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This page contains information about a confirmed future group of books.

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This is a list of future Star Wars books.

Title Author Format Publish date
Star Wars Icons: Han Solo Gina McIntyre Reference book April 9, 2019
Master & Apprentice Claudia Gray Novel April 16, 2019
TIE Fighter Owners' Workshop Manual Ryder Windham Reference book May 6, 2019
Alphabet Squadron Alexander Freed Novel June 11, 2019
Thrawn: Treason Timothy Zahn Novel July 23, 2019
A Crash of Fate Zoraida Córdova YA Novel August 6, 2019
Star Wars: Myths & Fables George Mann MG Novel August 6, 2019
Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire Delilah S. Dawson Novel September 3, 2019
Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Delilah S. Dawson Novel September 3, 2019

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