A light sculpture was a sculpture that was made using the properties of light. Artists who made light sculptures were known as light sculptors. One of the most famous of these sculptors was the Caamasi artist Ves Volette. The Vindalian Vlaçan Umber was known to collect many of Volette's light sculptures.

Light sculptures could partially or completely conceal a Force-sensitive's presence in the Force, due to the compressed energy crystal at the heart of each sculpture. When surrounded by a ring of properly tuned light sculptures, even major Force disturbances could not be sensed from outside. While Dejah's Zeltron senses could detect the emotions of Inquisitors wearing taozin amulets, she could not sense past light sculptures.[1]

Corellian flame miniatures were a Corellian form of light sculpture that were admired by many, including the Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn.[2]




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