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"How am I to know the good side from the bad?"
"You will know, when you are calm. At peace, passive."
―Luke Skywalker and Yoda[src]
Light side symbol

Ancient symbol of the light side of the Force

The light side of the Force, also known as Ashla,[1] was an aspect of the Force.[2] The light side was aligned with calmness and was used for knowledge and defense.[3] The Jedi were notable practitioners of the light, and were the mortal enemies of the Sith, who followed the dark side of the Force.[4]

Essence of the light sideEdit

The light side of the Force was built around the alignment of tranquility, compassion, selflessness, and unconditional love for all living creatures. In order to achieve harmony and a state of benevolence, its practitioners, namely Jedi, would meditate and let the Force flow through them.[5] Hypothetically an excess of the light could lead to ruin, according to the Father.[6]

Force powersEdit

"A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense...never for attack."
―Yoda talks about the Force[src]

The light side of the Force was primarily used for defensive abilities as opposed to aggressive ones.[3] Compared to the dark side, the light side was more difficult to use in battle as emotions such as hate, anger, and fear are all natural to sapient life in such contests. This allowed users of the dark side to advance in their mastery of combative aspects of the Force more quickly than their light side counterparts. However, according to Yoda, the dark side was not more powerful than the light side in and of itself, merely "quicker, easier, more seductive". However, each have abilities that the other lack. Light side practitioners are able to "heal" a bled kyber crystal.[7] This means that a kyber crystal that was reddened by dark siders could be restored to a pure form. The Jedi Order also had an ancient technique called Morichro. This art form allowed the user to slow down the bodily functions of an opponent to the point of death. Master Yaddle was the only Jedi known to use this ability as it was very dangerous. An adherent of the light side could also master the ability of becoming a Force spirit. This ability allowed the user to preserve their Life Force and thus, manifest a consciousness which allowed them to commune with the living after death. The only known people to master this ability are Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker. Qui-Gon Jinn was the first person to discover this ability but died before mastering it. However, he was able to have eternal consciousness but he can not appear as a blue tinted version of his physical form and instead came back as an disembodied voice.[8]

The Chosen OneEdit

Prior to the Fall of the Galactic Republic, there was an ancient prophecy that foretold of a being that would bring balance to the Force.[4]

Promise of Lira SanEdit

"And it is through your Force, our Ashla, that the prophecy comes. It is written and it is spoken. The promise of Lira San will follow the fate of The Three. The fool, simple and selfish, he would lead. The warrior, bold and bloodthirsty, to hunt the hope of tomorrow. The child, to destroy him! We will find our new home only if the child saves the warrior and the fool."

Following the Fall of Lasan, Lasat mystic Chava the Wise and former High Honor Guard Gron discovered a prophecy in the Lasat's ancient writing. Chava and Gron then embarked on a quest to find Lira San.[9] Three years before the battle of Yavin,[source?] Chava and Gron were then captured by the Galactic Empire. However they were then rescued by Weequay pirate, Hondo Ohnaka's friend Ezra Bridger and the Spectres. Chava saw Hondo as "the Fool" in the prophecy. Aboard the Ghost, Chava and Gron found formor High Honor Guard captain Garazeb Orrelios, whom they saw as the "Child of Lasan" in the prophecy.[9]

After a ceremony, Chava then asked Zeb to use his Bo-rifle in the ancient way with her staff. Chopper's then showed them his galactic map. Zeb's rifle then showed them a planet in Wild Space. Captain Hera Syndulla then set a course with the coordinates towards Lira San. However, as they approached the coordinates, the Ghost had to drop out of hyperspace due to a black hole. Chava saw it as part of the maze mentioned in the prophecy.[9]

A Imperial light cruiser under ISB agent Kallus, whom Chava recognized as "the Warrior" in the prophecy, arrived to order the Spectres to surrender. They refused and entered the star cluster. Using his bo-rifle, Zeb was able to guide the Ghost through the cluster. However, the Spectres were then knocked and the hyperdrive was then activated. When the Spectres came to, they found they had arrived at Lira San. Chava and Gron then went to the planet, where they discovered Lasats there. Zeb, however, chose to continue fighting with the Spectres against the Empire.[9]



Notes and referencesEdit

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