"Light the Sky on Fire" (Listen to preview ) was a song sung by a band of Human musicians, and was popular on Kashyyyk during the Galactic Civil War. At around the same time, a song entitled "Hyperdrive" was also a hit on Kashyyyk.[1]

The lyrics mentioned legends about a "great god" named Kopa Khan, who "came from the stars and vanished," but who was prophesied to eventually return.[2]

In 1 ABY, Saun Dann gave Mallatobuck a music box that played a holovid of a performance of the song as a Life Day present. Dann later used the holovid to distract an Imperial soldier, after the Empire had blockaded the planet and invaded Mallatobuck's house.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Cover of "Light the Sky on Fire" single.

"Light the Sky on Fire" was a song that Jefferson Starship (the real-life band who played the holographic band) released in 1978. Though the version played on The Star Wars Holiday Special was never released, a shortened version saw four releases as a single:

  • A double-sided Holiday Special promotional record with "Light the Sky on Fire" on both sides.
  • A similar double-sided promotional single in a plain white sleeve with an extended version on the B-side.
  • Another Holiday Special tie-in with a 1974 song called "Hyperdrive" on the B-side.
  • A reissue of the "Light the Sky on Fire/Hyperdrive" single without any mention of Star Wars on the sleeve.

Both "Light the Sky on Fire" and "Hyperdrive" appear on Jefferson Starship's 1979 greatest-hits compilation, Gold.



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