Lilmit was a Black Sun lieutenant in 24 ABY of an unknown species with a small size, gray skin, wing-like eyebrows, ridged scalp and webbed hands. He was the owner of the Rude Awakening, a cargo hauler from Ord Mantell which had been shipping illegal weaponry to war-torn Anobis. As with many other criminals, he had little or no conscience. During the Anobis conflict, he was a gunrunner and sold weapons to both sides in the conflict.

Following a trip to Ord Mantell, the famous Han Solo used the Millennium Falcon to board the Rude Awakening. His Jedi children Jacen and Jaina Solo along with their fellow Jedi Zekk and Anja Gallandro then discovered the weapons in storage and blew them up in space. He also worked for another Black Sun lieutenant named Czethros who attempted to take over the galaxy on that same year through sleeper agents.

While on the spice mining world of Kessel, he revealed to Anja that Black Sun had hidden a stash of andris spice in the ocean beneath the polar ice cap of watery Dac. The spice would then be sold to selected clients at the Crystal Reef resort. Later, after Czethros's plot to take Kessel failed following a battle with Kessel security forces and Jedi trainees Jaina and Lowbacca, Czethros tried to persuade Lilmit to get him offworld though Lilmit refused. In the end, Lilmit was presumably arrested as with the rest of Black Sun, but he also could have been hired by Lando Calrissian (as suggested to Lando by Anja Gallandro).


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