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"We just need to check out something first, okay? The Falcon received a distress call from Rekkana."
―Lando Calrissian, to Han Solo[1]

Following the Battle of Endor, the planet Rekkana was liberated by the New Republic.

The liberation[]

"Those guys don't know when to quit - even after we blew up their battle station."
―Han Solo to Lando Calrissian[1]

At some point between 4 ABY and 5 ABY[3], following the massive Battle of Endor, which dealt a huge blow to the Empire, Rekkana was captured by the Imperials, led by Commodore Visler Korda. But, somehow, the people were able to send a garbled, but understandable distress call out. The Millennium Falcon received it.[1]

Rebel heroes Lando Calrissian and Nien Nunb were on board, as they were borrowing the Falcon from Han Solo. They immediately set course for Rekkana.[1]

Lando outsmarts the droid-controlled TIEs

As soon as they popped out of hyperspace, they were ambushed by a swarm of TIE fighters. Lando was able to destroy one, before performing a trick where he waited for the TIEs to get close enough before zooming out of the way, leading the TIEs to crash into each other due to the fact that they were being controlled by a droid brain, making their flight patterns very predictable.[1]

Back on Rekkana, Commodore Korda was informed by Lieutenant Drosk that the Falcon had gotten away. This infuriated the commodore who picked up the lieutenant by his shirt and shoved him to the ground, telling him to find the Falcon.[1]

Jaxxon commandeers an Imperial Scuttler

Back at the Falcon, Lando had landed it silently in the bushes and spied on the town. He noticed that the number of people greatly outnumbered the number of stormtroopers in the town by nine-to-one. It looked as if they'd given up. He'd tracked the distress call to a holding cell, which he was able to sneak inside, where he found a smuggler and bounty hunter known as Jaxxon, who was hired to free the chancellor of the planet but ended up getting captured himself. Jaxxon took Lando's blaster pistol and shot open the door to the chancellor's holding cell. The duo were able to help Asera escape the cell, where Lando asked her how he could free her people. She replied that their spirit had long been broken ever since the Empire stole their statue and symbol of hope, known as the Totem of Saglanost. Lando suggested that they steal it, so the people would regain hope and fight. But Asera told them that the totem was taken off-world. But Lando said that he had friends whom he believed could help. Before Lando could continue, a squadron of stormtroopers began shooting at him, Asera, and Jaxxon. With a bit of coaxing from Lando, Jaxxon was able to sneak inside one of the scuttlers and stop Korda by "accidentally" making the scuttler fall on top of him. With that, the trio made their way out of there and back to the New Republic, with Lando and Asera getting on the Falcon, while Jaxxon got on his ship Rabbit's Foot.[1]

Lando swung down on a cable to prevent the ASP-7 from destroying the totem

Back on Chandrila, C-3PO informed them that the Totem of Saglanost was located in the Palpatine Archive on Coruscant. Han told them that he was not going to let them take the Falcon to Courscant, as the planet was still under Imperial control and the Falcon would be shot down on sight. So with that in mind, the team decided to use the Rabbit's Foot to sneak in. They cobbled together a "piece of art" with Asera and Lando hiding inside and Jaxxon dressed as an Imperial officer. An analysis droid greeted them, and though suspicious led them along. It seemed as though the droid had fallen for Jaxxon's trick until he stole the Golden Agrooba of Metlok IV. The droid replied by saying it knew he was nothing more than a thief, and ordered the royal guards stationed there to get Jaxxon. A chase ensued.[1]

With the distraction Jaxxon had provided, Lando and Asera were able to sneak out and search the database for the totem. As soon as Asera had found out where it was, the guards found and began to pursue them, but Lando was able to shoot down a skeleton of a gigantic ancient creature and knock the guards out and make his way, along with Asera, to the lift. Here, Asera told Lando that they were going to melt the totem, right as the lift opened revealing the totem, just about to be broken. But Lando was able to kick the labor droid into the melting pot and catch the totem in midair.[1]

Korda's defeat is broadcasted to the entire galaxy as his auto-fighters turn on him

But the joy was shortlived. Once they made it back to the Rabbit's Foot, the analysis droid, along with two royal guards awaited, while another guard ambushed them from behind. Right when they thought their plan had worked, the guard behind Lando and Asura, who was Jaxxon in disguise, ordered his droid Mel to knock the guards and the droid off balance. The plan worked, and they were able to escape the archive with the totem.[1]

The team made it back to Rekkana, right as Korda was about to show off his new fleet to the New Republic via cam droids. But his plan was foiled as the people, led by Lando, Jaxxon, and Asura regained control over the planet once again. Though forced to give back the Golden Agrooba of Metlok IV, Jaxxon got his payment and was convinced by Lando to put joining the New Republic into consideration.[1]


Notes and references[]

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