"Native Liann cuisine, if one can call it that, is highly and unsubtly seasoned, with the strong flavors of lill and preservatives prevailing."
Galactic Gourmet's Galaxy Guide[1]

Lill was a seasoning that was used in much of the cooking on the planet Lianna. Its flavor was described by Galactic Gourmet's Galaxy Guide as overpowering and unsubtle, although How to Do the Allied Tion on 25 Credits a Day described it as hot, spicy, and unpredictable. Fish sticks were one type of Liann food with lill as one of its ingredients.


"Authentic Liann food takes old standbys such as ubiquitous potted meat, VegHash, and cereals, and couples them with native puree of lill and a variety of spices."
How to Do the Allied Tion on 25 Credits a Day[1]

Lill was a seasoning frequently used along with a variety of spices as a puree. Opinions on the use of lill and other cooking additives in Liann cuisine ranged from calling the taste hot, spicy, and unpredictable, to describing it as unsubtle and overpowering the taste of the food. Lill was used in fish sticks as well as in dishes containing potted meat, VegHash, spices, and cereals.[1]


"However, the best (and cheapest) way to sample the authentic flavors of Lianna is to eat on the street—fish sticks baked in lill and choya and served on plastic sticks, Bubble Bowls of VegeParsine, fresh choya bread and Dalkash ale."
How to Do the Allied Tion on 25 Credits a Day[1]

Native to the Human-populated planet Lianna, lill was used in cooking by the time following the Battle of Yavin during the Galactic Civil War between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire. Little food was produced on Lianna itself and much of the food eaten there was no longer fresh by the time it reached the planet's cities. The publication known as Galactic Gourmet's Galaxy Guide warned against food native to Lianna, claiming that it was strongly and unsubtly flavored with lill and various preservatives. The guide claimed that this made the cuisine taste rather unpleasant, as the flavor of the preservatives and lill prevailed over other ingredients. In contrast, the travel guide How to Do the Allied Tion on 25 Credits a Day gave a positive review of Liann cuisine, describing the taste of food flavored with lill as hot, spicy, and unpredictable.[1]

One dish available on Lianna that included lill was fish sticks, which could be purchased on the streets of the starport in the city of Lola Curich alongside food and drinks such as Bubble Bowls of VegeParsine, fresh choya bread, and Dalkash ale. The seasoning was also used in combination with potted meat, VegHash, spices, and cereals, as standard Lianna cuisine consisted of vegetables and reconstituted, repotted meat served inside a grain and choya shell.[1]

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Lill was mentioned in Mission to Lianna, an adventure written by Joanne E. Wyrick and released in 1992 for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.


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