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A Lieutenant General in the midst of battle

Lieutenant General was a grade of general.

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Behind the scenesEdit

In the real world, Lieutenant General is a relatively standard rank. It is used in almost all modern armies and also in air forces that use army-style ranks, such as the USAF. It is normally placed between Major General and full General, although in some armies, it has been the highest general rank in use.

In Star Wars canon, however, use of the term is very rare. It only appears as one of the selection of military ranks that are assigned to randomly-generated non-player characters in Star Wars Galaxies: both Rebel and Imperial templates are known, but it is not clear whether Imperial officers of this rank have appeared in the finished game.

Also, although resources such as the Star Wars Technical Commentaries usually include Lieutenant General in tabulations of ranks and insignia (here and here), these claims are, strictly speaking, fanon, and must be treated accordingly on Wookieepedia. No canon evidence exists to show how the position of lieutenant general functions within or in parallel to the canonical rank hierarchies.



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