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"Great gods of the waters, is Solo insane? I know he doesn't drink liquor...."
Cha Niathal, commenting on the actions of Darth Caedus[src]

Liquor was a strong alcoholic beverage, classified among the alcoholic beverages known as spirits.[1] It was produced through processes of distillation[2][3] (for example from fruit[3]) and was often produced in a distillery factory.[2] Liquor was quite expensive, and classified as a luxury good.[4] Some people kept their bottles of liquor in a special liquor cabinet.[5][6][7][8] The planet Seikosha was a major exporter of this beverage.[9] Some types of liquor could be mixed with caf.[10]

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There were several types and brands of liquor, including spiced liquor,[11] Idlewil liquor, lum,[12] cognac,[13] juri juice[14] brandy,[15] tihaar,[3] namana liquor, tuber liquor,[16] pulkay,[10] whiskey[17] and Twi'lek liquor.



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