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"Sorry about your limo, Jag. Maybe you should find another dealer. You'd think an armored speeder would take a hit better than this."
"Crumple zones are part of the design. I assure you, it can take a volley of concussion grenades and still speed away."
―Han Solo and Jagged Fel[src]

A limousine, often shortened to limo and alternatively called a repulsorlimo, limo-speeder, or hoverlimo,[1] was a longer-than-usual landspeeder, usually used by beings of importance. A similar vehicle, the groundlimo, was a ground-effect vehicle and not a repulsorcraft. Under Supreme Slavelord Trioculus, officers of the Galactic Empire commonly rode in landspeeder limousines when traveling on Kessel. Imperial Remnant Head of State Jagged Fel had one in use in 43 ABY, for which Baxton was the driver. The limousine was also rather tall, almost completely hiding Jedi Knight Bazel Warv—who had developed an enigmatic psychosis and had been subsequently incapacitated atop the limousine—from view.



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