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The Liberator was a Liberator-class Troopship from the time of the Galactic Republic, during which it bore the name Guardian of the Republic.


It was capable of hyperspace travel, though it was slow by modern standards. The vessel was decommissioned shortly before the end of the Galactic Republic. In the wake of the Clone Wars, it was owned and captained by Garris Shrike, who had renamed the vessel Trader's Luck. It was on this ship that Han Solo spent his formative years, as an unwilling member of Shrike's band of space gypsies.

In 2 BBY, the Trader's Luck was bought at scrap prices by the Rebel Alliance. It was restored for use as a troop ship, and renamed the Liberator. In 0 BBY, Liberator was used to evacuate freed Ylesian slaves following the Battle of Ylesia.



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