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"Whoo-hoo-hoo! You dusted him!"
―Vedd Deviss, to Gavyn Sykes, at the start of Deviss's attack run on the slave camps[1]

A number of Trade Federation slave camps were liberated during the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY. The Trade Federation Droid Army, along with Neimoidian slave drivers, had quickly established a number of these slave camps to hold Naboo civilians after securing the planet's capital city of Theed. Pilots of the Royal Naboo Security Forces liberated several such camps along the Andrevea River. After disrupting and then raiding a Trade Federation base, Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes, under the command of Captain Kael, used a captured gunboat to infiltrate the camps and knock out the power generators, disabling the camps and freeing the prisoners.

Borvo the Hutt, the leader of a criminal empire and an ally of the Security Force contingent led by Sykes and Captain Kael, provided transports on which the civilians could escape, but Sykes was forced to lead a surplus of civilians to sanctuary himself before meeting back up with Kael. When Sykes' convoy reached the town of Ferentina, the Federation forces blockaded the river and attacked Ferentina, forcing the civilians to switch to Flash speeders while Sykes took to the air in an N-X cruiser and escorted the convoy past the blockade to the planned rendezvous point near the Devils tower landmark.


"Sykes, you've just been drafted into the Trade Federation."
―Captain Kael orders Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes to steal a gunboat from the Trade Federation base[1]

The Trade Federation Droid Army invaded the planet Naboo in the year 32 BBY[2] and established a number of slave camps to hold captured Naboo prisoners under the control of Neimoidian slave drivers. During the course of the invasion, the Royal Naboo Security Forces struck several blows against the invaders after the capital of Naboo, Theed, fell. After disrupting and attacking one Trade Federation base, a resistance band led by Captain Kael stole a Trade Federation gunboat to infiltrate several of the slave camps and release the imprisoned Naboo civilians.[1]

The battle[]


"Captain Kael, I've found the mining camp. The Trade Federation is using captured Naboo as slaves."
"Do as much damage as you can and free the prisoners."
―Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes and Captain Kael[1]

Traveling along the Andrevea River in the stolen gunboat, Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes infiltrated the slave camps at night. He reported to his flight lead, Captain Kael, who told Sykes to continue upriver and scout for Federation forces. The droid forces had blocked the river with proximity mines, but Sykes was able to clear his way through. Several droid starfighters flew overhead, however, and Sykes panicked. His flight leader managed to calm him down, warning him not to betray the mission. Sykes then arrived in a large bay area, where some of the camps were located, and Kael ordered him to free the prisoners. Since Sykes was in a Trade Federation gunboat, the forces stationed there believed him to be an ally. Two minelayers attempted to block the entrance with more proximity mines, but Sykes shot them down and revealed himself. Laser turrets opened fire on the gunboat, but Sykes destroyed the power generators, shutting off the lasers and allowing the civilians to escape. That also prevented the first set of camps from sending out a warning to the other camps. Kael contacted Sykes and notified him that their smuggler ally Borvo the Hutt was sending transports from his smuggling organization to evacuate the civilians in the area.[1]

Vedd Deviss attacking the power generator

As Sykes traveled further down the river, he saw another gunboat racing away to warn the rest of the camps. Sykes caught up to it and sank it, keeping his true identity hidden from the remaining Federation forces. He had to destroy more mines on the way to the central concourse, though he had no difficulties in passing through the gates of the concourse until he sneaked up to the anti-air defenses. The defensive posts were alerted to his presence when Sykes opened fire on them. As he fought through the turrets, more gunboats were launched from the camp's hangar, and he also had to take out the anti-air turrets so that his wingmate Vedd Deviss could arrive and destroy the generators. After Sykes destroyed the turrets with his gunboat's weapons, Deviss flew low in a strafing run in his N-1 starfighter to knock out the generators. The prisoners had been freed, but the resistance did not have enough transports to take them away, so the civilians found several houseboats in which to travel, and Sykes escorted them further up the river to where they could meet back up with Kael and the rest of the group.[1]


"Okay, I'll get this convoy to the ruins. Let's move."
―Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes, leading a convoy of rescued prisoners[1]

As dawn broke, Sykes and the civilians approached the end of the river near the town Ferentina, which was under attack by Trade Federation droid bombers. A bomber knocked out a bridge crossing over the river, trapping the convoy behind the bridge. The Armored Assault Tanks stationed along the banks of the river subsequently opened fire on the transports. Sykes, knowing that his group had to take to the land, got to a water-based security hangar and took to the skies in an N-X Police Cruiser. He destroyed the tanks and then knocked out a tunnel through which additional tanks had been traveling to join the battle. As the civilians were loaded into Flash speeders, Sykes flew over the town to provide support, and he rescued two more crewed Flash speeders that were stuck behind a fallen tower. Sykes then advanced into the canyon ahead of the speeders, destroyed a blockade of five tanks, and defended the convoy from many droid starfighters, successfully escorting the convoy northward to an old hiding place in a mountain pass near Devils tower, an ancient landmark.[1]

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Sykes also found rapid-fire laser technology hidden behind Devils tower. Flying around the landmark, he picked it up.[1]

The rendezvous point


"Where's Captain Kael?"
"I'm not sure. I was separated from the Hutt's transports, but I think he went down. I'm sorry, sir."
"Don't worry, Hollis. I'm sure the Captain survived. Let's find him before the Trade Federation does."
―Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes and Lutin Hollis[1]

As the civilians waited for transport, Sykes collapsed the rock bed behind them and then landed to take one of the speeders he had escorted. Lutin Hollis, another member of Sykes' resistance band, contacted him and said that Kael had been shot down and was missing. While Sykes believed that the captain was okay, he quickly joined in the search for Kael.[1] The incident was later mentioned in a report given to the Sith Lord Darth Maul by the leader of the invasion, Viceroy Nute Gunray.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The liberation of the slave camps is comprised of two successive missions—numbers eight and nine, appearing in the 2000 video game Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo. In the ninth mission, it is possible to find an upgrade floating behind Devils tower, and picking it up will achieve this bonus objective.[1] The liberation was mentioned in Sykes' entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia,[4] and was also mentioned in the 2011 magazine Star Wars: The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection 62.[5] The event was also mentioned in the 2012 short story "End Game," written by James Luceno.[3] Page three of the storyboards of mission eight by artist James Zhang was also included in the 2008 behind-the-scenes book Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts.[6]



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