"Jennir! Where's General Rootrock?"
"Commander Limbfree?"
―Bomo Greenbark learns of Limbfree's death from Dass Jennir[src]

Limbfree was an individual who, by 19 BBY, held the rank of commander in the Nosaurian resistance on the planet New Plympto. The resistance sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars and fought against the Galactic Republic and, later once the war was over, their successor state, the Galactic Empire. With the main Separatist forces gone, the Imperial forces continued fighting the Nosaurians, who were now considered a Separatist holdout, as part of the Cleansing of New Plympto. It was during this fighting that Limbfree was killed. After he had finished evacuating young and female Nosaurians, the Nosaurian captain Bomo Greenbark asked the Jedi Dass Jennir as to Limbfree's location, but was informed of the commander's demise.[1]

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Limbfree was first mentioned in the comic book series Star Wars: Dark Times in the first issue of the The Path to Nowhere arc which was written by Randy Stradley under the name Mike Harrison and released in 2006. The comic states neither Limbfree's gender or species.[1]

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