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"That's always been your problem, Mistress Lina. You're far too trusting."
―CR-8R, to Lina Graf[8]

Lina Graf was a young female human whose parents worked as frontier explorers. One day, Graf's parents were kidnapped by agents of the Galactic Empire, leaving her and her brother Milo alone on a remote planet.[2] The siblings then decided to undertake a dangerous journey across Wild Space to rescue their parents. At some point during their adventures, the Graf siblings found themselves looking for allies on an ancient frontier world, but fell into a trap laid by Captain Visler Korda, an Imperial officer.[9] Later, Graf and her brother traced their parents' latest clue to a remote jungle planet that housed a frightening beast.[10]

Eventually, Lina became a commander in the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Intelligence. At one point, she and her team crash-landed on the planet Mustafar, not far from Darth Vader's castle.[3] After escaping from the castle, she later returned to the castle in order to rescue a member of her team, posing as the Fourth Sister[4]

Years later, Lina became the great-aunt of Emil Graf. On at least one occasion, she shared with him a story of a thief who frequently stole from Dex's Diner, only to be tracked down by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and have the stolen possessions returned.[11]


Early life[]

Lina Graf was born around 28 BBY[1] in the waning years of the Galactic Republic to cartographers Auric and Rhyssa Graf aboard the family's Mu-class shuttle, the Whisper Bird.The Grafs also had a son, Milo Graf, one year after Lina's birth. Due to the nature of their parents, Lina and Milo grew up travelling across Wild Space as Auric and his wife mapped out the uncharted star systems and sold them off to various buyers.

Lina and Milo Graf play speeder tag on Indoumodo.

Lina's parents' travels, while primarily based in Wild Space,[2] also encompassed the Outer Rim Territories[12] and reached as far as the Core Worlds. While visiting the planet Coruscant, Lina ate at Dex's Diner and developed a love of the nerfburgers served there. On one occasion, she sat beside Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi at Dex's Diner and was present when he began his pursuit of the Pa'lowick thief Tri Tellon.[11] Early in their explorations, before the outbreak of the Clone Wars,[13] the Grafs visited the oceanic planet of Mon Cala, and Auric made many friends among the Mon Calamari people.[12] These travels were not without dangers, one instance taking Lina to a mining yard on Cedonne, where she was nearly flattened by a loadlifter.[14] In another instance on Chankin, the Grafs were attacked by pirates, and Lina and Milo witnessed their father use the Whisper Bird's weapons system to disable those of the pirates.[15] During an excursion to the planet Indoumodo, the Graf siblings played speeder tag with their parents on speeder bikes through the Termite forests of Northern Indoumodo, the younger Grafs losing after crashing into a massive greddleback termite mound. The family's droid, CR-8R, recorded the game using holo-drones for posterity.[16] Around 20 BBY,[17] when Lina was eight years old, her father brought her to explore the ice caves of Orto Plutonia, where he taught her to scale the sheer cave walls and use an ice pick.[16] A year later, around 19 BBY,[18] Lina visited a village on Ikari, where she encountered a tribal elder whose sensor mask enhanced his senses of sight, hearing and smell, allowing him to hunt better than the rest of his tribe.[10]

Imperial Entanglement[]

Abduction and escape[]

Around 18 BBY,[19] the Graf family was mapping out on uncharted swamp planet on the edge of wild space, a planet which the Graf's had exclusive rights to map thanks to the work of their agent, Dil Pexton. Whilst on the planet, Lina received a holo message from her brother asking for her assistance as he had wandered off into the swamplands with the family's pet Kowakian monkey-lizard, Morq, despite the warnings of his parents. Lina and the family droid, CR-8R, ventured out on a landspeeder in search of the younger Graf using a tracker their mother had put on his speeder bike and eventually located him as well as his damaged vehicle. Milo had discovered and was trying to capture a species of animal that he described as similar to a Sullustan ash-rabbit, although the creature proved too quick for him, which was what led to him asking Lina for help.[2]

The group eventually got close enough for Milo to aim his father's wrist-mounted net launcher at the creature, but before he could take the shot a creepervine grabbed Lina by her ankles with the intention of devouring her. Despite her struggling the young Graf girl was unable to break free from the vines, so she went to grab her fusion cutter out of her toolbelt, but it had fallen as she was lifted into the air. Luckily, Morq was able to scoop up the tool and deliver it to Lina, allowing her to cut through the vines and come crashing down the the swampy floor, injuring her shoulder in the process.[2]

After making sure Lina was okay, CR-8R received an impromptu data load from an unknown source that was encrypted in an ancient dialect which he began to decrypt. The group then traveled back to camp as Lina and her brother were worried they'd be in trouble for wandering too far. When they arrived back at camp, their parents were nowhere to be seen, and all the equipment they had brought was also gone; only the tents remained. After some investigation the children located their mother's necklace and a holo recorder buried under the mud, which Lina was able to clean up and review the footage stored on there. The group watched a recording which showed a squadron of stormtroopers led by a Captain Korda confront Auric and Rhyssa, demanding they hand over their maps and other data for free in service of the Empire. In order to avoid any trouble, Lina's mother used her datapad to transfer some of their data to the Imperials, although this was not enough. Korda informed the couple that Darth Vader himself had tasked him with the capture of the cartographers so that they could personally serve the needs of the Empire, and when they resisted, the stormtroopers beat and arrested them, explaining why Rhyssa's necklace was left behind. In the struggle the couple let it slip that their children were nearby, so Korda ordered his men to destroy the family's ship, the Whisper Bird, and to track down and eliminate Lina and her brother.[2]

After witnessing the recording, the two children decided to try and beat the stormtroopers to their family's ship by using their landspeeder, taking advantage of the fact the troopers were on foot. When they arrived, they realized they were too late and hid whilst the stormtroopers exited the cavern where the Whisper Bird was waiting. As they hid they overheard the troopers and discovered they'd rigged the cavern to explode. Using his net launcher, Milo provoked a creepervine to attack the stormtroopers, allowing him, Lina, Morq and CR-8R to dart past them up towards the cave. However, the soldiers did notice them, and the subsequent gunfire caused the cave entrance to collapse after the Grafs were inside. Thinking there was no way out, the stormtroopers left, assuming the children would be killed in the upcoming explosion.[2]

In order to escape, the children used the Whisper Bird to conduct a pulse scan, allowing them to get a complete map of the cave, allowing Lina to pilot the ship through the cavern to an alternative exit. Due to the narrow walls of the cave Lina couldn't extend the wings of the ship and therefore relied on the ship's landing thrusters to fly, causing the ship to be badly damaged during the escape.[2]

Rescuing Lieutenant Hudd[]

"So, as you can see, Inquisitor… simply being a lackey of the Emperor isn't enough…you must earn your respect within these walls. If indeed you are an Inquisitor at all!"
―Vaneé to Lina Graf, who was impersonating an Inquisitor[4]

Lina Graf impersonates an Inquisitor

Eventually, Graf joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic and rose to the rank of commander in the Intelligence Service. At one point, she and her team of rebel operatives undertook a fact-finding mission to the Outer Rim, though during the course of the mission they crash-landed on Mustafar.[3] Whilst exploring Fortress Vader, Lieutenant Thom Hudd was captured and was kept prisoner, where he was tortured by Vaneé, the aide of Darth Vader. Graf, however, escaped.[4]

At some point, Graf acquired the armor of the Fourth Sister, and while impersonating her,[20] she infiltrated the fortress to rescue Hudd. After talking and fighting with Vaneé, the aide stated that Graf was no Inquisitor, revealing that he knew it had been Graf because she was not carrying a lightsaber. After briefly being defeated by the aide, Graf regained the upper hand and along with Hudd, escaped Mustafar.[4]

A New Republic[]

Graf served in the Battle of Endor and watched from the ground as the DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station exploded, which Graf took as proof Vader had died. After the Battle of Endor, the Alliance reformed into the New Republic. In an attempt to resurrect Vader, who he believed was surviving as a spirit he could hear, Vaneé lured Graf, her brother, and their allies to the remains of Fortress Vader on Mustafar. However, Lina understood that Vaneé was merely hallucinating Vader's voice from the unfiltered lava fumes. Pretending to be the restored Vader, Graf trapped Vaneé in a chair and freed her allies, escaping the fortress. Although they were separated from Lina during the escape, her allies escaped as well, having secretly been led out the fortress by the Force spirit of the redeemed Anakin Skywalker. Graf, her brother, and their allies then left Mustafar on the Rabbit's Foot.[21]

Eventually, Graf became acquainted with Lor San Tekka, an explorer and adherent of the Church of the Force, who in turn introduced her to Luke Skywalker. Together, the three of them went on an expedition to search for Jedi artifacts that took them right across the Galactic Core, travelling aboard Graf's long-range experimental scout ship, the Star Herald. Graf promised Skywalker that she would lend him the Star Herald should he need it.[7] By 21 ABY,[22] she had gone on to become a senior officer in New Republic Intelligence, based at the New Republic staging outpost at Adelphi when Skywalker called in the favor of using her ship.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Lina Graf first appeared in the 2016 junior novel Adventures in Wild Space: The Escape by Cavan Scott, which was the prelude to the junior novel series Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space. In Scott's original sample for what became the Adventure in Wild Space series, Graf was a Twi'lek rather than human.[23]



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