"But you must stop, I tell you! Master Luke, please tell me. Have they gotten to the ceremony of the blood kiss yet?"

Life-bearers, also known as life-witches, were Human females with the rare ability to extend a male's life for five standard years after which the male would die. They existed only on the planet Leria Kerlsil and used the title "Ver" in addition to their surname. The life-bearer was sterile, thus they appeared very rarely, as genetic or mystical anomalies.

Karia Ver Seryan, a life-witch.

After the male accepted the bond by performing the blood kiss in the wedding ceremony, the life-bearer supported him for three to five years, providing "Support," granting him the strength and vitality of a young man during this time. He would also live in comfort and luxury with the life-bearer. The Support was a drain on the bearer's life energy, and she withdrew it after the three to five years, running the risk of death if she did not. She then inherited all of her husband's wealth and possessions, which he typically would not have been alive to enjoy without her support in any event. Life-bearers had to recover for a time after the death of a husband before they could marry again, but their gift was such that they had to provide Support for a husband or eventually grow sick and die themselves after a decade or so. They lived only by sharing the life essences of others and could not survive long without a husband to care for. Living on in this fashion, life-bearers could live several centuries.

Life-bearers disapproved of being called life-witches, seeing their ability as a blessing to help the old and the ill rather than take advantage of them.

In 18 ABY, Lando Calrissian nearly married the life-bearer Karia Ver Seryan while he was searching for a bride with Luke Skywalker. It was only the last-second intercession of C-3PO that saved him from a greatly abbreviated lifespan.

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The concept of Life-witches bears a resemblance to both Mind-witches[1] and Energy vampires.[2]

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