Lightning Guard

Lightning Guard on Chelloa

The Lightning Guard was a military unit that served the Sith Lord Odion during the New Sith Wars. The unit was known for being almost suicidal in the manner in which it attacked its enemies. They wore grey armor and were equipped with jet packs and blaster rifles. The Guard was recruited from a variety of species including Humans and Bith. Unlike other members of Odion's military forces, they did not wear helmets and their heads were uncovered.

The entire Lightning Guard was deployed during the ground invasion of Chelloa in 1032 BBY. Odion himself led the charge and hundreds of guardsmen equipped with jet packs were used to overwhelm Daiman's troops near the spaceport at Jenith. However, they were trapped when Daiman's Mobile munitions complexes turned out to be Kinetic corruptors which were then used to ignite the undergound baradium veins, causing a magma eruption that engulfed Odion's troops. The remaining Lightning Guards tried to flee aboard the Freedom Fleet's transports but were rebuffed by the Jedi Knights Kerra Holt and Gorlan Palladane. Those trapped below were killed by the magma. The destruction of the Lightning Guard infuriated Odion who swore vengeance against both Daiman and Kerra.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Lightning Guard were first mentioned in Knight Errant: Aflame 3 which debuted on December 8, 2010. They made their first appearance in Knight Errant: Aflame 5 which debuted on February 16, 2011. While they were shown with jetpacks in the opening scene of Knight Errant 5, they lack jet packs by the denouement of the comic.



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