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The Light and Darkness War was a name given to the final decade of the New Sith Wars. The conflict ended with the pivotal Ruusan campaign, where the Brotherhood of Darkness was defeated by the Army of Light.



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New Sith Wars
(2000 BBY1000 BBY)
Galactic timeline

Previous: Darth Desolous conflict
(after 3522 BBY)

Next: Mandalorian Civil War (6044 BBY)
Stark Hyperspace War (44 BBY)

Battles of the New Sith Wars
Early battles
(20001100 BBY)
Fourth Great SchismUba IVMalrev IVKing's Galquek
CorphelionGap NineMizraAlmasSictis Wars
Early Republic
Dark Age
(11001010 BBY)
First AquilarisOperation Influx: 路 OranessanChelloa
Nilash IIIFirst DarkknellGazzariJutrandBactranateByllura
SynedAquilaris campaignSecond DarkknellFirst Skarpos
SarrassiaSecond SkarposVanahameCoruscant
Sith infightingDuel (Kas'im and Na'daz)
Light and
Darkness War
(10101002 BBY)
Unidentified (Wud Mortull)KorribanHothDromund Kaas
AndoBomis KooriCastellCorsinDenon
MonasteryOrd MantellPaxSanrafsixSy Myrth
Alaris PrimeHarporiBalowaAmbriaBespinSullust
TaanabCorulagChandrilaBrentaal IVLehon
Ruusan campaign
(10021000 BBY)
First RuusanSecond RuusanThird RuusanFourth Ruusan
Fifth RuusanSixth RuusanSeventh Ruusan
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