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"Well, ultimately, they will return, won't they, Colonel? When you need plenty of arms and legs to build all you've got planned."
Jayhold Beehaz to Colonel Petigar, about the Dhanis[1]

The severed arms of various species.

Limbs were major appendages on organic bodies, and could also be found on the mechanical bodies of droids. Major limbs included legs, arms, hands, feet, and in some cases, wings or tentacles.

Limbs were often fragile and could be lost, such as after being struck with a lightsaber; Darth Vader lost all of his limbs beginning with the First Battle of Geonosis[2] and ending at the Duel on Mustafar, resulting in cybernetic replacements.[3] Years later, Luke Skywalker had his right hand cut off by Vader in the Duel on Cloud City, resulting in a cybernetic replacement which had artificial skin.[4] After the hand was hit by blasterfire, Luke covered it with a glove,[5] until abandoning it in his later years.[6]

Trandoshans were able to regrow their limbs if they were severed.[7]

In some cultures in the galaxy, people were punished for theft by having a hand amputated.[8]

The Scarif vault was cut off from the local computer network and could only be accessed by a right hand-print scanner.[9]

Some species could sometimes be born with a limb difference, such as the human Captain Fennro Drogan, who had phocomelia. This resulted in one of his arms being shorter than the other and his hand having three fingers instead of four.[10]

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