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This is a list of measurement units used throughout galactic history in science, mathematics, and other studies.

Data Storage[]




  • 1 pint[10]
  • 1 gallon[11]
  • 1 litre[12]
  • 1 cubic centimeter (cm3)
  • 1 cubic meter (m3)[13]
  • 1 cubic kilometer (km3)[14]



Standard time measurements:

Time measurements used in one region, culture, or era:

Mass & Weight[]






  • 1 degree = 1/360th of a full circle[30]
  • Right angle (90 degrees)

UV Index[]

  • Reaches to a peak of 44.9[31]


Artillery rankings[]

Shield strength[]

Hull rating[]

Maneuverability rating[]


  • 1 joule[36]
  • 1 albar
  • 1 megajoule = 1,000,000 joules[36][6]
  • 1 gigaton = 1,000,000,000 tons of TNT[36]
  • 1 watt[36]
  • 1 gigawatt[6]
  • 1 Energy Unit, approximately the energy required to power a single shot from a standard blaster[37]
  • 1 Power Unit, possibly equal or close to an Energy Unit[37]



Musical units[]

  • Key, as in "Key of Cresh"[39]
  • Octave[40]



Behind the scenes[]

The metric system is the primary form of measurement. However, temperature units would not be named Kelvin, or Fahrenheit, since they were named for men from Earth, but rather by centigrade or the more benign "standard" developed in the online Visual Guides. Despite this, certain units are used that are named after scientists from Earth, including celsius, watt, joule, and hertz.

The metric system also applies to quantities as well, beyond the standard SI prefix. See Large Numbers for more details.


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