The Light of Truth was a Jedi cruiser that was conscripted into the Republic Navy following the dissolution of the Army of Light after the Ruusan Reformations. In 990 BBY, a message drone was sent to the Jedi informing them of a grievously injured Sith Lord on the planet Ambria. A team of Jedi, led by Jedi Master Tho'natu, flew in the Light of Truth to Ambria in order to arrest this being. There, they were abruptly attacked by a maddened Darovit, who they quickly killed. Believing that the Sith were completely destroyed, the Jedi left the planet aboard the Jedi cruiser, taking with them the decimated corpse of the healer, Caleb, whom they mistakenly believed had sent the message. This allowed for the survival of Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane and his apprentice, Darth Zannah, who had arranged the ploy in order to save her master's life and erase all knowledge of the existence of the Sith Order from the galaxy.

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