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"You're too slow, Grievous!"

Lii was a female Dark Jedi and the twin sister of Kaa. She was so similar to her sister that they were sometimes able to trick others into thinking they were simply one individual. They used this trick on the Confederate General Grievous at an unspecified time before the Battle of Geonosis and were able to gain his trust enough to be invited onto his starship. While there, they were able to steal Grievous' collection of Sith lightsabers and flee undetected. However, Grievous was not kept unaware for long, and he tracked them to the acidic world of Dica where he engaged them in combat. Lii and her twin were unable to overcome the cyborg, and they were forced to flee without the stolen weapons.



A Near-Human female Dark Jedi, Lii was nearly identical to her twin sister Kaa in every respect except for the distinguishing horizontal tattoos that adorned her face. Her sister possessed the same tattoos but in a vertical manner. Both Lii and her sister were adept in the Force, and they had trained in its usage. In any case, the two sisters eventually went rogue in the hopes of becoming Sith. To accomplish this goal, Lii and her twin rationalized that they would need Sith weapons, and they decided to seek out Sith lightsabers.[1]


"It's true sir! We believe they were taken by that Dark Jedi."
"Yes, she was acting suspiciously."
―An IG-100 MagnaGuard and Grievous[1]

It was during this mission that the sisters met with the Confederate General Grievous, who possessed a small collection of Sith lightsabers that had been previously owned by the Sith. Posing as though the two sisters were only one individual, Lii and her sister were able to gain Grievous' trust enough to be invited onto his ship. With the cyborg General fooled into thinking that there was only one of them, it was easy for the twins to rob Grievous of his most prized possessions, at least four Sith lightsabers. Although Grievous was suspicious of the Dark Jedi, it wasn't until after they had departed the ship that he became aware of the thievery.[1]

Lii and her sister left for the acidic world of Dica, but Grievous was hot on their tail. Sensing that the cyborg had found them, the twins faced their foe, with Lii carefully concealed behind her sister. As Grievous commanded that the Dark Jedi state her name, the twins revealed their dual nature to the surprised General. Although he was taken aback by the revelation of having to face two Dark Jedi, Grievous still resolved to kill them both and charged the Dark adepts with his lightsaber.[1]


"Useless tricks…I'll finish you off now. Prepare to die!"

Lii and Kaa cut a chunk out of Grievous' mask.

The three combatants began to duel, with Lii and her sister both wielding two of the stolen Sith lightsabers. Kaa brought her weapon down upon Grievous, but the cyborg blocked the blow with his metal hands and held the blade fast. Just as it seemed that her sister would be killed, Lii was able to quickly maneuver around behind Grievous to attack him there; Grievous was still able to parry the blow. Still outgunned, the sisters decided to try a tandem attack, and after Lii called to her sister, the two jumped away from Grievous' grasp on Kaa's command.[1]

The jump placed Lii and her sister in front of Grievous and they both swung their weapons at the cyborg's face. Unfortunately for the Dark Jedi, the attack was only able to slightly scar Grievous' mask and did no permanent damage. Grievous was able to dodge out of the way by using his talon shaped feet to grapple himself under the cliff side that the trio had been dueling on. Lii was surprised at the sudden disappearance and stood on the ledge dumbfounded, gazing around the area in astonishment. Unaware that Grievous was simply hiding beneath them, Lii was surprised when the General leaped back onto the battlefield and swung his saber at the two Dark Jedi. Although able to parry the deadly attack, Lii and her sister's weapons were flung from their hands with the force of the blow.[1]


"Now begone! It will take more than a Sith weapon to make you a Sith!"

Surprisingly disarmed by the cyborg, Lii and her sister watched as their prized weapons fell slowly into one of the many acid lakes on Dica. With their weapons gone, the twins fled the scene as quickly as they could. As the two Dark Jedi fled into the mist, Grievous called after them, mocking their naïve attitudes.[1]

Although it seemed that the encounter had wiped out Grievous' collection of Sith weapons, the sisters may not have given up their quest for Sith weaponry. Either Lii or Kaa were apparently once again confronted by the General, and he was able to slay one of them. The General then took from the dead twin a double-bladed lightsaber that had been previously owned by Darth Zannah. The weapon, including the Bane's Heart crystal contained inside, then came to reside in the General's possession.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Lii was a devious individual, using deception to trick Grievous into allowing her aboard his ship. She and her sister were able to trick Grievous into believing that they were only one individual, allowing them to steal his lightsaber collection. However, Lii's skill at trickery caused her to be somewhat overconfident, and after Grievous defeated her and her sister, he ridiculed them for their desire to become Sith. Lii was also naive, as she believed that possessing a Sith lightsaber would make her more powerful and the equivalent of a Sith. However, this belief was shattered when Grievous easily defeated her in combat.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Lii was skilled in stealth, and she was able to steal Grievous' lightsaber collection and escape his ship without being caught by Grievous' MagnaGuards. She was also a skilled combatant and was able to fight in tandem with her sister, utilizing two lightsabers at one time. However, even her ability to fight with two blades was not enough to overcome Grievous, who defeated her and her sister with only one lightsaber.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Lii was created by Yasushi Nirasawa for use in the short comic story, Dark Jedi that appeared in Star Wars Manga: Silver. Leland Chee, Keeper of the Holocron continuity database, originally stated that the canon status of these stories was fuzzy,[3] but a later French printing of the stories clearly labeled them as Infinities, securing their status as non-canon tales.[4] Author Abel G. Peña referenced this story obliquely in his article, The Story of General Grievous: Lord of War when he mentioned that Grievous had obtained one of his lightsaber prizes from a Dark Jedi on Dica or Necropolis. Whether this refers to either of the sisters definitively remains to be seen, but for the purposes of this article, it is assumed that the Dark Jedi is either Lii or Kaa.



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