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Ponda Babas arm

An Aqualish arm severed by a lightsaber.

"That's because droids don't pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose. Wookiees are known to do that."
Han Solo[src]

Limbs were important appendages of organic bodies and many types of mechanical chassis. They were typically designed for motion and/or manipulation, and were found on most sentient and non-sentient species throughout the galaxy, and many droids and other artificial constructs.

Humans and many other important sentient species were bipedal, with two legs and two arms, and this form was imitated by many droids; but there were many variations. Sometimes these were relatively subtle, especially in the construction of hands, feet and their digits.


The legs and feet of a Wookiee

Some bipedal species of the galaxy exhibited four arms, such as Besalisks, Codru-Ji, Myneyrshi, and Pho Ph'eahians.

Other species and designs, however, had limbs of more radically different designs, like the dianoga with its tentacles and prehensile eyestalk, or the R-series astromech, which could travel in a bipedal or tripodal configuration, and had a wide variety of manipulator arms that could be extended from their torso and head.

Some species, such as the Kloodavians,[1] Gands, and Trandoshans[2] were able to regrow their limbs if they were severed.

Wookiees were known to pull limbs off individuals when unhappy.[3]

Other species, such as serpents like snakes, and the sentient Priapulin had no limbs.

During the era of the Old Republic, Zeerid once heard of technology in the Sith Empire that could regenerate limbs but didn’t know if he had the means to afford it.[4]



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