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"Victim number four is Senator Luralon Odaay, near-human Turian from the Limbala Sector."
Daniera Karmony at the crime scene of Luralon Odaay's murder[2]

The Limbala sector was a sector in the galaxy[2] where some members of a near-Human species known as the Turians lived.[1] Luralon Odaay, a Turian senator in the New Republic after the Battle of Endor, hailed from this region. At one point during Leia Organa Solo's time as Chief of State of the New Republic, Odaay was killed by an assassin named Cabe Maquez.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Limbala sector was to be mentioned briefly in "Love Is a Warm Blaster", a short story written by Paul Danner for Star Wars Adventure Journal 17,[3] which was going to be published by West End Games in the fall of 1998.[4] However, when West End Games had financial difficulties, the Star Wars Adventure Journal was canceled along with all of West End Games's other Star Wars products.[5]


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