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"Did I say something wrong, captain?"
"I believe you've made a mistake, sir. You are captain. I am merely lieutenant."
Captain Punfor and Lieutenant Magna Tolvan[21]

Lieutenant was a low level commissioned rank utilized primarily by various military forces such as the Grand Army of the Republic, the Imperial Army,[16] and by police services such as the Coruscant Security Force.[22] It could also be used as a title in various organizations such as the Trade Federation to mean someone who was second in command.[4] Variants of the rank included Junior Lieutenant[23] and Senior Lieutenant.[15]


"I've risen through the ranks of the RDC faster than any other Lieutenant. If not for being behind the Stormwall, I'd be a Captain commanding my own ship by now."
―Visma Tarko[13]

The Republic Defense Coalition of the High Republic Era made use of the rank of lieutenant. Visma Tarko was an Arkanian with a strict attitude who joined the RDC and, in time, arose to the rank of lieutenant faster than anyone prior. If she had not been trapped within the Occlusion Zone during the Nihil conflict, she expected she would have already been made a captain in charge of a starship.[13] The Republic Military made use of Clone Lieutenants during the Clone Wars.[1] One Junior Lieutenant in the Galactic Empire was Jams.[23] For a time, Luke Skywalker held the rank of lieutenant within the Rebel Alliance.[8] Kaydel Ko Connix held the rank of Lieutenant in the Resistance decades after the Galactic Civil War.[24]


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