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"The bounty is significant enough that even a fraction will buy you enough otherworldly liquors to keep you pickled until the New Republic once more becomes the Old Republic."
Jas Emari, to Sinjir Rath Velus[2]

Liquor was a type of alcoholic drink made from various pressed, fermented, and blended ingredients.[1] During the Age of the Empire, the bartender and miner Okadiah Garson operated a popular cantina in Gorse City called the Asteroid Belt that was known for its ample stocks of liquor. Garson was known to throw a liquor party for his customers whenever a fellow miner on Cynda died.[3] The phrase "hold one's liquor" meant to be resistant to or show few signs of intoxication. Types of liquor included sunfruit liquor,[4] Lothalian currant wine,[2] tsiraki,[5] and bitterfruit liquor.[1] Brandy also classified as liquor.[6]

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In real life, "liquor" refers to alcoholic beverages made through distillation (such as brandy or whiskey), as distinguished from a fermented beverage, such as wine or beer.[7]


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