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"Ar'alani muttered a word that had never come up in Car'das's language lessons."
Corellian Jorj Car'das curiously reflects on Chiss Ascendancy Admiral Ar'alani's uttered expletive.[src]

This is a list of phrases, interjections, slang, insults, and expletives used in the galaxy.


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0–9[edit | edit source]

  • #Chicken Alarm: A hazard assessment used by Alliance Special Operations Teams that followed the sequence 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. An assessment of 13 was a Death Star sighting, 8 was a fleet arriving in a system, 5 was a solitary Star Destroyer, 3 was a ground army, 2 was a small fleet, 1 was any other sizable operation.[1]
  • #G's: Number of hostile aliens (7G's, 8G's).[1]
  • 100 percent: A slang term for "perfect" used by ARC troopers.[2][3]
  • 10 percent: A slang term used by ARCs, meaning "terrible" or referring to a worst-case scenario.[2][3]
  • 23er: An Alliance Intelligence agent who made twenty field assignments and retired. Considered any competent agent in SpecOps.[1]
  • The Six Ps: Grand Army of the Republic slang for an acronym meant to encourage proper mission planning. Tactfully translated by RC-1309 to Jedi Padawan Bardan Jusik as "Proper Planning Prevents Pi...Inadequate Performance."[4]

A[edit | edit source]

  • ABH: Average Bounty Hunter, though could also mean an above-average bounty hunter.[1]
  • Abo: Imperial slang for the natives of a planet, possibly derived from "aboriginal."[5]
  • Aiwha-bait: Used by Cuy'val Dar and clone troopers to refer to Kaminoans.[6]
  • Alert all commands: An Imperial order.[7]
  • Aruetii: Mando'a for foreigner, outsider, and at worst, traitor.[8]
  • Another kettle of Giju: A completely different example; another case.[9]
  • As slippery as a greased Dug: Untrustworthy.[9]
  • As smooth as the surface of a neutron star: Very smooth.[10]
  • Astral!: An exclamation. It was used by Anakin Solo[11] and Ben Skywalker.[12]
  • Aurora borealis skyfire: A phrase used around 27 BBY to describe something with vivid, shimmering colors.[9]
  • Aw, nuts: Expression of dismay.[13]
  • Azkanc: Sullustan pejorative term for a Sith.[14]
  • Azzameen Sneak: A phrase coined by MK-09 to describe the attempted, yet ineffective, covert tactics of members of the Azzameen family, most notably Ace Azzameen.[15]

B[edit | edit source]

  • Baay Shfat: An obscenity of unknown origin about Hutts.[8]
  • Babe: A woman.[16]
  • Back Door: Gallisport swoop gang slang. An easy entrance or exit, usually created by the gang when it was needed.[17]
  • Backrocket: Adjective, usually a derogatory modifier, used figuratively to mean backwards, quaint, or inferior.[10][18]
  • Bantha: Derogatory Imperial tank crew term for an AT-AT.[19]
  • Bantha breath: A derogatory modifier.[20]
  • Bantha dung: Something very unlikeable.[21]
  • Bantha fodder: A suggestion that the thing to which the phrase is applied is a lie.[22][23] Worthless or waste, e.g., "You won't be worth bantha fodder."[24]
  • Bantha Rider: Derogatory Imperial tank crew term for an AT-AT crew.[19]
  • Bantha spew: See Bantha fodder.[25]
  • Barve: A slang term, loosely equivalent to pig.[26]
  • Barvy: Crazy.[27]
  • Bastasi: An Ansionian expletive, used to indicate an individual's loss of patience or extreme exasperation.[28]
  • Battery: SpecOps term for a lot of Imperials huddled together, enough to even make a SpecOps agent nervous.[1]
  • BBH: Boring Bounty Hunter. SpecOps term for common target practice bounty hunters.[1]
  • Bear: SpecOps term for a Balinaka.[1]
  • Beef: Slang term for "problem," as in the phrase "What's your beef?" used by Han Solo.[29]
  • Been had: A phrase used by Han Solo meaning "been fooled" or "been tricked."[30]
  • BH: Bounty hunter.[1]
  • Big Boys: Heavy armored transports such as the AT-AT or the AT-TE.[3]
  • Big Green Fish: An expletive used by Yarbolk Yemm.[31]
  • Big L: Slang term for the lightspeed barrier.[23][32][33]
  • Big Push: To terminate someone.[34]
  • Binary: Used in Mos Eisley as a criticism to denote extreme stubbornness, or inability to compromise on an issue: "You can be so binary at times."[24]
  • Bird: Slang term for starship.[3]
  • Birdwatcher: SpecOps term for Imperial Security Bureau agent.[1]
  • Bishwag: An expletive used by many Humans during the last decades of the Old Republic to indicate an untrustworthy being.[source?] Merglyn complained that "If you weren't so cheap, Havor, you wouldn't have bought a faulty shield generator from that bishwag, Watto".[35]
  • Bitten off more than we can chew: Slang term for "taken on a larger problem than we can handle."[29]
  • Bizit: A pejorative once used by Niles Ferrier.[36]
  • Black: SpecOps term for any large denomination, at least 1,000 credits, that is probably "blackmarked," or traceable.[1]
  • Black nerf: A disreputable family member.[37]
  • Blackboots: A nickname for the soldiers of the Galactic Alliance Guard, perhaps particularly the ground troops of the corps.[38]
  • Blast!: An interjection.[39]
  • Blast it!: An expletive.
  • Blaster Bolts!: An interjection, most notably used by Jacen Solo.[40][41]
  • Blaster fodder: A term used for troopers who were sent on impossible missions, likely ending in their deaths.[42]
  • Blaster-happy: Ready to react violently, esp. by shooting, on the slightest provocation.[43]
  • Blinker: Gallisport swoop gang slang. A spice addict. So-called because of involuntary eye-blinking.[17]
  • Blinking: An expletive.[44]
  • Bloah: An interjection used on the planet Tatooine during the last decades of the Old Republic.[45][46][47]
  • Bloated One: Mos Eisley slang referring either to Jabba Desilijic Tiure specifically, or in a disparaging manner to any Hutt.[24]
  • Blue milk run: An ordinary and uneventful mission.[48]
  • Bomarr cast-off: Insult referring to an individual rejected by the Bomarr religious sect, or an outcast.[18][49]
  • Bombad: Superlative, used mainly by Gungans.[50]
  • Bone: Pilot slang for a Y-wing.[51]
  • Bongo: Slang term for a hit man.[52] Not to be confused with the Gungan vehicle.
  • Borg: Slang term for cyborg.[52]
  • Boost-Bot: Gallisport swoop gang slang. A droid created to help the gangs steal repulsorcraft and spare parts.[17]
  • Borg-licker: An insult used by individuals who were prejudiced against cyborgs to refer to individuals who did not share their prejudice.[52]
  • Borked: An adaptable expletive; see Farkled.[53]
  • Boring: A SpecOps term in reference to a mission. Either considered extremely dangerous or no threat at all, or both at the same time. Only truly understood by SpecOps agents.[1]
  • Boys in Black: Slang term for the Galactic Alliance Guard.[54]
  • Boys in Blue: Slang term for police officers with the Coruscant Security Force and Senate Guard.[6][55] See also: Cop and Seccer
  • Boys in White: Slang term for stormtroopers.[1][23][32][56]
  • Brainbolted: Derogatory modifier suggesting robotic or unthinking behavior.[18]
  • Braintick: An insult, referring to an arachnid that attached itself to a host's brain.[18]
  • Brass Mine: SpecOps term for a Special Operative.[1]
  • Brat: A child, typically a badly behaved one.[source?]
  • Braze: Air pollution; short for "brown haze."[57]
  • Bright: Slang term commonly used by Rebel/Republic pilots, in reference to the TIE/Advanced starfighter.[58]
  • Brix: An expletive, as in "What the brix are you doing here?"[9]
  • Broggle: An act that denotes surprise, as in "I'll be broggled!"[9][18]
  • Bucket: Clone trooper helmet. Similar to the Mando'a term buy'ce.[6]
  • Bucket Head: A Rebel term for an Imperial pilot or Stormtrooper.[59]
  • Bucket of bolts: A term for a droid, used by clone commandos.[8] It has also been used to refer to a starship.[7]
  • Bug: Geonosian.[60][61]
  • BUG: Big Ugly Guy. SpecOps term for any hostile alien.[1]
  • Bug-face: A derogatory word for a Rodian.
  • Bugger, buggie: Geonosian.[18]
  • Bughugger: Derogatory word for a Joiner.[12]
  • Bugslut: An insult.[62]
  • Bumblefluff: Exclamation meaning "nonsense."[13][18]
  • Burnin': An expletive.[63]
  • Burn sky until we see lines: Fly until you get into hyperspace.[64]
  • Burning skies!: Exclamation, possibly unique to Froz.[65]
  • Burnout: Spacer slang referring the loss of power in a starship's power plants.[66]
  • Bursting: SpecOps term that referred to either throwing a live grenade or thermal detonator down the throat of a large opposing predator, or entering a known enemy trap and using its firepower against itself.[1]
  • Buy the Depp: Mos Eisley slang for dying, usually violently. Coined in reference to the 0 BBY death of Prefect Orun Depp, likely by the local police force.[24][67]
  • Buzzer: Slang for a battle droid STAP, mainly used by a clone trooper.[60]
  • By all of Alderaan's ghosts!: An exclamation.[51]
  • By the Center of Everything: An exclamation.[68]
  • By the Core: An exclamation.[12][69]
  • By the Cosmic Egg!: Nediji exclamation.[70]
  • By the Dark Side!: An exclamation.[71]
  • By the Emperor's black heart!: An exclamation.[72]
  • By the Emptiness!: An exclamation.[34]
  • By the Eternal!: An exclamation.[34][69]
  • By the Eternal Core!: An exclamation.[34]
  • By the Force!: An exclamation.[28][73]
  • By the Four Moons!: An exclamation, possibly used only by the citizens of Onderon during the Old Republic.[64]
  • By the Grand Protector!: A Rodian exclamation.[74]
  • By the Holy Stars!: An exclamation.[75]
  • By the Immortal gods of the Sith: An exclamation.[76]
  • By the ocean's hair!: A Mere exclamation.[74]
  • By the Original Light: An exclamation.[33]
  • By the Great Lens: An exclamation.[68]
  • By the jewel of Haarkan: An exclamation.[77]
  • By the Thousand Tides: A Nautolan invocation.[2]

C[edit | edit source]

  • Can of corrosion: An insult.[12][18]
  • Can't: SpecOps term for a tank, by deliberately misspelling the word.[1][19]
  • Captain Obvious: A pejorative for someone who is oblivious to an obvious situation. Nick Rostu once addressed Mace Windu as such.[78]
  • Carbon Flush: Vulgar expression used to indicate an extremely displeasing situation.[79]
  • Cargo hold: Spacers' slang for backside.[64]
  • Case Green: Military code meaning no resistance or all is clear.[58]
  • Case Yellow: Military code meaning light resistance.[80]
  • Cat: SpecOps term for an Orryxian.[1]
  • Catnot: Contraction of "Categorically Not." SpecOps term for Kashyyyk.[1]
  • CB: Cybernetic Bronchitis. SpecOps term for Darth Vader.[1]
  • Cee-cee: Pronunciation of the acronym for "Command Center" (CC).[81]
  • Ceiling: Planetary shield coverage.[19]
  • Chakaar: Mando'a for "thief" or "grave robber"; used as a general term of abuse.[8]
  • Chakta sai kae: Old Corellian toast.[82]
  • Chaos take me!: Mild expletive suggesting the subject is doing something they know is unwise.[34]
  • Charge up her loading ramp: Slang for sexual intercourse.[64]
  • Check!: Military phrase used by clone commando drilling sergeants for ceasing fire.[6]
  • Checkout Time: Time to leave[33]
  • Cheeka: Woman.[83]
  • Cheespa bo coopa: Phrase translated as "better watch it."[83]
  • Cherry Bombs: Gallisport swoop gang slang. Grenades.[17]
  • Chewing the luna-weed: Phrase used to describe someone who is acting crazy.[84]
  • Chikra: Houk term of endearment for children.[85]
  • Chicken: SpecOps term for any Imperial operation or personnel.[1]
  • Chicken walker: Rebel slang for an Imperial AT-ST walker.[60]
  • Chipbrain: Insulting term for a droid[45]
  • Chizk: A derogatory term commonly used during the era of the Clone Wars.[86]
  • Choobies: Vulgar term for oneself or one's rear end.[33][87][88]
  • Chorus Girl: SpecOps term for an Imperial AT-ST walker.[1]
  • Chuba!: Huttese translated as "You!" or "Hey you!" Literally, Huttese for an animal similar to a real-world frog or toad.[50]
  • Chubba: Expletive used by the Squib species.[45]
  • Chuff-sucking: Derogatory modifier used by Jariah Syn[89] and Ree-Yees.[90]
  • Chucked under the speeder: A term meaning that one has openly saved him- or herself from condemnation at the expense of a comrade.[91]
  • Chut chut: Simple phrase meaning "never mind."[83]
  • Civvies: Slang term for civilians, or civilian clothing.[4]
  • Clambake: A blaster fight.[52]
  • Clanker: Slang term used by clone troopers to describe CIS battle droids[8] because of the sound they make while marching.[92]
  • Class-D'ed: Slang term for Class-D annihilation. Considered profanity by the Jedi, as this form of disruptor technology was outlawed galaxy-wide and believed to target midi-chlorians, thereby eradicating matter from detection in the Force itself—a phenomenon the Jedi viewed as the ultimate affront to life. Can be used figuratively: "I feel pretty kriffing Class-D'ed."[93]
  • Clear skies: Phrase used to wish someone a good journey.[33][94][95]
  • Codger: A whimsical term for an elderly man. Both Serji-X Arrogantus and Han Solo used the term to refer to the Old One.[96][84]
  • Comm call: Slang meaning a conversation carried out by using an electronic communications device.[33]
  • Commo: Slang used for anything related to communications.[33][95]
  • Cold-shirt crossing: The dangerous feat of traveling through the vacuum of space without an enviro-suit, from one life-supporting environment to another.[97]
  • Cold-shirting it: To attempt the above.[97]
  • Connect-disconnect: Slang term used to describe a one-night stand.[42]
  • Connecting the navpoints: Phrase meaning a comprehensive attempt at illustration or explanation of a subject.[73]
  • Coop: SpecOps term for a lot of chickens (Imperials) huddled together.[1]
  • Coot: A disrespectful term for an elderly man. Han Solo used the term to refer to Jan Dodonna, and Jolee Bindo used the term to refer to himself.[49][98]
  • Cop: A slang term to describe police officers specifically with the Coruscant Security Force[6] and the Bespin Wing Guard.[99] See also: Seccer
  • Corellian overdrive: Phrase meaning doing whatever one needs to do in order to get to where one needs to get to.[100]
  • Cosmic deck: A colloquial term referring to fate, comparing it to a deck of cards.[33]
  • Country bumpkin: A pejorative for unsophisticated country folk.[101]
  • A credit for your thoughts: Phrase meaning "What's on your mind?" or "Tell me what you're thinking."[102]
  • Creespa: Crispy.[83]
  • Crink: An expletive, used, for instance, in the phrase "Go crink yourself."[103]
  • Crisping: Slang term presumably relating to death by Force lightning.[104]
  • Cripes: A term that expressed dissapointment, and exasperation. [60][105]
  • Cross: Slang term commonly used by Invid pilots, in reference to the B-wing starfighter.[51]
  • Cuddly: SpecOps term for Incredibly Dangerous.[1]
  • Cute: SpecOps term for Extremely Dangerous.[1]
  • Cut the phobium: Phrase meaning "stop lying."[106]

D[edit | edit source]

E[edit | edit source]

F[edit | edit source]

  • Fanboys: General term for hovercraft crew used by Imperial forces.[19]
  • Farkled: An adaptable expletive, as in, "You just got farkled," or used to describe a bleak or disastrous situation, as in, "We're farkled."[130]
  • Fas: A Yuuzhan Vong expletive, also used by Jedi to indicate an area was clear of danger.[source?]
  • Fedding: An expletive used throughout the Tapani sector of the galaxy.[131]
  • Fedejik: An expletive to describe someone stupid as in "stupid fedejik of a pilot.[132]
  • Feech: An Ewok expletive, roughly translating to "darn" or "shoot."[133]
  • Feed like a gravel maggot: See gravel maggot
  • Feed me to the fishes of Naboo: A statement of incredulity.[134]
  • Feed the sarlacc: Mos Eisley slang meaning to disappear, never to be seen again; to go into hiding from legal authorities.[24]
  • Feke: An expletive.[10]
  • Felek: The Ansionian word for mentally deranged or addled.[28]
  • Fergal: Expletive frequently used by Vilmarh Grahrk.[source?]
  • Ferglutz: An expletive.[135][136]
  • Few starships short of a fleet: Insane.[137]
  • Fierfek: A Huttese expletive; it means "curse" or "hex," although it is often misunderstood as "poison."[138]
  • Field Thorns: Imperial slang for mines.[19]
  • Fill yer boots: An invitation to help one's self.[6]
  • Filswik: An expletive used by Alliance pilots.[139]
  • Final Jump: A euphemism for death, used by spacers.[23][32][140] Usually connoted a peaceful death. Origin is from the jump to lightspeed.[24]
  • Fire-brand: A term used by Crimson Jack to describe Leia Organa, perhaps meaning "troublemaker" or "hothead."[30]
  • Fire Magnet: Infantry term for armored vehicles.[19]
  • 'Firm: Short for affirmative.[11]
  • First twilight: The time between the first and second sunsets in Mos Eisley.[24]
  • Fish: SpecOps term for a fish, or a Mon Calamari or other aquatic species.[1]
  • Fishhead: Slang for a Mon Calamari, used by Han Solo to describe Ackbar.[77]
  • Fishman: A derogatory term used for a Mon Calamari.[141]
  • Flack: An expletive used by many Imperial[82] and Republic troops.[142]
  • Flag of truce: A (sometimes metaphorical) flag which signified a meeting between enemies would occur under a temporary cease-fire. A piece of clothing such as a bandana could be used as the flag.[29]
  • Flam: A term meaning "con" or "hustle."[143]
  • Flaming: A derogatory modifier.[129]
  • Flarg: An expletive[144]
  • Flatch: A Hutt slang term with the apparent meaning to secure, acquire, accomplish or achieve, as in "flatch the snatch" (abduction).[145]
  • Flizzards: A Hutt expletive, as in "just who in the flizzards are you?"[145]
  • Floob: A Sullustan expletive describing one who has upset the speaker.[10]
  • Flott: An alien expletive.[146]
  • Flupp: A Dug expletive.[79]
  • Flutie: Derogatory term for the Ssi-ruu.[147]
  • Flyboy: A slang term for a starfighter pilot,[49] or the pilot of any small-scale starship.[39]
  • Flying triangles: Elroodian slang for Star Destroyers.[source?]
  • Fofo: Double.[83]
  • For Edge's sake!: An expletive.[34]
  • Force-forsaken: An expression for an unideal location that the Force has apparently neglected.[148]
  • Frak or Frack: An expletive.[149]
  • Fraidee-frog: A Gungan term meaning someone who is scared.[source?]
  • Frag: An adaptable expletive.[78] It can also be short for "fragmentation," as in frag grenade.[49]
  • Frang: A Twi'lek expletive.[source?]
  • Freighter bum: An independent spacer of a roguish bent.[140]
  • Freg: An expletive.[source?]
  • Frell: A curse.[8][150]
  • Freq: Short for "frequency."[151]
  • Frink: A Corellian expletive.[72]
  • Frillin': An explitive that is said when suprised.[60][152]
  • Frip: An expletive.[10]
  • Fripping: An expletive used as an adjective by the natives of the planet Indu San.[10]
  • Frotz: A curse.[153]
  • Frizz: An expletive.[9][151]
  • FTL: Short for "faster than light."[13]
  • Furbag: A usually derogatory term for a Wookiee or other fur-covered species.[60]
  • Furball: A usually derogatory term for a Wookiee or other fur-covered species.[30]
  • Fuzzball: A usually derogatory term for a Wookiee or other fur-covered species.[7]

G[edit | edit source]

  • Gaggle of Force adepts: A group of Force-sensitives as described by Han Solo.[77]
  • Galactic!: An exclamation of surprise and awe used by youth during the early years of the New Order.[66]
  • Galactic Center: One of Lando Calrissian's mystical expletives, also the Core Worlds of the galaxy.[source?]
  • Galactic Drift: One of Lando Calrissian's mystical expletives.[source?]
  • Gartal: An Alderaanian expletive.[45]
  • Garthol's Pain: A Human expletive used when one was surprised.[source?]
  • Garvan's knees: An exclamation.[154]
  • Gasgut: Slang name for a Toydarian, used by W. Wald to describe Watto.[53]
  • G-burp: Spacer slang for a sudden surge from a starship's drive system.[source?]
  • Geezer: A disrespectful term for an elderly man.[56][155]
  • Gentlebeing: Version of "gentleman" used to describe a member of any gender and species.[69]
  • Geos: Geonosians, used by Delta Squad.[source?]
  • Geosync: Slang term for geosynchronous orbit.[70]
  • Get the show on the road: Slang phrase equivalent to "Let's get moving," as used by Jaxxon.[29]
  • Gfersh: An adaptable expletive, likely Rodian in origin, as in "What the gfersh is this?"[156]
  • Ghost: Term for Imperial stormtroopers used by Shira Brie.[source?]
  • Giants of Sand: Term used by Jawas to describe the Tusken Raiders.[49]
  • Gibbertz and ham: Expletive used by Tup, originated on Simpla-12.[157]
  • Gift for Ackbar: Used by Rebel Alliance agents to indicate that a starship had been hijacked for use in the Alliance Fleet.[158]
  • Give a Psadan's patoot: Phrase that meant "to care about something"; however, usually said as "didn't give" or "don't give a Psadan's patoot."[10]
  • Giver her the gun: Slang command meaning "Go as fast as possible."[52]
  • Glio svbas: Ysannan phrase meaning "goodbye."[source?]
  • Glitbiter: A drug addict.[80]
  • Glitch-head: An insult used by B1 battle droids.[159]
  • Glow stick: Slang for lightsaber.[160]
  • Go bandit: Slang for an AWOL clone trooper or unit, who deserted from the Grand Army of the Republic.
  • Goggle-eyes: A disrespectful term for a Rodian.[161]
  • Goggle-eyed freaks: An insult once used by Canderous Ordo in reference to Rakatans. "Hold on a second - you understood these goggle-eyed freaks?"
  • Gone over the falls: Another word for a spice overdose used by many fringers.[162]
  • Gonzo: A Human word used by Simon Greyshade, apparently meaning cool or great.[163]
  • Goo: Slang for planetary atmosphere, to an IRD starfighter pilot.[33]
  • Grakh: A Yuuzhan Vong expletive.[source?]
  • Gravel maggot: Also, "Feed like a gravel maggot." Disparaging term in Mos Eisley for a person who takes advantage of others. Named for a native scavenger.[24]
  • Grease: Stormtrooper slang for "kill."[106]
  • Grease the servos or Grease the servomotors: A phrase meaning "to bribe,"[32] as of an official.[24]
  • Grease the whole bantha: An Agamari phrase meaning to commit fully.[164]
  • Great Bantha: An expression of shock or surprise.[165]
  • Great blasters: An exclamation.[166]
  • Great Galactic Core!: An exclamation.[34]
  • Great Gobs of Bantha Poodoo: An exclamation.[18]
  • Great Vacuum: A euphemism for death[167]
  • Great waves: An exclamation[159]
  • Green as goblin moss: Naïve, inexperienced.[134]
  • Greenie: A derogatory term for Mimbanites[5] or Rodians.[49][168]
  • Greenie: A term for inexperienced scouts.[169]
  • Grife: An expression of relief.[170]
  • Grist: An expletive used by the inhabitants of the planet Lok.[source?]
  • GS: Groundshaker. SpecOps term for an Imperial AT-AT walker.[1]
  • Gullipud: Slang for a scared individual, equivalent to fraidy-cat.[171]
  • GUB: Great Uncle Boba. Referring to Boba Fett.[1]
  • A Gungan's ears: A large amount, as in "I'm a Gungan's ears better than the alternative."[172]
  • Gunnery seat: A term for the front passenger seat of a speeder. It could be shouted before entering the vehicle in order to claim the seat.[173]

H[edit | edit source]

  • Haar'chak: Mando'a expletive.[83]
  • Haja: Used as both a curse and expression of delight among the nomadic Alwari of Ansion; "Jaja" was the Gwurran equivalent.[28]
  • Hammerheads: Ithorians.[1]
  • Hatch persuader: Darman's term to describe a magnetic frame charge.[6]
  • Happy juice: An alcoholic beverage.[134]
  • Happy landings: An old spacer's greeting.[140]
  • Hard contact: Term used by the Grand Army of the Republic to describe a physical engagement with a sentient being.[4]
  • Hard merchandise: Bounty hunter phrase given to the subject upon which a bounty has been placed.
  • Hard-shell Humans: Mimbanite slang for Imperial stormtroopers.[5]
  • Harpy: A derogatory term applied to a female; Ahsoka Tano referred to Asajj Ventress as a hairless one.[174]
  • Haul jets: Spacer slang for departing an area as fast as possible.[23][32]
  • Have one's fingers in many stewpots: Have a large number of connections.[82]
  • Have you gone spacesick?: Neimoidian expression.[62][175]
  • Healing juice: Phrase used to describe bacta or kolto. Used by Jolee Bindo.[49]
  • Heaven: A place of joy and rest.
  • Heavenly hutches: An interjection used by Lepi.[84]
  • Heck: Mild expletive, usually to replace "hell."[176]
  • Hed: Element in city names (e.g. Barons Hed).
  • Heel-and-toe express: Slang for a long walk, march or run.[95]
  • Hell: Expletive. See Chaos. Could also be modified with intensifiers, for example; "Where in eight Stalbringion hells did that come from?"[13]
  • Hibernation: Slang for time that droids and computers rest.[177]
  • High-band transmission: Any transmission at high, very high, ultrahigh or superhigh frequencies.[87]
  • High numbers: A slang for "advantage," as in the phrase "He has all the high numbers…" used by Han Solo; probably a term originating from gambling.[52]
  • His Imperial Travesty: Elroodian slang for Palpatine.[source?]
  • Hits off the Cosmic Deck: Fate and playing the cards one was dealt.[33]
  • Home is where you lay your head: Rebel saying.[106]
  • HoloNet bimbo or Holo-bim: Slang for a less-than-ladylike female celebrity. Used to describe Yara Grugara.[66]
  • Holy beek-monkeys!: An interjection used by Han Solo.[84]
  • Holy mother of meteors: Interjection used by Han Solo.[77]
  • Holy milking Sith!: Sullustan exclamation.[70]
  • Holy Sith!: An interjection.[178][179]
  • Home free: A term meaning "safe," used by Luke Skywalker.[56]
  • Home sweet home: A phrase Han Solo used to refer to places at which he had stayed, such as Aduba-3.[30]
  • Honest to Entropy!: An exclamation.[34]
  • Hook up a power coupling (or Hook up a power conduit): Slang for sexual intercourse.[64]
  • Hoo-man (or Hoo-mie): Rodian slang for humans.[161]
  • Hooted like a cloud ape: A phrase used to refer to speech that was melodic or rhythmic.[180]
  • Hornhead: A derogatory term for a Zabrak.[181]
  • Hot wash-up: Grand Army of the Republic military slang for a briefing in which the failures of a mission are reviewed.[182]
  • How do you plot that course?: A phrase meaning "How did you come to that conclusion?"[183]
  • Hrai!: A Morgukai equivalent of a laugh.[184]
  • Hufgeb Hsicl Merht: Expletive phrase used by Dugs.[185]
  • Huk: A slur used by the Kaleesh, meaning "soulless bug," which was used to describe a Yam'rii.[186]
  • Hurt vector: Slang for a person who seems to attract misfortune to himself as well as others around him.[95]
  • Hutt slime!: A curse.[187]
  • Huttspit: A curse in the Ciutric Hegemony.[188]
  • Hut'uun: Mandalorian curse for "coward."[8]
  • Hyperspace commo: Slang for faster-than-light communication.[33]

I[edit | edit source]

  • Idiot thrift: Slang for the act of scavenging.[189]
  • IED: Short for Improvised Explosive Devices.[4]
  • I'll be broggled: An exclamation of surprise.[9]
  • I'll be Kesseled: Exclamation of surprise.[82]
  • I'll see you in hell!: An exclamation.[7][190]
  • Imperialist: A term for star systems that supported Emperor Palpatine and the Empire following the end of the Clone Wars.[66]
  • Impies: Slang term for Imperials.[191]
  • Imps: Slang and ironic term for Imperials (stormtroopers, TIE pilots etc.).[127]
  • Impstar Deuce: Slang term often used by Rebel/New Republic pilots when referring to an Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II.[127]
  • In Malachor: Used to make a statement more forceful, as in "There is no way in Malachor that I'm going to lead this pitiful squad."[192]
  • Interesting: SpecOps term for Very Dangerous.[1]
  • In the name of…!: An exclamation.[193]
  • In the name of the Core…: An exclamation.[34]
  • Into the nexu's den: Into a strongly defended area.[10]
  • Ion surprise: A smuggler term used to describe a surprise appearance of ion weapons in a battle.[194]
  • Ish'ka: A Yuuzhan Vong expletive, used to indicate one's displeasure with a situation.[195]
  • ISD: An Imperial Star Destroyer.[source?]

J[edit | edit source]

  • Jabba: A slang verb meaning "to deceive someone, leaving them in danger."[32]
  • Jactna: A Rodian expletive.[196]
  • Jaja: the Gwurran equivalent of "Haja"—used as both a curse and expression of delight.[28]
  • Jango's bones!: An exclamation used by clone troopers, referring to their genetic source Jango Fett.[197]
  • Jawa juice: Imported Jawa beer.[109]
  • Jawa-: In Mos Eisley, open comparisons to Jawas often refer to dishonesty; e.g., "Jawa trader."[24]
  • Jawa trader: Mos Eisley slang for anyone who isn't honest, or trades in stolen or badly damaged goods.[24]
  • Jaw-wag: Idle rumors or gossip.[66]
  • Jedi Scum/Slime: Derogatory term for Jedi.[193]
  • Jeedai: Alternate pronunciation of Jedi, used by the Yuuzhan Vong and the bounty hunter Hanharr, among others. Pejorative.[198]
  • Jerk-ass: Expletive referring to a largely unpleasant or unbearable individual.[16]
  • Jet Juicer: An alcoholic.[95]
  • Jinda: A condescending nickname used by village-dwelling Ewoks to insult nomadic Ewoks, comparing their habits to those of the Jinda species.[199]
  • Jobber: Alliance Intelligence slang for an assassin[200]
  • Jookley: An adjective meaning roughly "over-the top" or "ridiculous." Lorz Geptun used this to describe a uniform he wore.[13]
  • Juggy: Slang for Juggernaut.[201]
  • Jumped-up Corellian dirt farmer: An insult.[187]
  • Junior: A condescending form of address Jaxxon used when speaking to enemies such as Warto and the Behemoth from the World Below.[84]
  • Junker: Fleet Office slang for a fleet hauler that had been used for data collecting,[77] also a term used for settlers on Ambria after the Battle of Ruusan[202]
  • Juvie-gang: Slang for a group of juveniles engaged in criminal activity.[95]

K[edit | edit source]

  • Kane a bar: An insult translating from the Yuuzhan Vong language as "dung of a meat maggot."[11][203] This is a play on the Yuuzhan Vong word kanabar, which means "fellow low-caste person."
  • Kanushka: A Kubaz expletive.[42]
  • Kark: A strong expletive.[83]
  • Kath Hound: An insult.
  • Kerko: Slang term for Kerkoidens.
  • Kest: An expletive.
  • Kick-ass: Slang term for cool or interesting.[16]
  • Kick-the-rancor: Slang in Palpatine's court for a stupid stunt where the gain is not proportioned to the risks.[82]
  • Kill two birds with one stone: A term that means to finish two objectives in one move.[source?]
  • King-size: An adjective meaning "very large," used by Luke Skywalker to describe sea-dragons.[30]
  • Kingdom-come: A term for the location where something that has been destroyed goes.[76]
  • Klick: Slang term for kilometer.[188]
  • Koochoo or Koochu: Huttese for "idiot."[124]
  • Knocking on the Roof: Orbital bombardment on planetary shields.[19]
  • Koovy: Squib term for something cool and groovy.[204]
  • Krazsch: An expletive used by the Riileb people.[205]
  • Kreetle: An insult.[62]
  • Kriff: An expletive.[82]
  • Kriffing: A derogatory modifier.[82]
  • Krozit: A Nikto expletive.[source?]
  • KSA: Kinky Silver Armor. A SpecOps term for an Imperial radtrooper.[1]
  • Ktah: A rare Cheunh curse.[206] Reserved for intense or unusual situations due to the Chiss' non-emotional nature.
  • Kung: A Huttese insult (or compliment) translating as "scum," as in "U kulle rah doe kankee kung," meaning "You are my kind of scum."[22]
  • Kvark: An Ewok expletive, roughly translated to "phooey."[207]
  • Kwaag: A Tulgah expletive.[source?]
  • Kwee-kunee: Queen.

L[edit | edit source]

  • LA-LAs: Gallisport swoop gang slang. Nickname for the Legally Authorized Law Authorities that police the city.[17]
  • Larty: GAR slang for LAAT/i gunships.[6]
  • Laserbrain: An insult, as in "I don't know where you get your delusions, laserbrain."[7]
  • Last trip home: Alderaanian slang for dying, following the destruction of Alderaan.[208]
  • Leaping lizard: An admirative exclamation.[209]
  • Leaping Luterian Lizard-lickers: An admirative exclamation.[210]
  • LED: Acronym for "light-emitting diode."[87]
  • Lightfight: Slang term for a fight involving blasters.[58]
  • Lies like a Gran: Phrase implying the subject lies numerously and terribly.[211]
  • Lift vector: Vector force exerted by a vehicle to counteract gravity.[87]
  • Lighter: Gallisport swoop gang slang. A flamethrower.[17]
  • Lightfoot: Armor crew term for infantry attached to tank units.[19]
  • Lint-Nerf: Slang term for a large dust-ball, used around 7 ABY.[117]
  • Loca murishani!: Crazy bounty hunters![83]
  • Local Rocket-Fuel: Slang for any home-brewed alcoholic beverage.[212]
  • LOL: Acronym for "laugh out loud," used in e-mail to express that something is amusing.[25]
  • Long Arm of the Empire: Artillery fire.[19]
  • Loot: Imperial slang for lieutenant.[10]
  • Lorda: Huttese title of respect. Equivalent to "sir."[6][124]
  • Lords of Atron!: An exclamation.[213]
  • Lost in the Wastes: Mos Eisley phrase for being totally unprepared for a given situation. Refers to getting lost in the Jundland Wastes.[24]
  • Loz noy jitat: A curse.[83]
  • Lurdo: An Ewokese term meaning jerk, dummy, etc.[133][207][214]
  • Lubed: An exclamation used by Ben Skywalker, meaning cool.[164]
  • Lum run: A task or assignment that has become common or routine, or an endeavor that involves little to no risks.[215]
  • Lumrunner: Term given to smugglers who made difficult or even impossible runs look common or routine. It was also a term to describe individuals who gained a reputation for doing easy work or handling low-risk assignments.[215]

M[edit | edit source]

  • Madclaw: Term for a Wookiee who has lashed out against another Wookiee with their claws, which is considered dishonorable and/or a sign of insanity in Wookiee culture.[49]
  • Mandie: A derogatory term for Mandalorian Shocktroopers used by Old Republic troops.[66]
  • Manding: A juvenile slang term with the implied meaning of very or totally used in the Tapani sectorof the galaxy.[131]
  • May your tribe find joy: Eickarie version of greetings with reply May your tribe find wealth.[216]
  • Maxmag: Maximum magnification, as in "Maxmag that," which means "Magnify that."[source?]
  • Meatbag: A derogatory term coined by HK-47 to describe any organic being; HK-47 first used this term in reference to Malak. It was later used by CIS droids in reference to GAR clones.[49][64]
  • Meat can: Slang for soldier, referring to armor.[6] The term was also used to reference clone commandos.[66]
  • Meat droid: A derogatory term for clone troopers.[66]
  • Mechanical(s): Slang for droids and other self-operating machinery.[87]
  • Medilab: A medical laboratory. Alternately, Medlab.[64]
  • Meet [someone's] Destiny: A euphemism for death, in particular during a duel or other conflict. Can be used directly towards the opponent (using the second person possessive for the subject of the phrase)[22] or in reference to someone having been killed in a duel.[217]
  • Mesh'la: Beautiful.[83]
  • Milking: A mild expletive used by many who spoke Basic during the Clone Wars.[10]
  • Mineral grubber: An underground miner.[5]
  • Minions of Xendor!: An exclamation.[218] This also refers to the followers of the dark sider Xendor during the Jedi conflict known as the First Great Schism.
  • Moisture boy: Young moisture farmers who come to Mos Eisley headstrong and lacking common sense. Refers to anyone who doesn't know their way around. Highly offensive in farming communities.[24]
  • Moojpuck: An Ansionian expletive, often used by the Gwurran.[28]
  • Mopak: An Ansionian expletive, used to indicate excrement; as in "deep mopak," i.e. a bad situation.[10][28]
  • Moron: A stupid or foolish individual.[219]
  • Mos: Element of Tatooine cities (e.g. Mos Eisley).
  • Mother of Kwath!: An exclamation.[220]
  • Mradhe Muck: A curse, as in "What the blinkin' mradhe muck is going on here?"[97]
  • MRR: An abbreviation of "Meals ready to regurgitate," the name given by Rebel Alliance fighter pilots to food provided by Imperial forces after capture[221]
  • MRU: Much regret, unable.[6]
  • Mudcrutch: An insult.[222]
  • Mudfoot: Armor crew term for infantry attached to walker units.[19]
  • Mudlicker: An insult meaning unskilled or incompetent.
  • Mulligrubs: An expression of unease, as in "gave her the mulligrubs."[223]
  • Munk: A Stassian expletive, indicating a form of excrement.[143]
  • Murglak: An insult used by many disreputable groups during the last decades of the Old Republic.[64][224] Most likely a species of foul creature; see Son of a Murglak.
  • Mynock: (v) To scavenge or steal from another, to profit from another's accomplishment or loot from another's kill (e.g., "someone comes along and mynocks your kill").[64]
  • Mynock muffins!: An expletive along the lines of bantha fodder.[68]
  • Myra's tentacles: An exclamation.[154]

N[edit | edit source]

  • Nebbie: A Rebel Alliance term for the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate.[3]
  • Needle match: A phrase used by Grand Army of the Republic leaders to refer to a personal disagreement between men[225]
  • Neep: A slang term for a person that installs computer systems.[66]
  • Neg: As in, "Neg that," an expression used most notably by Tahiri Veila to mean "that's negative" or "false."[source?]
  • Negatron: A negative interjection essentially meaning "no."[95]
  • Neimie: Clone Wars-era slang for Neimoidians.[66]
  • Nerf and Wookiee Show: An overstaged presentation.[226]
  • Nerf herder: A legitimate occupation on the planet Alderaan; an insult among Alderaanian nobility. Also a general insult.[7][171]
  • Nek take it.: A curse used on Nar Shaddaa.
  • Nekouda: A Ysannan curse.[115]
  • Nerve Burner: An insult referring to mental stability.[7]
  • Nessie: Slang for a native of the Stenness Node.[source?]
  • Nest-fellow: A Basic term for anyone from the same hive or colony.[66]
  • Newsblink: A small piece of news that was delivered quickly[227]
  • NFQ: Normal For Qiilura. Slang used by clone commandos during a mission on Qiilura.[4]
  • Nicely dressed: Gambler slang for any being very obviously carrying weapons, such as bounty hunters. The opposite of stylishly dressed.[66]
  • Nightcrawler: Term used by inhabitants of Tatooine for small insects active during the night.[87]
  • No-being's-land: An area separating two or more opposing ground forces, but unclaimed by none. Often reduced to a wasteland, and virtually always dangerous.[102]
  • Noob: A new addition to a military unit; often pejorative. Can also refer to a veteran making a rookie mistake [noobish].[104][228][229]
  • Noodlefishing: A term Leia Organa Solo used to describe the mindless activities of most politicians' lives.[66]
  • Not firing on all thrusters: Not entirely sane.[226]
  • Nova-happy: An insult used by Jolli to describe Han Solo in response to his insulting her; exact meaning uncertain; compare "space-happy."[52]
  • Noxious: An Alliance Intelligence term for ISB personnel.[66]
  • NRU: Nice Red Uniform. SpecOps slang for Imperial Royal Guardsmen.[1]
  • Nut: Slang noun for "crazy person."[230]
  • Nuts: Slang adjective for "crazy."[29][49]

O[edit | edit source]

  • Oh crap: Expression of dismay. Usually used in anger or frustration.[231]
  • Oh my skies: Exclamation.[232]
  • Oh my stars: Exclamation.[233]
  • Old Order: A term used to describe the Galactic Republic as far back as the Mandalorian Wars, when it was used by Cassus Fett.[234] It was also used to refer to the Old Republic in the days of the Separatist Crisis/Clone Wars (promoting the Confederacy's New Order) and the Galactic Empire (in contrast to the term "New Order"), or to refer to the original Jedi Order after the establishment of the New Jedi Order.[source?] Also used by Darth Krayt when he took over the Fel Empire and the galaxy.
  • Old Spaceman's Home: Retirement; to a spacer.[33]
  • Old timer: A term used by Han Solo to describe or address old men such as Don-Wan Kihotay and Obi-Wan Kenobi.[30]
  • OmegaAxl: Expression of awesomeness.[151]
  • One-eyed egg-sucking sons of slime-devils: An insult.[235]
  • One mynock does not an infestation make: Proverb used by Obi-Wan Kenobi; one instance of an event does not necessarily indicate a trend.[86]
  • Ootman: Huttese for "outlander."[source?]
  • Ord: Acronym for Ordnance/Regional Depot. Often an element in place names, for instance Ord Mantell, Ord Cestus, or Ord Pardron.
  • Organics: A derogatory term coined by HK-50s to describe any organic being. This term made HK-47 very upset, prompting him to say, "'Anger' would be an understatement for the heat that builds up in my behavior core when these cheap imitations make their presence felt throughout the galaxy."[64]
  • Original Light: "What in the name of the Original Light…" was used as a mild oath, perhaps pertaining to creation.[33][140]
  • Osik: Mandalorian expletive, referring to excrement.[6][236]
  • Ossus Day: A day of reflection, coined by Jedi but also observed in many parts of the galaxy.[237]
  • Ou: Apparently, the Alwari term for "oh."[28]
  • Out of the woods: A phrase meaning "escaped from danger" used by Han Solo.[98]
  • Outboard: A term used to describe the outer hull of a starship, something mounted on the hull of a ship, or something outside the ship entirely.[87]
  • Outlander: A term used to describe or address someone from a different planet; compare to "outworlder."[109]
  • Outworlder: A term used to describe or address someone from a different planet; compare to "outlander."[52]

P[edit | edit source]

  • P for Plenty: A phrase used by Kal Skirata's trained group of Null ARCs to describe the amount of explosives needed in any given situation.[4]
  • Pagh: A dismissive or derisive Ansionian term.[28]
  • Pain in the choobies: An expression used for something that caused discomfort or was otherwise troublesome.[33][238]
  • Palpatine's got a lightsaber: An expression used when a person doubted someone else.[10] A reference to Palpatine's deception.
  • Palps: A term commonly used for Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine by Omega and Delta squads.[239]
  • Parking slip: A defined space to park surface vehicles.[87]
  • Pateesa: Friend, sweetie, darling.[83]
  • Pazaak shark: A term used for a very good pazaak player; usually indicating that the player in question is posing as a novice in order to sucker large amounts of money from his/her/its victims.[64]
  • Peachy: Slang term equivalent to "swell," as used by Jaxxon.[29]
  • Peedunky: A Huttese insult, translating loosely as punk.[50]
  • Peel open like a can of nerf gizzards: To forcefully peel open; often used by starfighter pilots in reference to an enemy ship.[240]
  • Peewo: Pronunciation of the acronym for "principal weapons officer"; in use aboard Republic naval ships during the Clone Wars.[6]
  • Penniless: An adjective used by Crimson Jack to describe Han Solo after robbing him of treasure, meaning "without money"; this may indicate the existence of a type of currency known as a "penny." Compare "dime-a-dozen.[30]
  • Phwoar: A Mandalorian expletive.[source?]
  • Picking between One and Fourteen: Slang for a choice between equally bad outcomes. Originates from miners in the Lythos system which had to choose whether to work on fiery Lythos I or frigid Lythos XIV.[241]
  • Piffer: Slang for an attractive woman.[85]
  • Pifgah: A Gwurran expletive, used when one was frustrated.[28]
  • Pifgot: A Gwurran expletive, used when one was frustrated.[28]
  • Piglet-Mommy: A derogatory statement used by Gamorreans.[242]
  • Pinkie or Pinky: Slang term used by aliens such as Kerlo and Warto to address humans.[29][243]
  • Piston-head: Derogatory term used to describe the IG-86 sentinel droid series, as Ahsoka Tano referred to them.[244]
  • Plan B: A term used by pilots,[218] Jedi,[193] Mandalorians—Mandalorians always had a plan B "just in case"—[245] and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Caedus.[246] It referred to a backup plan; when used in the context of a mercenary or soldier, it could refer to additional soldiers ready to support a soldier even if that soldier felt he or she would not need help.[245] Some beings, such as Han Solo, sometimes didn't prepare any "plan B," sticking with just the primary "plan A" (B being the second letter in the High Galactic alphabet and A the first).[218] During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi asked Anakin Skywalker, "Do you have a plan B?" when they were trapped in ray shields aboard The Invisible Hand.
  • Planetfall: A term to describe the act of landing on a planet.[33][95][140]
  • Plastic boy: Rebel slang for Stormtrooper or any Imperial in armor.[60]
  • Plastic soldier: SpecOps term for a Stormtrooper.[1]
  • Pointer: Slang term commonly used by Invid pilots, in reference to the T-65 X-wing starfighter.[source?]
  • Poodoo: A Huttese term meaning "fodder," a coarse type of food for livestock. Used often as a swear word.[22][50][109]
  • Poop: A Korun term for excrement. Usually used in conjunction with tusker.[source?]
  • Popper: Gallisport swoop gang slang. A riot suppression gun. So-called because of the distinctive popping sound the weapon made.[17]
  • Pound Ground: To disembark from a vehicle.[33]
  • Predsill: A insult.[247]
  • Preflight rundown: The series of instrumentation and mechanical checks made aboard a starship prior to takeoff.[87]
  • Pretzel-bender: A colloquial term for someone who makes pretzels.[69]
  • Prime: Juvenile equivalent to "cool." Similar to "wizard."[137]
  • Prugnuficating: An as yet unknown disgusting act or natural phenomenon; possibly some variation of defecating, putrefying, or both.[248]
  • PSC: Plastic Soldier Carrier. SpecOps term for an Imperial AT-AT walker.[1]
  • Puck: Walker crew term for repulsortanks.[19]
  • Puck-Heads: Walker crew term for repulsortank crews.[19]
  • Pulling a Bindo: A term used to describe a Jedi who had disobeyed the Jedi Code by marrying. The term originated from the exploits of the rogue Padawan Jolee Bindo.[64]
  • Punching up a jump: The act of entering coordinates into a navigation computer prior to making the jump to lightspeed.[87]
  • Pure Sabacc: A slang term indicating perfect, derived from a winning sabacc hand. Alternately, Pure Pazaak.[64]
  • Pustina: A Drach'nam expletive.[source?]
  • Puul: A Yuuzhan Vong expletive.[249]

R[edit | edit source]

  • Raim: A curse word.[250]
  • Raising ship: Leaving a planet in a starship or the act of lifting off.[87]
  • To rancor-roll: To overpower someone who isn't expecting an attack.[82]
  • Rake: Slang term for a swoop.[251]
  • Rankweed sucker: An insult.[42][252]
  • RawMat or Rawmat: Corporate slang for "raw materials."[253][254][255]
  • Raygun: A term used by inhabitants of backwater planets to describe blaster technology.[256]
  • RC: Acronym for "Republic commando."[4]
  • RPC: Acronym for "Request the Pleasure of your Company."[6]
  • Reading the g's: Term used by fighter pilots in reference to dialing down an inertial compensator to get a tactile feel for the movements of their ships.[257]
  • Readout: Term for data produced by a data bank or electronic measuring instrument; a video monitor linked to a data storage and retrieval system.[87]
  • Rear echelon bantha fodder: Slang term for support personnel, usually not fit for combat or heavy duty, in the military.[258]
  • Rebel scum: Disdainful term for a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, used almost exclusively by Imperials.[22][60]
  • "Rebel scum this!": Rebel trooper response to the above insult.[60]
  • REBJ: Acronym for "Rapid Entry By Jedi," used by Galactic Alliance Guard.[164]
  • Redrobes: Slang for the Red Guards who protected the Supreme Chancellor and later the Emperor.[259]
  • Red Zero: Military term for requesting immediate extraction.[6]
  • Recce: Short for "reconnaissance."[6]
  • Rep: Associate of the Republic; used during the Clone Wars. (For the antonym, see Seppie.)
  • Ridge-head parachute: "Ridge-head" is slang for Rodians, but the meaning of "parachute" here is unknown.[257]
  • Rimkin: Slur referring to the inhabitants of the systems in the Outer Rim.[260] During the Pius Dea Era, it was used by Pius Dea Faithful to refer to alien converts.[261]
  • Rimmer: Slang for a being hailing from the Outer Rim.[106]
  • Rock: Slang for "planet." Sometimes used degradingly to refer to barren worlds like Tatooine.[39]
  • Rocketjock: Slang for a starfighter pilot.[10]
  • Rocket-rabbit: A slang term Jaxxon applies to himself, perhaps meaning a Lepi spacer.[84]
  • Rocket Riders: Speeder bike-mounted scouts.[19]
  • Rodder: Corellian expletive.[262]
  • Rodie: Short for Rodian.[263]
  • Roller: Clone trooper slang for a Hailfire droid.[60] Also slang for a droideka, used amongst the clone commandos.[8]
  • Rollies: Clone trooper slang for droidekas.
  • Rolling Deathballs: Another slang for droidekas, as Ahsoka Tano referred to them.
  • Rookies: Slang name given to new recruits of the GAR by older, more battle-worn clones. Same as "shinies."
  • Rot: Expletive synonymous with "damn."[264]
  • RTs: Gallisport swoop gang slang. Standing for "Real Things" – actual law enforcement officials who remain safe behind the walled sections of Gallisport.[17]
  • RV: Short for rendezvous, either the noun or the verb. Can also refer to the location of a rendezvous.[6]

S[edit | edit source]

  • Sabacc face: An expression to hide one's true emotions[11]
  • Sand mine: Mos Eisley slang for something worthless; something that anyone with common sense should know better than to get involved with.[24]
  • Sandman: SpecOps term for a sandtrooper.[1]
  • SBD: Abbreviation for Super Battle Droid.[6][4]
  • Scarhead: A derogatory term for a Yuuzhan Vong.[11]
  • Scrap City: Slang for where droids go when outmoded.[33]
  • Scraphead: A derogatory term for CIS battle droids. Officers were known to use the term when they were frustrated at having incompetent troops.[265]
  • Schutta: A Twi'lek insult, generally reserved for females of poor repute. It was derived from the name of a weasel-like creature native to Ryloth.[64][266]
  • Scratch gravel!: A phrase meaning "Go away!"[23][32][95]
  • Screaming like a stuck mynock: To scream or shriek in pain, loudly.[64]
  • Scruffy-looking: A derogatory modifier.[7]
  • Scamp: An expletive or exclamation used by Leia Organa Solo.[77]
  • Scroll-gun: A small, two-shot weapon disguised to appear as a document.[95]
  • Scum: An insult, referring to bounty hunters, Rebels, or any other undesirable individuals[7][22]
  • Scut[267] or Scuttlebutt: Gossip, usually among military forces, that pertains to concurrent or forthcoming events; the rumor mill.[268]
  • Seccer: Galaxy-wide slang for a public security officer. See also: Cop[269]
  • See you on the dark side: See "I'll see you in hell"[250]
  • Sensor frisk: Electronic search technique used by security services to locate concealed objects.[87]
  • Sepper: Slang for a Separatist. See also: Seppie or Sep[259]
  • Seps: Slang for a group of Separatists. Commonly used by Omega and Delta Squad.[4]
  • Seppie: Slang term for Separatist.[78][259]
  • Set-down: Slang for the act of landing a starship.[5]
  • Shabla: Impolite emphatic adjective in Mando'a.[6]
  • Shakedown cruise: A trial run for a new or repaired starship to determine whether the vessel was spaceworthy.[87]
  • Share coordinates: A metaphor implying collusion or connection.[106]
  • Sharpie: A term used by Crimson Jack to describe Han Solo, apparently meaning a "sharp-witted person."[30]
  • Shas'mink: A Laerdocian expletive.[source?]
  • Shassa: An old Mistryl battle curse.[82][97]
  • Shavit: An expletive used by the farmers of Pakrik Minor. Translates roughly as feces.[97]
  • Shebs: Mando'a for backside or rear.[6]
  • Shee: A Haruun Kal curse.[13][78]
  • Shik: A vulgar term to describe one who someone despises.[source?]
  • Shinie: Slang for a rookie clone trooper.[270]
  • Shiny boy: Slang for clone commando.[6]
  • Shiny stick: Slang for lightsaber.[6]
  • Ship-rat: an insult.
  • Shock: Slang term commonly used by Invid pilots, in reference to disabling a target with ion cannons.[source?]
  • Shoe's on the other side of your mouth: Akin to foot in mouth, cat got your tongue.[171]
  • Shoot like a moisture farmer militia: Derogatory remark referring to the accuracy of military and criminal forces or droids.[64]
  • Shunfa: A curse.[103]
  • Sissy Strap: Gallisport swoop gang slang. A seatbelt.[17]
  • Sith's Blood!: A Mandalorian exclamation likely referring to feces.[64]
  • Sith happens: A slang phrase used as an observation that life is full of imperfections.[118]
  • Sith me: An expletive used when shocked.[228]
  • Sithspawn: An expletive used throughout the galaxy, originating from Corellia.[58][72]Can also refer to a specific kind of creature mutated or created by Sith alchemy. Most likely means the same thing as hellspawn.
  • Sithspit: An expletive used throughout the galaxy.[48][170]
  • Sitting mynock: A vulnerable target.[115]
  • Skefta: A narcotic. Skefta dens, controlled by the Huttese syndicate, were popular in the Outer Rim Territories around 1 ABY.[189]
  • Skel: A prisoner/bounty.[271]
  • Skifflin is out of the sack: A phrase meaning that a secret has been revealed.[272]
  • Skifter: An illegal face-changing sabacc card often employed by cheaters.[273][274]
  • Skip: New Republic/Galactic Alliance fighter pilot slang for a coralskipper.[275]
  • Skrag: A Corellian expletive.[72]
  • Skroggin': Derogatory modifier used by Jariah Syn.[89]
  • Skull: Slang term commonly used by Invid pilots, in reference to the Z-95 Headhunter starfighter.[source?]
  • Skyboy: A term used to address starfighter pilots.[29][98]
  • Slag!: Gallisport swoop gang slang. A swear word. Phrases included "Slag It" and "Slag You."[17]
  • Slap: An artillery barrage. "Light slap" indicated a light barrage, while "hard slap" meant a heavy barrage.[19]
  • Slatt: A Hutt exclamation.[28]
  • Slicer: One who is highly skilled in the technical aspects of computers. Also slicing, etc.[64]
  • Slim: Slang term commonly used by Invid pilots, in reference to the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor.[source?]
  • Slimesucker: Derogatory term used by Han Solo to describe Boba Fett, possibly of spacer origin.[71]
  • Slipping the beam: A metaphor implying precision or excellence.[131]
  • Sleemo: A Huttese insult, pronounced slay-mo, and translating as "slimeball."[50][83][276][277]
  • Smeg: A curse.
  • Snake: A derogatory term used for Tiss'shar.[141]
  • Snark: An expletive used by the Human inhabitants of the planet Ord Mantell.[source?]
  • Snarkin: A derogatory modifier.[278]
  • Snigvold: A derisive Ansionian term, used by the Alwari nomads, to describe another individual, particularly one from a different tribal clan, in a rude way.[28]
  • Snogwash: An expletive used for disbelief in a statement made by someone else.[220]
  • Snot: A curse, expression of dismay.[78]
  • Snowmen: Slang for Imperial stormtroopers.[95]
  • Snubfighter: Small spacecraft like X-wings or TIE Fighters that are seen as expendable.
  • Sod, Sodder: Slang for unfortunate beings.[10][77]
  • Solar ecliptic: Imaginary circular plane emanating from a star. The ecliptic's orientation was defined by the average of the majority of the system's orbital bodies.[87]
  • Son of a Bantha: An insult.[230]
  • Son of a Barve: An insult.[228]
  • Son of a gun: A mild insult.[274]
  • Son-of-a-mynock: An insult.[68]
  • Son of a Murglak: An insult.[64][171]
  • Son of a ruskakk: An insult.[13]
  • Son of a Sith harlot: An exclamation used to express disappointment.[46]
  • Son of a slorth: An insult used by Han Solo.[235]
  • Son of a sow: A Gamorrean curse.[31]
  • Son of a tairn: An insult.[10]
  • Sorcerer: Slang for a Force-sensitive, used by Admiral Motti to refer to Darth Vader.[39]
  • Space: Slang term for killing a person by exposing them to the vacuum of space, usually by launching them out of an airlock.[69][83]
  • Space ape: Slang for a lascivious male, used by Jolli to insult her fellow pirates when they tried to kiss her.[279]
  • Space freak: An insult Han Solo uses to refer to the Star-Hoppers of Aduba-3.[84]
  • Space gas: A phrase used by Jolli, apparently meaning "empty talk."[30]
  • Space-happy: An insult used by Han Solo to describe spacers who attacked him on Aduba-3, perhaps meaning "insane"; compare "nova-happy."[52]
  • Space it: An exclamation comparable to "kark it."[10]
  • Spacer: Slang term used to describe individuals who live most of their lives in space.
  • Space-ugly: Slang for an ugly spacer, used by Amaiza Foxtrain to insult the Cloud-Riders.[96]
  • Spast!: An interjection.[280]
  • Spear two fleek-eels with one trident: Proverbial expression denoting achieving multiple goals with little effort.[251]
  • Spice: Slang for any narcotic or otherwise intoxicating substance that is not ingested through drinking.
  • Spiritwave: The technique Obi-Wan used to defeat Darth Maul.[252]
  • Sprinkle: Gallisport swoop gang slang. Spice.[17]
  • Spun a loop pastry: Made something sound more dramatic than it is.[9]
  • Slug rifle: A projectile-based long weapon that is rifled to ensure greater accuracy.[source?]
  • Slugthrower: Term for any projectile-based weapon.
  • Stinkweed: An insult.[281]
  • Squark: A Dug expletive.[source?]
  • Squid Head: A derogatory nickname for the Quarren, describing their squid-like heads.[source?]
  • Squint: Slang term commonly used by Rebel/Republic pilots, in reference to the TIE/IN interceptor.[58]
  • SSD: Abbreviation for Super Star Destroyer.
  • Stand-Back: General term for artillery crewers.[19]
  • Stang: An originally Alderaanian expletive.[5]
  • Starbirds in the Rafters: Starfighters operating inside the planetary shield.[19]
  • Star-hopper: Another term for spacer.[52]
  • Star kitty:[77]
  • Stars and galaxies!: An exclamation.[282]
  • Stars at night!: An exclamation.[283]
  • Stars and planets!: An exclamation.[284]
  • Stars' End: A curse, referring to the penal colony located at one of the farthest ends of the galaxy in the Corporate Sector.[212]
  • Stormies: A slang term for Stormtroopers.[53]
  • To stir up a mynocks' nest: To do something that causes trouble.[64]
  • Stonemen: Gallisport swoop gang slang. Imperial stormtroopers.[17]
  • Stoopa: Huttese for "fool."[124]
  • Street Cleaners: Gallisport swoop gang slang. Imperial Army troopers.[17]
  • Stylishly dressed: Gambler slang for any being who appears to be unarmed. The opposite of nicely dressed.[66]
  • Sucker: Insult referring to someone easily deceived.[285]
  • SUBAR: Gallisport swoop gang slang. Slagged Up Beyond All Repair.[17]
  • Sucks void: Expression describing circumstances as welcome as a pressure leak.[228]
  • Suffering satellites: An exclamation of anger.[286]
  • Suffering Sullorians: An exclamation of impatience.[166]
  • Suicide Sled: A colloquial term used by fighter pilots to describe the Z-95 Headhunter.[33]
  • Sunbather: Alliance SpecOp term for an Imperial Security Bureau agent.[66]
  • Sun bonnet: Clone trooper helmet.[270]
  • Sun-scorched ball: Mos Eisley slang for Tatooine.[24]
  • Superior Model: Clone trooper for Clone Commando.
  • Super Star Destroyer: A warship larger and/or more powerful than a Star Destroyer but similar in shape.[287]
  • Sweet mother of chaos: An exclamation.[77]
  • Sweet Queen Quinella: An exclamation.[10]
  • Sweet Sookie: An exclamation.[42][288]
  • Switch off!: An exclamation used among droids corresponding to sod off! or shut up![7]
  • Swooper: Gallisport swoop gang slang. Swoop gang member.[17]
  • Swoopie: A member of a swoop-bike gang.[289]

T[edit | edit source]

U[edit | edit source]

V[edit | edit source]

W[edit | edit source]

  • Walker: Term used by the winged S'kytri race for individuals who were incapable of flying.[93]
  • Walking carpet: Derogatory term Leia Organa Solo once applied to Chewbacca, referring to his shaggy coat.[39]
  • Wake-up call: SpecOps term for a grenade.[1]
  • Wannabies: Repulsor-crew term for hovercraft.[19]
  • War ain't a talent show: A phrase attributed to Garbelian, who spoke it at Averam. Sith mercenary Jarrow Rusher said this to encourage a clumsy recruit in the Rusher's Brigade.[298]
  • Warp-lagged: A phrase referring to a feeling of tiredness after traveling in hyperspace.[292]
  • Wash out: Term for a person who failed to make a certain cut. Jedi Padawan Tyzen Xebec used the term for Agricultural Corps member Sanya when the pair met on first met on Ukio.
  • Waste of good genes: A phrase among the clones of the Grand Army of the Republic referring to incompetence of a fellow clone.[8]
  • Water mixes with water: A Dantari saying referring to a problem that can't be solved.[299]
  • Wet: A term used by Republic Commandos to designate non-droid targets.[4]
  • Wet Droids: A derogatory term for clone troopers and clone commandos.[4]
  • What in the blazes…: An exclamation of surprise at a spectacle or event; compare "Where in the blazes…"[96][109]
  • What in the blue blazes…: An exclamation.[187]
  • What in the eternal blue blazes…: An exclamation.[34]
  • What on nine ice worlds…: An exclamation.[300]
  • What the…: Exclamation used all over the galaxy.[109]
  • What the deuce: An exclamation.[34]
  • When Hutts ride swoops!: Extremely unlikely.[301]
  • When Geonosis freezes over: Extremely unlikely.[4]
  • When it snows on Tatooine!: Extremely unlikely.
  • When Jawas swim!: Extremely unlikely.[11]
  • When sarlaccs fly!: Extremely unlikely.[301]
  • Where in the blazes…: Slang term expressing surprise at the inability to locate someone or something; compare "What in the blazes…"[29]
  • White Armor: Armor crew slang for stormtroopers.[19]
  • White-hats: Slang for Imperial stormtroopers.[95]
  • Whingeing jimmies: Slang for being frightened. "It gives me the whingeing jimmies."[13]
  • White elephant: A term for something that costs more to maintain than it's worth.[34]
  • White job: Slang for clone trooper.[6]
  • Who pissed in your power supply?: Roughly translates to "Who pissed you off?" Said mainly to droids.[252]
  • Wild bantha chase or Wild bantha hunt: A futile search.[193][302]
  • Wild yunax chase: See above.[303]
  • Wise-mouthed: A term used by Jolli to describe Han Solo, apparently referring to his tendency to make sarcastic remarks.[30]
  • Wishbone: Slang term commonly used by Invid pilots, in reference to the BTL Y-wing starfighter.[51]
  • With your tail in a sling: A phrase used by Crimson Jack, apparently meaning "being at a disadvantage" or "being in a bad situation."[30]
  • Wizard: Juvenile equivalent to "cool" (i.e. "that's so wizard, Ani").[50] Also used as a derogatory term for Jedi Knights by individuals such as Owen Lars.[39]
  • Woke up on the wrong side of the starship: Having a bad day.[49]
  • Wokling: A term for a baby Ewok.[249]
  • Wook: Short for Wookiee.[263]
  • Woosh: Expletive used on Simpla-12.[157]
  • Worry-droid: Slang term for a droid that worried too much.[96]

X[edit | edit source]

Y[edit | edit source]

  • Yaa-yaah: The galaxy's most widespread greeting hailing from pre-Corellian times, and deemed insulting by Ugnaughts.[66]
  • Yadaj dakl, ignot!: A venomous Yuuzhan Vong curse.[203]
  • Yazbo: A Gamorrean derogatory word.[242]
  • Yahoo!: A battle cry used by Han Solo.[56]
  • You'll find my boot up your exhaust port: Equivalent to "You'll find my boot up your rear end" or "I'll kick your ass."[304]
  • You're thermal: A negative evaluation of a person's sanity.[305] (The reply: "All musicians are thermal.")
  • You-buh or UABH: "Use a Bigger Hammer"; slang used by builders and mechanics.[10]
  • Youngling: Basic slang for "child."[50][109][193]
  • Yum-yum: A Devaronian word for lover or girlfriend.[306]

Z[edit | edit source]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Some of the phrases and slang were inspired by real-world sayings, with one or more words replaced with a term from the Star Wars universe. These include:

  • A load of drutash castings: Sullustan expression for a load of crap/shit.[175]
  • Another kettle of Giju: Another kettle of fish.
  • Astral!: Awesome!
  • Black nerf: Black sheep of the family.
  • Blaster Fodder: Cannon fodder.
  • Cargo Hold: Ass.
  • Choobies: Ass.
  • Chucked under the speeder: Thrown under the bus.
  • Connecting the navpoints: Connecting the dots.
  • A credit for your thoughts: A penny for your thoughts.
  • Cut the phobium: Cut the crap.
  • Force-forsaken: God forsaken.
  • Fraidee-frog: Fraidy-cat.
  • Frag: Fuck.
  • Galoomp chase: Wild goose chase.[14]
  • Gunnery seat: Shotgun (as in calling shotgun).
  • Hold your dewbacks: Hold your horses.[308]
  • I'll be Kesseled: I'll be damned.
  • Kriff: Fuck or Frick.
  • Nerf and Wookiee Show: Dog and pony show.
  • No-being's land: No-man's land.
  • Palpatine's advocate: Devil's advocate.[246]
  • To rancor roll: To steamroll.
  • Screaming like a stuck mynock: Screaming like a stuck pig.
  • See you on the dark side: See you in Hell.
  • Sith happens: Shit happens.
  • Sitting mynock: Sitting duck.
  • Skifflin is out of the sack: The cat is out of the bag.
  • Slicer: Hacker.
  • Snot: Shit.[source?]
  • Son of a Bantha: Son of a bitch.
  • Space gas: Hot air.
  • To stir up a mynocks' nest: To stir up a hornets' nest.
  • Warp-lagged: Jet-lagged.
  • When Geonosis freezes over: When hell freezes over.
  • When Hutts ride swoops!: When pigs fly.
  • When it snows on Tatooine: When hell freezes over.
  • When Jawas swim!: When pigs fly.
  • When Sarlaccs fly!: When pigs fly.
  • Wild bantha chase / Monkey-lizard chase / Wild caranak chase[308]: Wild goose chase.
  • Woke up on the wrong side of the starship: Woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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