"If she's hiring a skyhook for this party, she must be filthy rich."
"Rich, yes, but you'll find nothing filthy about her."
―Gavin Darklighter and Asyr Sei'lar[src]

Liska Dan'kre was a wealthy Bothan female.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born to a wealthy Bothan family, Dan'kre attended school with Asyr Sei'lar, whom she befriended. Sei'lar, something of a rebel, transferred out of that school to the Bothan Military Academy, but the two remained friends.

After the New Republic conquered Coruscant, Dan'kre moved to the world. Shortly after its conquest, she hosted a party on a luxurious skyhook, to which Sei'lar was invited. She was delighted to reunite with Sei'lar, who was making a name for herself in Rogue Squadron. She was also impressed by Sei'lar's boyfriend, Gavin Darklighter. The fact that Darklighter was a Human excited mild disapproval among many of the guests, but Dan'kre easily accepted him. Dan'kre eagerly caught up with her old friend at the party, though a slight commotion was made when Karka Kre'fey challenged Darklighter to a duel after Darklighter honestly answered Kre'fey when asked if the Bothan's grandfather, Laryn Kre'fey, had fouled up at the First Battle of Borleias. Darklighter declined.

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