Limna Yith was a one-time agent of Black Sun. She was born on Kerest after the collapse of its civilization, becoming a ruthless mercenary. Amongst other misdeeds, she was implicated in the bombing of the Alaspin casino, killing the criminal Kassandre family in the process. She attacked and seized a spice shipment over Sriluur at the behest of Kutuab the Hutt. In 3 ABY, she was hired by Bel Att, an Iotran enforcer employed by Sprax, to accompany him on an attack the mining colony of Yen-2 in the Verde system, which had refused to pay protection to the cartel. When she discovered a datacard containing detailed information on Black Sun's organization, including names, in the Sisar Run, she realized its value, and betrayed and killed the Iotran. Shortly thereafter she arrived on Sriluur. As soon as Sprax realized what had been lost, he hired independent smugglers through Mal Biron to recover the information. At the same time, Xizor himself ordered Ket Maliss to recover the data. The smugglers recovered both Yith and the datacard on the planet Sedri and returned her for punishment to Biron.

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