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"I might not be able to sword fight yet, but I can shoot."
"Kid, you continue to impress."
―Ezra Bridger, on his lightsaber's blaster function[4]

A lightsaber-blaster hybrid was a type of lightsaber hilt equipped with a blaster. During the Imperial Era, one of these lightsabers was constructed by Ezra Bridger.


"Combining the power of a lightsaber with the range of a sidearm, this unique dual-purpose weapon allowed its user [...] to shift between blade and blaster, making it extremely versatile in combat."
Luke Skywalker[5]

While the Jedi Order generally had no use for blasters, Force-users during the reign of the Galactic Empire often needed to conceal their relationship with the Force, and could not rely on using their lightsabers openly. Through customization, a second emitter could be added to the hilt that would release the weapon's energy as a projectile similar to a blaster bolt. Because the energy released was not encased within the focusing field that shaped the blade of a lightsaber, the bolts fired from the pistol hilt weakened rapidly as its coherence declined. These short-range stun bolts still caused some shock, but were not as effective as a blaster or lightsaber blade.[1]


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