Elements of the populace felt that the Devisors were denying them their birthright, but the Devisors held onto their power through the control of advanced technology.

Sharden and her insurgents agreed to help the crew of the FarStar free their ship and liberate their captain since she knew that such a strike would cause the downfall of the Devisors as well. Sharden provided the crew with information on the location of their X-wing fighters, which would be needed to take down the tractor beam generator.

The battlesEdit

Assault on the tractor beam generatorEdit


X-wing starfighters take on a vessel of the Exocron Airfleet.

Using information provided by Eida Sharden, Captain Horzao Darr transported New Republic pilots to a military hangar where their starfighters were being held. Using his authority as captain of the Airfleet flagship, he claimed that he was there to study the fighters, and the New Republic crew were to help him. However, the arrival of a Devisor, who really did want to study the fighters, complicated matters. A firefight followed, and then the New Republic pilots took to the skies in their X-wings.


New Republic forces storm the Ministry of Technology.

Speeding towards the bunker, they found it defended by an Airfleet rocket cruiser, the Bremarc, and eight Skyraptor skyfighters. The Bremarc fired a rocket barrage at the New Republic X-wings, which the nimble fighters avoided. They engaged the Skyraptors, utilizing their superior agility and firepower to deal with them. With the way clear, the X-wings launched a proton torpedo attack on the bunker, but found their weapons unable to pentrate the thick walls. They realized that they had to drop their torpedoes in the narrow slit of the bunker where the tractor beam was emanating from. However, a second wave of Skyraptors engaged the X-wings before they could launch a second attack run.

After dealing with the second wave of Skyraptors, the X-wings launched their second attack run, dropping their torpedoes through the narrow slit. The torpedos destroyed the tractor beam generator, and freed the FarStar.

Invasion of the Ministry of TechnologyEdit

Outfitted with repulsorlift personal jump packs, member of the FarStar's crew made an aerial insertion into the Ministry of Technology from onboard the Maxion. Moving quickly through the building, the team encountered a Devisor who raised the alarm. Fighting through several squads of Ministry guards, the team eventually reached the cell where Captain Adrimetrum was held. They released her, and prepared to evacuate the building.

While moving through the Ministry, the team was attacked by the Devisor Pagda Gevtes in his personal walker. Engaging the walker, one of the team members used a flash pistol to temporarily blind Gevtes and lure the walker towards a stairwell. Unable to negotiate the stairwell, the walker toppled and fell. Gevtes was trapped, and arrested by forces from the Maxion shortly after.


With their tractor beam generator destroyed, and the fact that they possessed advanced technology, the Devisors hold on power was broken. In return for their assistance, Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum provided technical data and specifications on spaceflight and navigation computers to anyone who requested it. With the new information and their newfound freedom, the people of Exocron began to join the galactic community, and established the Exocron Combined Air-Space Fleet.



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