"Oh no. No, no, no, not Bellis! He can't be dead! No! Bellis risked his life every day for you, and now you've gone and gotten him killed! My poor, sweet Bellis…"
―Lin, to a Republic trooper[src]

Lin was a Human female who lived with her husband, Bellis, on the planet Ord Mantell during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. During the Separatist War, a conflict fought between the Republic and a group of Separatists attempting to overthrow Ord Mantell's government, the couple had a house in Talloran village, which was the first village taken over by the Separatists on the island of Avilatan. At that time, Bellis spied on Separatist activities for the Republic, but, during the year 3643 BBY, he was killed by Separatists while waiting to meet with a sergeant of the Republic Special Forces unit Havoc Squad in Talloran village. Lin learned of her husband's death when she encountered the sergeant in her house while looking for Bellis's field box, a type of case in which Republic agents stored important information. Lin was greatly upset by her husband's death—blaming the sergeant and the Republic—before giving the box to the sergeant.


"What he wanted was to make a living and keep a roof over our heads. And you took advantage—you paid him to get himself killed!"
―Lin, blaming the Republic for her husband's death[src]

Lin after learning of her husband's death

A Human female, Lin was alive during the Cold War fought between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. At some point, Lin married a Human named Bellis, and the two of them lived together in a two-story house in Talloran village, a small settlement near Fort Garnik on Avilatan, an island on the planet Ord Mantell. Eventually, a conflict[1] known as the Separatist War[2] broke out between the Republic and a group of Separatists intent on overthrowing Ord Mantell's government.[1] The couple's home of Talloran village was the first village on Avilatan taken by the Separatists,[3] who barricaded it against Republic attacks. At that time, Bellis worked for the Republic by spying on the Separatists' activities. Despite the Separatist occupation of their village, Lin and Bellis continued to live at their home, and Bellis frequently risked his life to provide the Republic with intelligence on the Separatists.[1]

In the year 3643 BBY,[4] the Republic needed information on the whereabouts of a recently stolen ZR-57 orbital strike bomb, which caused the Republic to call on Bellis for help. After obtaining information on the bomb's whereabouts, Bellis went to meet a newly recruited sergeant of Havoc Squad, a Republic Special Forces unit, in Talloran village. However, Bellis was killed by Separatists before the sergeant arrived. Upon discovering that Bellis was dead, the Havoc Squad sergeant went to the couple's home to retrieve information about the location of the bomb from Bellis's field box, a type of case used by Republic agents to store valuable information. When Lin found the sergeant inside her home, she first believed that the individual was a Separatist soldier breaking into her house. However, she soon realized her mistake, and rebuked the sergeant for risking the discovery of her husband's job as a spy. Then the sergeant informed her about the death of Bellis, which upset Lin greatly, and caused her to become enraged at the Republic and the sergeant, both of whom she blamed for the death of Bellis. Due to her anger over her husband's death, Lin initially refused to give the sergeant Bellis's field box.[1]

The sergeant expressed condolences to Lin over the death of the Bellis and attempted to persuade Lin to hand over her husband's field box, saying that Bellis would want the Republic to have the information and that there were many lives at stake. For a short time, Lin continued to conceal the location of the field box despite the sergeant's entreaties. However, Lin eventually showed the sergeant its location in her home at which time the sergeant advised her to leave Talloran before the Separatists attacked her home, then left Lin to grieve for her husband.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Bellis was a good man, and now's he's dead because of some stupid war on a backwater planet no one cares about!"
―Lin, upset at her husband's death[src]

Lin had brown hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. She sometimes wore a small piece of jewelry that hung from her hair down onto her forehead. Lin loved and cared about her husband, and when she discovered her husband's death she became greatly upset. In her anger at her husband's death, Lin berated the Republic sergeant that brought the news about the failure of the Republic to safeguard her husband. She also expressed her viewpoint that the war and the planet on which it happened were unimportant, and that Bellis had only worked for the Republic to provide her and himself with a home and livelihood.[1]

Despite the condolences expressed by the sergeant, Lin still blamed the soldier for failing to keep her husband alive. After giving the sergeant her husband's field box, Lin stayed behind in her home to grieve for her husband.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"You're a monster!"
―Lin, if the player threatened her to get her husband's field box[src]

Lin first appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a 2011 MMORPG produced by BioWare. She is featured in "The Spy," an early quest available on the planet Ord Mantell for players of the Trooper class. The player meets her in her home in Talloran village after finding her spy husband dead. Instead of persuading Lin to give up the field box out of loyalty to her husband or out of desire to protect others, the trooper can also threaten her in order to obtain the field box, which causes the player to receive dark side points.[1] However, this article is written with the assumption that the player only selects light side options.[5]


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