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Lightfoils were small and elegant energy swords based upon lightsaber design.


Tapani lightfoils

Two Tapani sector Nobles dueling with lightfoils.

Originally designed in secret by the Sith of the Mecrosa Order, the quality of the lightfoil was on par with that of Jedi lightsabers. Each one was a work of art, lightweight and balanced. It was wielded with one hand as its petite and elegantly designed handles attested. They were best suited for use with one hand in the graceful Form II: Makashi style.[1]

After the Cleansing of the Nine Houses, with the Sith gone, so-called modern lightfoils began to be made and used by non-Force-sensitives, becoming popular among certain nobles of the Tapani sector, especially those that called themselves "saber rakes." However, these post-Cleansing lightfoils were weaker than the authentic or "archaic" lightfoils due to the poor quality focusing crystals used in their manufacture and the relatively low level of craftsmanship compared to Jedi artisans. However, the knockoff lightfoils apparently did not require any connection to the Force to create, and were fully usable by non-Force sensitives.[1]


The original or "archaic" lightfoils were popular in the years leading up to the Great Sith War. After the decline of the Sith in the Tapani Sector, the less potent "modern" lightfoils that were constructed were popular among Tapani Sector nobles, who would pay large sums of money to obtain them.[1][2]



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