Life Detection,[1] also known in traditional High Galactic as prima vitae, was a basic Sense-based Force power that allowed a Force-sensitive to feel the presence of living things or beings and detect their positions at long range.[2]

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Life Detection alerted the Force-sensitive as soon as a life form entered the range of the Force-user, pointing their senses towards the location, even at long range. The Force user could also determine if another being was a friend or foe through noticing the life signatures. The signatures of friendly colleagues or locals usually gave off a warm, reassuring glow which would be instantly distinguishable from the anger of an enemy. Some Padawans could even feel the living presence of their Jedi Master light-years away thanks to the shared Force Bond.[2]

The power was active subconsciously, with a general range of ten meters around the Force-sensitive. When a life form entered within range of the Force user, they got a warning that the individual or creature was there, as well as their location. The Force user could also determine whether or not the new arrival had access to the Force, and if the arrival was known to the Force user, then their identity was known to them. Life Detection could also determine whether or not a Force-sensitive in a hibernation trance was still alive or not.[1]

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