Life Below is a story in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 9.


Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, who's been living in the sewers on Coruscant for the last week, finally emerges and meets with Yoda in the Jedi Temple. There, he relates the story of his adventures while investigating various, recent political assassinations.

He'd discovered that the Red Hand gang, led by a woman named Ayo Morota, had been behind it all. He'd managed to infiltrate their gang and get some information, but they found him out. Morota ordered several of her thugs to kill Vos. Vos ran away, and managed to defeat several thugs -- both on foot and on speeder bikes -- before figuring out that in the midst of the struggle, he has gotten lost.

After managing to defeat more thugs Morota sends against him, Vos corners Morota on an underground waterfall of sewage. Morota tells him that the Jedi Order is so self-righteous, they have no idea that they have already lost. She then jumps off the waterfall to her death.

Back in the present, Vos wonders what kind of evil could command such loyalty. Yoda counters that fear can make the one who lives below, a slave to the one living in the highest tower.

Meanwhile, Mas Amedda informs Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Red Hand's destruction by Quinlan Vos, with Palpatine replying that their use had come to an end.


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