Lirin Banolt was a conman who operated on the planet Tatooine.


Banolt was secretly working for Sate Pestage, stealing priceless artifacts for Pestage's personal collection. In exchange for this work, the Empire overlooked Banolt's more shady dealings which involved posing as an Imperial Procurement Agent. Banolt would then run a scam which involved accepting a large bribe in exchange for promising an exclusive deal in exchange. After accepting the bribe, Banolt would disappear to another area and run the same scam. While running these scams, Banolt operated under several aliases, including Bruhas Drey, Kier Dom, and Ran Nammon. Under the name Kier Dom, Banolt succeeded in conning Huff Darklighter.

Storm vid recording

The execution of Lirin Banolt

However, Pestage eventually decided to end Banolt's lucrative criminal career. Banolt had discovered the location of the Eidolon, and becoming greedy, he tried to blackmail Pestage. Pestage would not play that game and had stormtroopers execute the overreaching conman. After Banolt's death, the New Republic came upon footage of the execution on Tatooine, believing that it was more evidence of the corruption of the Empire. However, they also found a broken Imperial HoloVision transceiver, verifying that Banolt was something more than a simple conman.



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