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"That is so wizard, Ani!"
Kitster Banai, regarding Anakin Skywalker's new podracer[src]

Throughout the galaxy, individuals used phrases, interjections, slang, insults and expletives to express themselves, including the following:


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  • Ada: An affectionate term for father used on Tangenine.[1]
  • Alert all commands: An order used on Imperial starships as a general alert.[2]
  • Ama: An affectionate term for mother used on Tangenine.[1]
  • Ass: An expletive used by L3-37 to refer to a human's posterior, as in Han Solo getting his "presumptuous ass out of [her] seat,"[3] and by Poe Dameron as an amplifier, in referring to the Crait outpost as having a "big-ass door."[4]




  • Damaged goods: Someone who has an unresolved conflict of emotions after a traumatic event, and is no longer deemed to be fit for purpose.[32]
  • Damn: This expletive was sometimes used to express anger or frustration.[2] It could also be used as a positive modifier, e.g., "Damn good."[33]
  • Dank farrik: An exclamatory expression, possibly an expletive, used to express anger and frustration,[12][34][35] as well as astonishment.[36]
  • Deuce: See Impstar-deuce.[37]
  • Dirtball: A dismissive term for a planet one did not like or felt was beneath them.[13]
  • Dosh: An expletive used to express anger.[28]
  • Doshing: A derogatory modifier, as in "Take your doshin' hands off."[28]
  • Droid poppers: Republic Military slang for Electro Magnetic Pulse grenades.[38]
  • Droid work: A term used within the First Order to refer to menial tasks such as laundry or scrubbing which could easily be performed by droids, but were sometimes given to soldiers who had failed in their training assignments.[5]
  • Druk: An exclamation of frustration, used by Keeve Trennis when Myarga arrives on Sedri Minor.[39]
  • Dupe: A TIE fighter pilot slang term for a TIE/sa bomber.[40]
  • Dry run: A term used by First Order forces to describe a failed mission as practice before attacking again.[41]



  • Fangs out: A TIE fighter pilot idiom meaning "eager for a dogfight."[40]
  • Feed the Sarlacc: To use the toilet.[44]
  • FIDO: Clone trooper slang, short for "forget it, drive on."[10]
  • Fierfek: An exclamation sometimes used by soldiers in the Guavian Death Gang.[45]
  • Flyboy: This was a slang term for a hot-shot pilot, such as Han Solo.[9]
  • Flying the same vector: A bomber crew term for thinking the same way.[7]
  • Find the head of the dragon: A phrase that Leia Organa used to refer to locating the source of the First Order.[16]
  • Fort: A bomber crew term for a bomber.[7]
  • Fragging: This was a slang term that Temmin Wexley used to express disappointment or rage.[43]
  • Frost: A general-purpose expletive among native workers on Mokivj.[42]



  • Harpy: A insult applied by Ahsoka Tano to Asajj Ventress.[51] Tano called Ventress a "hairless harpy" during one of their confrontations.[52]
  • Have bigger burra fish to fry: To have more important or more interesting things to do or attend to.[25]
  • Having kittens... by the litter: This was a slang phrase for someone who was seriously worried or panicking.[47]
  • Heavy weather: This was a term for something that was troublesome or serious.[47]
  • Hell: General expletive.[53]
  • Helluva: Likely simplification of "hell of a"[43]
  • Hit the rack: A phrase used by Din Djarin to say that he was going to sleep on his bunk.[54]
  • Holotank commander: A naval insult.[55]
  • Hop: A mission, in TIE fighter pilot[40] and bomber slang.[7]
  • Hothead: A term used to refer to a First Order flametrooper by Resistance fighters.[18]
  • Hold fast: A term used by Republic Military officers to tell soldiers to keep a position secured.[41]


  • Illuminator: A bomber crew term for the lead bomber that spotlights the target.[7]
  • Imp: Slang term for "Imperial."[22]
  • Impstar: TIE pilot slang term for an Imperial Star Destroyer.[40]
  • Impstar-deuce: A slang term for an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer[37]
  • In Malachor: This term was used to express that one felt emphatically about something; e.g., "There is no way in Malachor that I'm going to lead this pitiful squad."[56]
  • In the black: TIE pilot expression meaning "operating in space."[40]
  • In the blue: TIE pilot expression meaning "operating in planetary atmosphere."[40]
  • In the name of…!: This could be used as an exclamation of shock.[57]
  • IP: A bomber crew acronym for Initial Point of bombing run.[7]



  • Karabast: A Lasat exclamation of frustration. Garazeb Orrelios was fond of using it.[61]
  • Krayt spit: According to Eli Vanto, it meant "nonsense, especially nonsense that the speaker knows is nonsense."[62]
  • Kriffing: An expletive. When Beck Ollet described a referee as being "crooked as a kriffing Hutt," he was ordered off the grav-ball field with the threat of suspension otherwise.[13]
  • Kung: Huttese for "scum," e.g., "U kulle rah doe kankee kung," meaning "You are my kind of scum."[6]



  • May spice salt your wounds!: A Twi'lek insult. This was indicated by pulling one's lekku firmly behind the head, with the tips jabbed into the speaker's back.[51]
  • Metalhead: A droid.[42]
  • Monster: A term of outrage often used against another person, namely if said person did an especially heinous action beforehand.[68]
  • Moof-milker: A term for a dimwitted individual.[69]
  • More than one way to skin a womp rat: There are many ways to achieve a goal.[70]
  • Mother of Kwath!: An exclamation of aggravation.[71]
  • Mother of Moons: An expression of surprise.[72]
  • MPI: A bomber crew acronym for the Mean Point of Impact.[7]


  • NavInt: Short for the Imperial Naval Intelligence Agency.[73]
  • Nerfherder: An insult once used by Princess Leia Organa. It referred to the animal by the same name.[2]
  • Nerve Burner: This insult suggested one was unstable.[2]
  • No decor: A bomber crew term for speaking freely without worrying about rank.[7]
  • Not the brightest lightsaber in the galaxy: Unintelligent.[64]
  • Not the brightest star in the sky: Unintelligent.[28]
  • Not give two bantha ticks (about something): To not care in the slightest (about something or someone).[74]
  • Number-squinter: Slang that Rancher Lakphro used to refer to bureaucrats who counted his yubals for tax purposes. [75]



  • Painted: A bomber crew term for being scanned by sensors.[7]
  • Peedunky: This Huttese insult was roughly equivalent to "punk."[11]
  • Pfassk: An adaptable expletive, as in "What the pfassk is going on?"[28][76]
  • Pickle my processors: Used by the droid CR-8R to express surprise.[77]
  • Pig: A derogatory term used to describe a slovenly individual.[78]
  • Piston-head: A derogatory phrase was sometimes used to describe IG-86 sentinel droids.[79]
  • Plan B: A term was used by both pilots and Jedi and referring to backup plans. When Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were caught in a ray shield trap on the Invisible Hand, Kenobi asked Skywalker if he had a Plan B.[57]
  • Plasteel pig: Alternate name for stormtroopers thought up by Ezra Bridger.[14]
  • Pleb: A derogatory term used by Gregor.[80]
  • Poodoo: A Huttese term meaning "fodder," a coarse type of food for livestock. Used often as a swear word.[6][11][33]
  • Popper: Clone trooper slang for a grenade.[10]
  • Pointer: A bomber crew term for an X-wing fighter.[7]



  • Rakeweed: A term used by Clone Captain Rex in reference to the traitorous clone Slick.[81]
  • Red apricot out the wall: A term local to the Heaven system, meaning "disobeying customs." The phrase is named after the red apricot squad of the Knights of Silver Dawn.[82]
  • Reb: Imperial slang term for members of the Rebel Alliance.[40]
  • Recharging port: a butt, as in one would kick someone "up the recharging port."[83]
  • Reg: Abbreviation of regulation, as in "reg manual,"[53] or slang for regular clone troopers, as used by members of Clone Force 99.[84]
  • R'iia's shorts!: An expression on Jakku that denoted wonder or awe.[16]
  • Rimward: A direction of travel through the galaxy, meaning away from the core and towards the galactic rim.[29]
  • Roaster: A term used to refer to a First Order flametrooper by Resistance fighters.[18]
  • Rock: This term was used to refer to a planet. It could be insulting; Luke Skywalker once used the term derogatorily, referring to Tatooine as a "rock."[9]
  • Rollies: Clone trooper slang for droidekas.[27] Also general slang term for a BB-series astromech droid.[85]
  • Rolling slab: A nickname for the HAVw A6 Juggernaut.[86]
  • Run for their credits: Matching someone's skill at something in an impressive way.[87]
  • Rust bucket: Derogatory term for a battered droid.[88]


  • Sands: A general-purpose exclamation of display on Canto Bight, referencing the sands of the planet's desert.[89]
  • Scaredy-sark: An insult used by the Mustafarian Giggek in referral to his friend, Tuttel, whom he thought was cowardly.[90]
  • Scrag: An exclamation of fear[91] or frustration.[92]
  • Scrap metal: Slang for lightsabers on Batuu, to avoid First Order notice.[source?]
  • Scruffy-looking: This insult regarding one's appearance was once used by Leia Organa against Han Solo.[2]
  • Scum: This general-purpose insult referred to anyone considered undesirable.[2][6]
  • Scuttlebutt: Talk or stories about someone that may not be true; gossip.[32]
  • See a man about an akk: An idiom used as an excuse for leaving without giving the real reason.[93]
  • Seps: Slang term for Separatists, in use during the time of the Galactic Empire.[94]
  • Shiraya's word!: An expression used to express shock or surprise on Naboo.[95]
  • Shiny: Clone trooper slang for a rookie.[10]
  • Shocker: A bomber crew term for an ion cannon.[7]
  • A sight for malfunctioning optics: A droid way of expressing pleasure to see someone.[96]
  • Shukking: An expletive. Keeve Trennis uses this when she describes Kalo Sulman as a "shukking bully."[97]
  • Sight for short circuits: Another droid way of expressing pleasure at seeing someone.[98]
  • Shut me down!: An exclamation of surprise used by droids like C-3PO.[33]
  • Sitrep: TIE pilot slang term for "situation report."[40]
  • Sitting duck: An open target that can easily picked off.[11]
  • Sitting mynock: See sitting duck.[99]
  • Sitting pelikki: See sitting duck.[100]
  • Skank in the scud pie: An expression referring to a complication or unforeseen difficulty, used by Peli Motto[54] and Carasynthia Dune[35]
  • Skug: A common Zygerrian insult.[101]
  • Skull: A Z-95 Headhunter, in TIE pilot slang.[40]
  • Sleemo: This Huttese insult was pronounced slay-mo and translated as "slimeball," a rude insult.[11][102][103]
  • Sod it: This was an expression of frustration.[104]
  • Son of a bantha: An insult once directed at Han Solo by Sana Starros.[105]
  • Son of a growzer: An expression of frustration that Lakphro used to refer to bureaucrats who count his yubals.[75]
  • Son of a mudscuffer: This expression was used by Cara Dune to express her troubles with un-jamming her blaster.[35]
  • Sorcerer: Admiral Conan Antonio Motti once referred to Darth Vader using this term in reference to his Force abilities, telling him not to try to frighten him and the others on the Death Star with his "sorcerer's ways."[9] It was also used to refer to Jedi by the Mandalorian known as the Armorer.[106]
  • Spaced: This was a slang phrase amongst travelers of the galaxy meaning "dead" or "killed." A common saying in the early days of the Galactic Empire was that it was "Better to be spaced than based on Belderone."[94]
  • Spacer: Slang referring someone who spent a large part of their life in space.[107]
  • Space baby: A person who was born and grew up in space.[108]
  • Spice: A type of dangerous narcotic mined in the Spice mines of Kessel. Wookiees died en masse as slaves of the Galactic Empire mining this drug.[15]
  • Spinward: A direction of travel through the galaxy, meaning the direction the galaxy is rotating in.[29]
  • Splash: To shoot down, in TIE pilot slang.[40]
  • Sprog: A bomber crew term for an inexperienced crewer.[7]
  • Stang: This slang term of frustration was once employed by Beck Ollet during a grav-ball match in reference to the opposing team's wing striker.[13]
  • Squealers: A word to describe new Imperial officers.[26]
  • Stars!: A general-purpose exclamation that could be used to express either frustration or excitement.[109]
  • Stars' end!: An expression of disbelieving delight.[110]
  • Sticks: A bomber crew term for groups of bombs.[7]
  • Stifftroopers stormbloopers: Alternate name for stormtroopers thought up by Ezra Bridger.[14]
  • Stitched: TIE fighter slang term from "hit by enemy fire."[40]
  • Stuck up: This term was used to describe someone with a conceited or arrogant attitude.[111]
  • Suicide sled: A starfighter with weak shields or no shields at all, in TIE pilot slang.[40]
  • Sun bonnet: A slang term for clone trooper helmets.[53]
  • Surik's blade!: An exclamation of surprise used by Jedi Master Sskeer.[112]
  • Svaper: Frid Kelio once referred to the athletic director Janus Fhurek as a "dirty svaper."[13]
  • Switch off!: This droid exclamation was the equivalent of "shut up!"[2]


  • Tailhead: A derogatory term referring to members of the Twi'lek race.[113]
  • Target practice: Alternate name for stormtroopers thought up by Ezra Bridger.[14]
  • Thank the Maker!: C-3PO often used this phrase to express relief, similar to how a sentient being might thank a deity.[9]
  • Thank the Warren Mother!: A Sullustan expression of relief.[114]
  • Tin bin: A term for droids.[115]
  • Too many admirals, not enough ensigns: A saying used to claim that too many people want to be the leader, and not enough people are willing to follow to do the detail work.[104]
  • Tooka cat that ate the bulabird: A person who appears self-satisfied or smug.[25]
  • Tweezer: Slang for BX-series droid commandos.[53]


  • Utinni: This was an exclamation made by various Jawas that was roughly the equivalent of "come here!"[9]


  • Vac-head: A TIE fighter pilot who flies "in the black" for the Imperial Navy.[40]
  • Varp: A term used to express surprise, as in "What the varp is that?"[30]
  • Veermok in the room: An obvious problem or difficult issue that no one wants to discuss.[116]
  • Very Important Official: A person who is accorded special privileges due to their position.[117]
  • Victory kid: One of hundreds of millions or billions of children born after the fall of the Galactic Empire.[16]


  • Walking carpet: Leia Organa once applied this insulting term to Chewbacca in reference to his shaggy coat of fur.[9]
  • Wannabes: A bomber crew term for First Order personnel.[7]
  • Wastoid: A derogatory term.[118]
  • Wet dog: Luke Skywalker once used this term to describe the scent of the planet Kupoh.[23]
  • What in the blazes…: This expression was used to express shock or surprise.[33]
  • What in the universe...: Same as above.[119]
  • What the…: A general purpose expression in use throughout the galaxy.[33]
  • What the foito: A Zeltron swear used by Lorica Demaris.[120]
  • What the Sith…: A general purpose exclamation used by the Alderaanian Jora Astane.[78]
  • Whisker cub: Common Chiss slang for a coward. A common use is when referring to something "running like a whisker cub."[121]
  • Who in the name of the Great Prairie Winds…: An interrogative used by a shopkeeper when Merei Spanjaf told him she was sent by Bandis Yong.[66]
  • Wild bantha chase: A futile errand, one which might be a distraction to important business.[57] A similar term was wild-mynock chase.[122]
  • Wiseass: An insult used by Migs Mayfeld towards the Mandalorian after the latter belittled his marksmanship.[8]
  • Wishbone: A bomber crew term for a Y-wing fighter.[7]
  • Witch: A derogatory term for females, which could also be applied to one who cast actual magick.[123][66]
  • Wizard: A term expressed to describe a person who has accomplished something extraordinary or unnatural. The term can elicit either excitement (e.g., Kitster Banai when speaking of young Anakin Skywalker), or trepidation (e.g., Garazeb Orrelios, when speaking of Ezra Bridger).[11][66] Owen Lars also once used this as a derogatory term towards Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi when speaking with his nephew, Luke Skywalker.[9]
  • Womp rat: The Mandalorian called Grogu a womp rat when he jokingly asked him if he was ready to lay low on Sorgan for a few months.[124] Peli Motto also called the Mandalorian a womp rat after he threatened her droids.[125]
  • Wrench-jockey: A term used for a repair droid.[64]



  • You can't fix stupid.: A saying Jessa Spanjaf used regarding poor data protection and security practices that she attributed to herself.[66]
  • Youngling: Another term for "child," often used by the Jedi.[11][33][57]


  • Zero angle: A TIE fighter pilot term for the position behind an enemy's stern.[40]
  • Zero hour: A bomber crew term for mission start time.[7]


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