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"Life Day" is a comic story that was published as the lead story of Star Wars Adventures (2020) 3 on February 3, 2021.[1] It was written by Michael Moreci and illustrated by Megan Levens.

Plot summary[]

On the Mid Rim world Kashyyyk, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was asked by his padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi why they were on Kashyyyk when he believed Jinn was taking him on a training exercise. Jinn told him to be patient and remain focused on what is happening. Kenobi agreed but argued that it would be hard for him to focus in the middle of the Life Day celebration. All around them the Wookiees were celebrating the holiday.

His master explained that the Wookiee ways of life were about harmony between families and tribes. He then asked Kenobi what he made of it. Kenobi believed it was like balance because the Wookiees were celebrating The Force. Jinn continued and told Kenobi that he wants him to understand the force but also that their connection to it is much more bigger than that. He also believed that it is important to learn to understand the force in different ways.

But as they continued to talk, they were interrupted by Jinn's Wookiee friend, Brennonn who pounced on to him. He introduced Brennon to Kenobi and explained that he and Brennonn had been on some adventures together, with Brennon even saving his life. Jinn asked if Life Day was going well but Brennonn told him that her friend Balfus was missing. All of the sudden Kenobi felt a disturbance in the force and called over to his master.

But then nets fell over many of the Wookiees as Trandoshans came down from the trees to collect them. One of the Trandoshans knocked over Kenobi but Jinn came to his rescue and pushed the Trandoshan back with the force. Jinn explained that the Trandoshans hunt the Wookiees for sport and knew that Life Day would make them vulnerable. He helped Kenobi up and they went to help the Wookiees.

After Brennonn managed to throw one of the Trandoshans, another stopped her with their blaster. But Jinn came to Brennonn's rescue and destroyed the blaster with his lightsaber. But then he was caught in one of the nets. Kenobi called out to Jinn as he was being taken away on one of the ships but Jinn told him to protect the Wookiees. Kenobi turned around to help Brennonn and told her that she might have to Jinn for the third time.


Notes and references[]

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