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"The Wookiees I've encountered over the years rarely wear much more than the occasional bandolier. Most days, they don't seem to have a problem lettin' their fur flow freely in the breeze. But on a day as important as Life Day, I guess even Wookiees feel the need to get all gussied up."
―Strono Tuggs, The Life Day Cookbook[1]

Life Day robes were a type of vibrant red robe worn by members of the Wookiee species during the sacred Life Day festival. At some point after publishing his first cookbook[1] in 34 ABY,[2] the Artiodac chef Strono Tuggs included instructions for creating Life Day Robes in his second cookbook, The Life Day Cookbook. The chef noted that Wookiees were usually happy to wear no clothing at all and reminded readers that if they were making robes for a variety of species then they would need to make them in various lengths due to the differences in height between species such as Ewoks and Wookiees. He also noted in his recipe for Millaflower Toast that the dish was popular around Life Day, as the reds of the millaflower topping reminded people of Life Day Robes.[1]

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