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"What—why are you ransacking your own ship? Oh...This isn't your ship. You stole it."
"Actually we stole it, me and roundy here."
―Finn and DJ after departing Canto Bight[4]

The Libertine, christened by its first owner as the Steadfast, was a Star Yacht that Finn, Rose Tico, BB-8 and DJ used to escape from Canto Bight. Its previous owner was Korfé Bennux-Ai, a manager of the Sienar-Jaemus corporation who sold weapons to independent worlds during the war between the First Order and the Resistance.


The Libertine was a custom Star Yacht manufactured by Guild d'Lanseaux in the Chardaan Orbital Yards a century before[1] 34 ABY,[5] and to signal the wealth of its owner, was crafted by hand by organics. Like all Guild d'Lanseaux products, the Libertine was uniquely designed. It had a chromium-detailed streamlined hull whose plates were interwoven with radiation shielding and had highly reflective hull coating, which contained an abundance of technology. In the bow of the Libertine, which had two frontal tips, were the sensor spines and the repulsorlift maneuvering vanes, both on the starboard and port of the starship.[1]

The bow contained a communications spine on the hull. The sensor spines ran from the front tips of the ship, and ended at the midsection with the atmospheric processors on both sides. The sensor spines contained power relay conduits, power converters for forward systems, and 12 stage dynamo power generators. Inside the repulsorlift maneuvering vanes were the overlocked forward repulsors, which allowed for nimble micromaneuvers.[1]

Inside the bow was the forward deflector shield projector, the emergency beacon, and the sensor node, with atmospheric intake vents on the exterior. Inside, the Libertine featured luxurious amenities, with a high-quality holoprojector pedestal at the center of the lounge. The lounge could seat fourteen passengers and included locked compartments for valuables. The deluxe sleeping cabin was in the bow and was furnished with rare woods, and the midsection featured a deployable staircase for boarding. The midsection also had a flight computer hub. On the midsection's outside were the turbo injectors and part of the bespoke d'Lanseaux engines, which continued to the rear of the ship, delivering top-rated speed for a civilian vessel,[1] as part of the recessed sublight drive.[6]

In the rear of the ship was the cockpit, which was slightly elevated and included a navigator's station, a comms station, and a captain's chair. Below the cockpit was the ship's hyperdrive, the rear landing gear, the casing for the magnetic turbine, the hydraulic system, the thrust cupola, the maneuvering thrusters, the power cells, and the compact fusion reactor. The rear stabilizer at the stern, used for atmospheric flight, contained the aft repulsorlift array and the acceleration compensator. The Libertine was also equipped with an anti-theft system and a safe, along with antishock fields, that when working in conjunction with the acceleration compensator, ensured a ride as smooth as a luxury airspeeder or groundcoach.[1]

The Libertine had no weapons and capable defensive systems, which were reflective of a safer galactic era, and also reflected on the safeguards of wealth and status.[1]


Early service[]

"Good guys, bad guys, made-up words. Let's see who formerly owned this gorgeous hunk-uh. Ah, this guy was an arms dealer. Made his bank selling weapons to the bad guys. Oh…and the good."
―DJ, to Finn[2]

The Libertine was built in 66 BBY[3] by the Guild d'Lanseaux in the Chardaan Orbital Yards. The Bureau of Ships and Services listed that the first owner of the vessel was Valis of Kuhlvult, a Kuati diplomat, who had christened the vessel the Steadfast. Eventually, the Steadfast was at some time in its service renamed the Libertine and was owned by Korfé Bennux-Ai, an individual born into wealth on Celanon and a top-ranking manager for the Sienar-Jaemus corporation. Bennux-Ai also made a fortune selling starfighters to wary star systems seeking to bolster their defenses against the First Order. The Libertine's lounge was used by Bennux-Ai to negotiate and make deals, celebrate completed sales, and, if he had bad luck or failed a sale, drown his sorrows.[1]

A new owner[]

Finn and Rose aboard the Libertine after DJ steals it

In 34 ABY,[5] Bennux-Ai would become frustrated by a failed negotiation with Zygerrian slavers, so he ordered his pilots to divert the Libertine to Cantonica so that he could enjoy the night on Canto Bight.[1] On Canto Bight, the Libertine was stolen by DJ, an unprincipled criminal and slicer who had escaped from the Canto Bight police headquarters.[2] DJ stole the Libertine by evading guards and using a computer spike and key bypass to slice through the anti-theft systems, and boarded it with Resistance droid BB-8.[1]

DJ piloted the Libertine to rescue Finn and Rose Tico, members of the Resistance, a private paramilitary force focused on countering the First Order, who were escaping the Canto Bight Mounted Police on a fathier. Finn and Rose had previously encountered DJ when they undertook a mission to Canto Bight in order to locate and recruit the Master Codebreaker, a capable slicer, who was in Canto Bight. Rose and Finn, however, were arrested by the Canto Bight Police Department for illegally parking their Resistance transport pod on a beach. Once everyone was on board, DJ wasted no time plundering the cabinets, locked compartments, and the safe of the Libertine, and was able to gain access to its databanks, finding a catalog of starfighters for sale.[6] Escaping from Canto Bight, Rose and Finn were successful in recruiting DJ to help them slice the Shipboard Tracking Control Complex, a device used for hyperspace tracking on board the First Order Mega-class Star Dreadnought Supremacy, so that the besieged Resistance navy could escape the clutches of the First Order, by offering her medallion as payment.[2]

The Libertine approaches the Supremacy from underneath.

Once the Libertine arrived at the attack on the Resistance fleet, it was able to dock with the Supremacy, allowing DJ, Finn, Rose, and BB-8 to board the vessel, where they donned First Order officer military uniforms and BB-8 a canister. They deactivated the Shipboard Tracking Control Complex, yet were captured by Colonel Ansiv Garmuth of the First Order Security Bureau and Captain Phasma when BB-9E exposed the boarders. Once they were captured, DJ sold the evacuation plan of the Resistance to Crait in exchange for his freedom and a large sum of money.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Libertine first appeared in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, released on December 15, 2017,[7] and was identified simultaneously in Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary and Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Incredible Cross-Sections, released on the same day as the film.[8][9]

The set for the Libertine, as revealed in The Last Jedi's blooper reel,[10] included a refresher with instructions.[11] This is the latest of several references in the Star Wars films to 2001: A Space Odyssey.[12]


Non-canon appearances[]


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