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―Chellaine warns Hastur of Lightnings approach[src]

Lightning was an astromech droid with a masculine personality that worked in the Zero Angle, a bar in the Galactic Empire's Flight Base for the Bright Jewel Oversector. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, he used his sonic emitter to break up a bar fight between Imperial Navy pilots and Imperial Army pilots. The droid then shocked the Army pilot Huck Trompo, who had been responsible for starting the brawl.


"Five seconds ought to do it, Lightning."
―Florn advises Lightning on the duration of its sonic emitter[src]

Lightning was the nickname given to an astromech droid that worked at the Zero Angle, a bar located in the Galactic Empire's Bright Jewel Oversector Flight Base. The droid was used by the barkeeper Florn to break up bar fights which broke out between Imperial Navy pilots and Imperial Army pilots drinking at the bar. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Lightning was brought out by Florn to break up one such fight, which had been started by Huck Trompo, an Imperial Army pilot who flew in Nashtah Squadron. As the droid rolled out from behind the bar, Tana Chellaine, another member of Nashtah Squadron, noticed the droid coming and warned her Squadron leader Sax Hastur allowing both to cover their ears, along with various other pilots not involved in the brawl. On Florn's orders, Lightning then activated his sonic emitter for five seconds, incapacitating all those still brawling in the bar who had not covered their ears. The barkeeper then pointed out Trompo, who Lightning tried to stun with a prod that extended from his front. Trompo remained conscious but complained to Florn, who demanded the Army and Navy pilots who had been fighting apologize to each other and shake hands. When the pilots did not immediately comply, Lightning sparked his stun prod and frightened them into shaking hands and then cleaning the bar. Florn gave a short speech to the pilots and then told Lighting to return behind the bar.[1]

Personality and programmingEdit

"That one started it."
―Florn prompts Lightning to use his prod on Trompo[src]

Lightning seemed to enjoy his work breaking up bar fights, and was cheerful while shocking Trompo. When threatening the other pilots with a shock, the droid chuckled electronically.[1]

Features and functionsEdit

"Really, Flornie? The shrieker wasn't enough so you had to try and stun me?"
―Trompo complains after Lightning shocks him[src]

Lightning had glossy black plating with jagged yellow lightning stripes painted on them. He was equipped with a sonic emitter which consisted of a sphere on a metal stalk that the droid could extended from its dome. A prod that could extend from Lightning's front panel was capable of emitting electrical shocks and sparks that could be used to try and stun targets.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lightning first appeared in the short story Last Call at the Zero Angle, which was written by Jason Fry and published in Star Wars Insider 156 in 2015.


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