This article is about the Ewok tradition. You may be looking for the Naboo tradition, the Festival of Light.

The Light Festival was a holiday observed by the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village on the Forest Moon of Endor to honor the Tree of Light and the young warriors who had traveled to it to rejuvenate its powers with Light Dust.

The young warriors received Feathers of Light to signify their participation in the rejuvenation. The Tree of Light was thought to keep the Night Spirit at bay. Unfortunately, the enemy Duloks agreed with this belief and have occasionally endeavored to destroy the Tree at this time of weakness to curry the favor of the Night Spirit.

The quest to rejuvenate the tree was originally reserved exclusively to young Ewok males of sufficient age. Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka strongly objected to her exclusion because of her sex while Wicket Wystri Warrick had parallel complaints about the required minimum age. As a result, both Ewoks, along with Latara, secretly followed the quest group lead by Wicket's eldest Brother Weechee, until they proved their worth in their own ways well enough to join the group.

The enlarged group completed their expedition in the face of considerable Dulok opposition and the trespassers acquitted themselves so well that the Elders not only declined to punish them, but awarded them with Feathers as well. Presumably, the Festival's strictures were relaxed accordingly for a more inclusive policy.



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