"Life Lessons" is a comic story featuring Luke Skywalker and Rey. The story was written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Derek Charm, and published in Star Wars Adventures (2017) 26 on September 25, 2019.[1]

Plot summary[]

On the planet Ahch-To in the Unknown Regions, Rey was training with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi. Skywalker was telling Rey to be patient when using The Force. But Rey was getting annoyed and wanted to use her powers for bigger things. In order to impress Skywalker, she used the force to lift up a Lanai but Skywalker ordered her to but the Lanai down, disappointed in her rash decision making.

Skywalker told Rey that she needed to calm down and not rush but this only made Rey more made angry and she stormed off. This reminded Skywalker of his experience training with Jedi Master Yoda and leaving his training early to save his friends. But all of the sudden a loud noise came from the beach and Skywalker with Chewbacca went off to investigate.

They found Rey lifting a very large boulder on the beach. Skywalker told her to drop the boulder because she was not ready yet. But Rey believed she was and lifted the boulder even higher. Skywalker was still trying to convince Rey to let go of the boulder but Chewbacca let out a loud roar as something approached in the ocean.

All of the sudden a large Pallaskean appeared from the ocean. The pallaskean attacked Rey and the others as they tried to escape. As Skywalker tried to avoid the creature he was curious as to why the pallaskean was attacking them as it was against their nature. The creature crashed into Skywalker but Rey came to his rescue by using the force to slam the pallaskean into a nearby cliff. Rocks started to fall from the cliff and Rey used her lightsaber to stop the rocks. Chewbacca meanwhile, helped the porgs escape from the debris. Rey noticed that on of the porgs had a baby pallaskean in its mouth. She then looked over and realized that the boulder she moved was used by the large pallaskean to protect its nest.

When the pallaskean came back to attack the trio, Rey held it back with the force while Skywalker and Chewbacca moved the boulder back into place. Skywalker opted to use the strength of Chewbacca instead of utilizing his force abilities. They had saved the babies and the pallaskean went back into the ocean. Rey apologized for her actions but Skywalker reminded her to not rush things as she had once learned. But Rey also learned in her lesson that Skywalker was still a hero.


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Notes and references[]

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