"Corvette Five locked on target. Prepare for impact."
―Kado Oquoné[src]

The Lightmaker, also known by its callsign, "Corvette Five", was a Sphyrna-class corvette that served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic's fleet. Before it was known as the Lightmaker, the ship was sent by Senator Bail Organa to reinforce Commander Jun Sato's unit of the rebellion along with two other Hammerheads, the Amity's Arrow and the Duchess Senna. The three ships were stolen by one of Sato's sub-units, the Spectres, during a raid on the planet Lothal.[4] When part of Phoenix Cell, it was one of the few ships to escape the disastrous Battle of Atollon where one of the other two Hammerheads was destroyed along with many other ships.[6]

Under the captaincy of Kado Oquoné, it participated in the Battle of Scarif. After being flanked by two Star Destroyers and badly damaged, the Lightmaker withdrew from the field of fire to guard the line of retreat. Admiral Raddus later ordered Oquoné to ram his corvette into the side of the disabled Star Destroyer Persecutor, causing it to crash into the Star Destroyer Intimidator and then crash into the Shield Gate protecting Scarif. Though the plan was successful, the corvette was destroyed when it reached the shield.[2]

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Commanders and crewEdit

During the battle of Scarif, the Lightmaker was commanded by Captain Kado Oquoné, a human male.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Lightmaker first appeared in the 2016 Anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which premiered on December 16, 2016.[3]


The Lightmaker closes onto the Persecutor during the Battle of Scarif.

Visual effects supervisor John Knoll mentioned there was much back-and-forth about whether the crew survived; cutting to shots of escape pods were deemed distracting by Gareth Edwards, so ILM merely implied they survived by not having the pods present during the collision of the disabled Star Destroyer with the Shield Gate. However, given that the Death Star fires on the position where the pods would land, it's still unlikely any of the Lightmaker's crew survived.[5]

In the episode guide of "A Princess on Lothal", the three stolen corvettes are referred to as "P1", "P2" and "P3".[7] The Rebel Files named the three ships the Lightmaker, the Amity's Arrow and the Duchess Senna.[8] However, it has not yet been clarified which name goes with which ship. P2 was destroyed during the Battle of Atollon, prior to the Battle of Scarif, so the Lightmaker cannot be P2.[6]



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