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| '''[[Druckenwell]]'''||[[Mid Rim]]||[[Doldur Sector]]||[[Druckenwell system]]||[[Humans]]||[[Il Avili]]
| '''[[Druckenwell]]'''||[[Mid Rim]]||[[Doldur Sector]]||[[Druckenwell system]]||[[Humans]]||[[Il Avili]]
| '''[[Drunost]]'''||Unknown||[[Shelsha sector]]||Unknown||Unknown||Unknown
| '''[[Drup I]]'''||[[Outer Rim]]||Unknown||[[Drup system]]||Unknown||Unknown
| '''[[Drup I]]'''||[[Outer Rim]]||Unknown||[[Drup system]]||Unknown||Unknown

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This is a list of various planets.

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Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
23 MereInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city Source
AaetonCore Worlds Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
AaghraDeep Core Unknown Zug system Unknown Unknown
AarUnknown Unknown Unknown Aar'aa (indigenous) Unknown
AargauDeep Core Unknown Zug system Humans, Muuns, etc. New Escrow
AargonarMid Rim Unknown Aargonar system Unknown Unknown
Aaris IIIOuter Rim Territories Kathol sector Aaris system Aaris (indigenous) Unknown
AbanolDeep Core Deep Core Security Zone Beshqek system Unknown Unknown
AbatrargOuter Rim Territories Unknown Atrig system Unknown Unknown
AbbajiOuter Rim Territories Imperial SpaceAbbaji system Yam'rii Unknown
Ab'BshinghUnknown Unknown Unknown Farang (indigenous), Waroot (indigenous) Unknown
AbheanMid Rim? Unknown Unknown Humans? Unknown
Abo DrethOuter Rim Territories Corporate Sector Abo Dreth system Humans Unknown
AbonsheeInner Rim Territories Fakir sector Unknown Anointed People (indigenous) Unknown
AbranWild SpaceUnknownAbran system Humans? (wiped out), Ssi-ruuk, P'w'ecks Unknown
AbraxasUnknownUnknownAbraxas systemHumans? Unknown
AbraxinOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
Abregado-daiCore WorldsUnknownAbregado systemUnknown Unknown
Abregado-fusCore WorldsUnknownAbregado systemUnknown Unknown
Abregado-raeCore WorldsUnknownAbregado systemGados (indigenous), Moochers (indigenous), Humans, etc.Abregado-rae Spaceport
Abregado-sanCore WorldsUnknownAbregado systemUnknown Unknown
Abregado-takiCore WorldsUnknownAbregado systemUnknown Unknown
AbridonUnknownUnknownUnknown Humans Unknown
Abrion MajorOuter Rim TerritoriesAbrion sectorUnknownHumans Unknown
AbsitUnknownUnknownUnknown Yatir (indigenous) Unknown
AbyssissaOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis sectorGeonosis systemUnknown Unknown
AcatalOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sectorElrood systemHumans Unknown
AcherinOuter Rim Territories UnknownUnknown Humans Unknown
AchilleaColoniesTapani sectorAchillea systemHumans. HerglicsCadriell
AcilarisMid RimUnknownCularin systemUnknown Unknown
AcorvusExpansion RegionUnknownLazerian systemUnknown Unknown
AdamastorUnknownUnknownUnknown Humans Unknown
AdariInner Rim TerritoriesShelsha sectorUnknown Adarians Unknown
AdarlonOuter Rim TerritoriesMinos ClusterAdarlon systemHumans Balderdash
AdimUnknownUnknownUnknown Humans? Unknown
AdinUnknownUnknownUnknown native species (indigenous) Unknown
AdinaiOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion SectorLianna systemUnknown Unknown
AdnerUnknownUnknownUnknown Adnerem Unknown
AdrianaOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis sectorTatoo system Unknown Unknown
Aduba-1Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknownAduba systemUnknown Unknown
Aduba-2Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknownAduba systemUnknown Unknown
Aduba-3Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknownAduba systemHumans, etc.Tun Aduban
Aduba-4Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknownAduba systemHumans Unknown
Aduba-5Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknownAduba systemUnknown Unknown
Aduba-6Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknownAduba systemUnknown Unknown
AdumarWild SpaceUnknownKatorrs systemHumansCartann City
AefaoUnknownUnknownUnknown Aefans (indigenous) Unknown
AesolianUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown
Aeten IIOuter Rim TerritoriesDreighton NebulaAeten system Humans (planet destroyed)Unknown
Af'ElOuter Rim Territoriesthe PeripheryKa'Dedus systemDefels (indigenous)Qua'Tahc
AffaOuter Rim Territories?UnknownUnknown Humans? Unknown
AgamarOuter Rim TerritoriesLahara sectorMirgoshir systemHumansCalna Muun
Agon NineOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAgon systemHumans Unknown
AgoraOuter Rim TerritoriesSluis sectorUnknown Humans? Unknown
AgridornUnknownUnknownUnknown Humans Unknown
Agriworld-2079Mid RimM'shinni sectorUnknown Skrillings (indigenous), M'shinni Unknown
Aguarl IIIUnknownUnknownUnknownMon Calamari, Quarren, Humans Unknown
AhakistaUnknownUnknownUnknown Humans Unknown
AhlennOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAhlenn systemHumans Unknown
AhugUnknownUnknownKriekaal system Unknown Unknown
AidaUnknownUnknownAida system Humans Unknown
AikhibbaCore WorldsGamor Run Aikhibba systemHutts, etc. Unknown
AilonInner Rim TerritoriesAilon MarshallateAilon systemAilon (indigenous) Unknown
AkanaOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sectorElrood systemUnknown Unknown
AkatoaUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown
Akrit'tarOuter Rim TerritoriesCalaron sectorAkrit'tar System Humans Unknown
Akuria IIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAkuria systemAkurians (indigenous), Humans Unknown
AlabashInner Rim TerritoriesFakir sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
AlarisMid RimMytaranor sectorKashyyyk systemUnknown Unknown
AlashanInner Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknown native species (extinct) Unknown
Alassa MajorUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
Alba-16Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknownAlba systemHumans Unknown
AlbecusCore WorldsUnknownUnknownHumans, IthoriansUnknown
Albrae-DonColoniesUnknownUnknownHumans Draeo-Kax
AlcUnknownUnknownGacerian systemUnknown Unknown
AlderaanCore WorldsAlderaan sectorAlderaan systemKilliks (indigenous, relocated), Humans, Aqualish, Caamasi (planet destroyed) Oroboro, then Aldera
AlderathUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AldereenUnknownUnknownUnknownAldereen (indigenous) Unknown
AldivyOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownHumansGreenton
Aldraig IVCore WorldsUnknownAldraig systemHumans Unknown
AleenInner Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownAleena (indigenous) Unknown
AleronColoniesTapani sectorAleron systemHumansDaekun
AlfestrilCore WorldsBormea sectorAlfestril systemHumans? Unknown
Algara IIMid RimUnknownAlgaran systemXan (indigenous), HumansAlgarine
Algara VMid RimUnknownAlgaran systemUnknown Unknown
Algara VIMid RimUnknownAlgaran system Unknown Unknown
AlgorUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AlgunnisOuter Rim TerritoriesTrax sectorAlgunnis systemUnknown Unknown
Alis PointOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AlisandorColoniesTapani sectorAlisandor systemHumans Unknown
Alk'lellish IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesSumitra sectorUnknownLellish (indigenous) Unknown
AlkurExpansion RegionUnknownLazerian systemUnknown Unknown
AllandCore WorldsUnknownUnknownHumans? Unknown
AllandorColoniesTapani sectorAllandor systemHumans Unknown
AlligaUnknownUnknownUnknownHolwuff (indigenous) Unknown
AlluuviaOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sectorAlluuvian systemAnguilla (indigenous), Ithorians, Humans Unknown
AllyuenOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorAllyuen systemHumans Unknown
AlmakUnknownUnknownUnknownLeffingites (indigenous) Unknown
AlmaniaWild SpaceUnknownAlmanian systemHumansStonia
AlmarOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sectorAlmaran systemHumans Unknown
AlmasMid RimUnknownCularin systemHumans, etc. Forard
Al'NasrlUnknownAl'Nasrl SectorAl'Nasrl systemUnknown Unknown
AlorthasOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood SectorDerilyn systemUnknown Unknown
AlpheridiesExpansion Regionthe VeilAbron systemSith (extinct), Miraluka Unknown
AlsakanCore WorldsCoruscant sectorUnknownHumans, etc.Xenvaer
Altair 3UnknownUnknownAltair systemHumans Unknown
Altair 9UnknownUnknownAltair systemHumans Unknown
AltarrnMid RimGlythe sectorUnknownUnknown Unknown
AltawarCore WorldsCorellian sectorUnknownCorragut (indigenous) Unknown
AlthirUnknownUnknownUnknownAlthiri (indigenous?) Unknown
AltierUnknownUnknownAltier systemUnknown Unknown
Altor 14Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknownRoti-Ow systemAvogwi (indigenous), Nuiwits (indigenous) Unknown
AltoraUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown
AltratonneUnknownUnknownAltratonna systemHumans Unknown
AltraxOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAtrig systemUnknown Unknown
Altyr 5UnknownUnknownAltyr systemHumansUnknown
AlurionUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown
AlvorOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sectorKidron systemUnknown Unknown
AlvorineUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans, Hutts, Twi'leks, etc. Alvorine City
AlzarOuter Rim TerritoriesGordian ReachUnknownAlzarians (indigenous)Royal City
Alzoc IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAlzoc systemTalz (indigenous), Humans Unknown
AmadorExpansion RegionImmalia sectorChalenor systemUnknown Unknown
AmaltannaUnknownUnknownUnknowninsectoid species (indigenous?) Unknown
AmaraInner Rim TerritoriesStenness NodeUnknownAmarans (indigenous) Unknown
AmarinOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion SectorUnknownUnknown Unknown
AmbriaInner Rim Territories Stenness NodeAmbria system Humans, etc. Unknown
AmfarCore WorldsUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AmmuudOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate SectorKumasi systemHumans Unknown
AmorphiaUnknownUnknownAmorphia systemAmorphian Beings (indigenous) Unknown
AmorrisOuter Rim TerritoriesQuelii sectorAmorris systemHumans Unknown
AmpliquenOuter Rim TerritoriesMeridian sectorUnknownHumans Unknown
AmrapOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAtrig systemUnknown Unknown
AmthauExpansion RegionBrak sectorGenesia systemUnknown Unknown
AnantaparOuter Rim TerritoriesYarith sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
AnanuruUnknownUnknownUnknownFras, Humans, etc.Ananuru City
Anarak FourUnknownUnknownAnarak systemHumans? Unknown
AnaxesCore WorldsAzure sectorAxum systemHumansPols Anaxes
AnchoronOuter Rim TerritoriesSluis sector UnknownHumans Unknown
AndandoMid RimDufilvian sectorAndo systemUnknown Unknown
AndaraCore WorldsUnknownAndaran systemHumans, etc.Utare
AndasalaOuter Rim TerritoriesAnthos sectorUnknownHumans, HuttsRanis Quarter?
AndinriColoniesUnknownCaridan systemUnknown Unknown
AndoMid RimDufilvian sectorAndo systemAqualish (indigenous)Unknown
Ando PrimeMid RimDufilvian sectorAndo system Talids (indigenous), etc.Elesa
AndooweelOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis sectorUnknownHumansUnknown
Andosha IIMid Rim?Andoan Free ColoniesUnknownAqualishAndobi Exa
AndowyneOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorUnknownDuinuogwuins (indigenous), various species (indigenous), Humans Unknown
AndraColoniesUnknownCaridan systemUnknown Unknown
AnemcoroOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownHo'Din Unknown
AngrathaMid RimUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AnicUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
Ank Ki'ShorOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownHumans? Unknown
Ank Kit'aarOuter Rim TerritoriesDruess sectorUnknownHumans Unknown
AnkusUnknown RegionsUnknownUnknownCragmoloids (indigenous) Unknown
AnnajOuter Rim TerritoriesModdell sectorAnnaj systemAyrou, Vashans, Humans Unknown
AnnooOuter Rim TerritoriesNimat CorridorAnnoo systemAnnoo-dat Prime (relocated) Unknown
AnoatOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorAnoat systemHumansAnoat City
AnobisMid RimUnknownUnknownZabraks, HumansUnknown
AnothOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAnoth systemHumans (relocated) Unknown
AnsarraOuter Rim TerritoriesSumitra sectorUnknownHumans Unknown
AnsekUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown
AnsillivogUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AnsionMid RimUnknownAnsion systemAnsionians (indigenous), Armalats, Humans, etc.Cuipernam
AntarInner Rim TerritoriesUnknownPrindaar systemUnknown Unknown
Antared IIIUnknownUnknownAntared systemHumans Unknown
AntaresUnknownUnknownAntares systemUnknown Unknown
AnteevyMid RimEsuain sectorUnknownHumans Unknown
AntemeridiasOuter Rim TerritoriesAntemeridian SectorAntemeridian system Humans Unknown
Antipose IXOuter Rim Territoriesthe CentralityAntipose systemHumans Unknown
Antipose XIIOuter Rim Territoriesthe CentralityAntipose systemHumans Unknown
AntiquityOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAntiquity systemHumansKarren
Antmuel VIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownHumans? Unknown
AnturusUnknownUnknownAnturus systemHumans Unknown
Anx MinorOuter Rim TerritoriesRaioballo sectorAnx? Unknown
AnzatMid RimUnknownUnknownAnzati (indigenous) Unknown
AparoOuter Rim TerritoriesAparo sectorAparo systemHumans Unknown
ApatrosOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownHumans, etc.Apatros
ApgarUnknownUnknownApgar systemUnknown Unknown
Aphran IVInner Rim TerritoriesUnknownAphran systemHumans Unknown
ApliriaWild SpaceUnknownUnknownHumans, etc. Unknown
AquarisExpansion RegionUnknownCvetaen systemChuhkyvi (indigenous; relocated), Humans, etc. Unknown
AquellaUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AquilaeCore Worlds?Duro sector?UnknownDuros Unknown
AquilarisOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownHumansOld City, then Floating City
ArabanthInner Rim TerritoriesHapes ClusterUnknownHumans Unknown
AracaraUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AradianOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion SectorLianna systemhumans Unknown
AraliaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAndron systemRanats, Humans Unknown
AramExpansion RegionBrak sectorAramand systemAramandi (indigenous)Talerakia
AramiOuter Rim TerritoriesHutt SpaceUnknownHutts, etc. Unknown
ArapiaUnknownUnknownArapia systemKadri'Ra Unknown
Arat FracaInner Rim TerritoriesParfadi sectorUnknownUnknown Unknown
ArbraOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownArbran systemArbrans (indigenous; relocated), Hoojibs (indigenous), Humans, etc.Unknown
Arbran IOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownArbran systemUnknown Unknown
Arbran IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownArbran systemUnknown Unknown
Arbran IVOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownArbran systemUnknown Unknown
Arbran VOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownArbran systemUnknown Unknown
Arbran VIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownArbran systemUnknown Unknown
ArcadiaCore WorldsCorellian sectorSacor systemUnknown Unknown
Arcan IVOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownArcan systemHumans, Rodians, Duros, Jawas, etc. Unknown
Archae TeuthisUnknownUnknownUnknownSulituans Unknown
ArcopolaOuter Rim TerritoriesSpadja SectorGambolla systemHumansGreccia
ArcuraUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
Arda-1Outer Rim TerritoriesGordian ReachArda systemUnknown Unknown
Arda-2Outer Rim TerritoriesGordian ReachArda systemHumans?Tun Wala
Arda-3Outer Rim TerritoriesGordian ReachArda systemUnknown Unknown
ArdenWild SpaceBakura SectorBakura systemUnknown Unknown
ArgaiOuter Rim TerritoriesCronese MandateUnknownRakata (wiped out), HumansUnknown
ArganuInner Rim TerritoriesUnknownTasar systemUnknown Unknown
ArgavatUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
ArgazdaOuter Rim TerritoriesKanz sectorUnknownArgazdans (indigenous) Unknown
ArgoonOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownNewland systemHumans Unknown
ArgoviaUnknownEndocray sectorUnknownHumansArgovas City
AridusExpansion RegionUnknownFlarestar systemChubbits (indigenous), Humans Unknown
ArisOuter Rim TerritoriesAlbarrio sectorAlbarrio systemHumansUnknown
Aris VOuter Rim TerritoriesParmel sectorAris systemHumans Unknown
ArjusOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion sectorDesev systemUnknown Unknown
ArkaniaColoniesUnknownPerave systemSith (extinct), Arkanians, YakaAdascopolis
ArkanisOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis sectorUnknownHumans Unknown
Arkonne IIIUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
ArmathUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans? Unknown
ArodoniOuter Rim TerritoriesQuelii sectorDathomir systemUnknown Unknown
AroruaUnknownUnknownUnknownMoggonites (indigenous) Unknown
Arporatal-LaninUnknownUnknownUnknownArpor-Lans (indigenous) Unknown
ArrakanOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownSulphis systemDuors, Battrachs, LeviathansKearleonis
ArramanxUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
ArrgawExpansion RegionUnknownArrgaw systemHumansUnknown
ArroOuter Rim TerritoriesQuelii sectorDathomir systemUnknown Unknown
ArsteniUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown
ArthéziaUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
ArthonUnknownUnknownUnknownIthorians Unknown
Artus PrimeOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownArtus systemHumans Unknown
AruzaUnknownUnknownUnknownAruzans (indigenous, at least partially relocated), HumansBukeen
ArzidUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans? Unknown
AsaminUnknownHalthor sectorAsamin systemUnknown Unknown
AsationOuter Rim TerritoriesGree EnclaveUnknownGreeSatikan
AshCore WorldsUnknownBelgaroth systemUnknown Unknown
Ashas ReeOuter Rim TerritoriesSith EmpireUnknownSith (extinct) Unknown
AshashUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown
Asher IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AsimuseCore WorldsBormea sectorChandrila systemUnknown Unknown
AskajOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownAskajians (indigenous)Unknown
AsmallMid RimHalla sector?UnknownHumans Unknown
AsmeruMid RimSenex sectorUnknownnative species (indigenous; extinct), Ossans, etc. Unknown
AsranExpansion RegionBrak sectorAsran systemHumans Unknown
AsratUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans? Unknown
Ast KikorieOuter Rim TerritoriesModdell SectorUnknown HumansKikorie City
Atapap ICore Worlds?Duro sector? Unknown Duros Unknown
AtherOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownHumans? Unknown
AthissOuter Rim Territories?Sith Empire?Loro Babis systemSith? (extinct) Unknown
AtloranCore WorldsDolomar SectorPanto systemHumans Unknown
AtorCore WorldsUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AtrakenUnknownUnknownKattellyn systemEe (indigenous), HumansKattellyn City, then New Atraken City
AtrisiaCore Worlds?UnknownAtrisi systemHumans Unknown
Atrivis 7Outer Rim TerritoriesAtrivis sectorAtrivis systemHumans Unknown
AttahoxOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AtterolUnknownUnknownAtterol systemUnknown Unknown
AtzerriInner Rim TerritoriesUnknownAtzerri systemAtzerrian Meeks (indigenous), Humans, Gotals, etc. Unknown
AureaCore WorldsCorellian sectorAurea systemHumans Unknown
AveramCore WorldsUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AverillUnknownUnknownAverill systemHumans Unknown
Aviles PrimeOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAviles systemHumans? Unknown
AviprineUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown
AvirandelCore WorldsAlderaan sectorAlderaan systemUnknown Unknown
AvishanCore WorldsAlderaan sectorAlderaan systemUnknown Unknown
AvonOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownAvon systemAvoni (indigenous) Unknown
AvumUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown
AxionUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans, Colicoids Unknown
AxtriaUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown
AxumCore WorldsAzure sectorAxum systemHumans Unknown
AxxilaOuter Rim TerritoriesCiutric HegemonyUnknownHumans Unknown
AzameenDeep CoreUnknownZug systemUnknown Unknown
AzbrianCore WorldsUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
AznaMid RimRayter sectorUnknownUnknown Unknown
AztubekOuter Rim TerritoriesJavin sectorAztubek systemMugaari Unknown
AzureMid RimUnknownUnknownHumans, etc.Azure Spaceport


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
BabaliExpansion Region? Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BabbadodInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BabygnonOuter Rim Territories Quelii sectorDathomir system Unknown Unknown
BacranaExpansion Region Brak sectorBacrana systemHumans Amma
Baes LogiaOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Carosites, Humans Unknown
BaffopUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BahalianOuter Rim Territories Bajic sectorBahalian system UnknownUnknown
Ba'HarOuter Rim Territories Elrood sectorCoyn systemUnknown Unknown
BakWild Space Bakura sectorBakura system Unknown Unknown
BakarrWild Space Unknown Katorrs systemUnknown Unknown
BakkahOuter Rim Territories? Unknown Unknown Tusken Raiders, Humans Unknown
BakuraWild Space Bakura sectorBakura systemKurtzen (indigenous), Humans Salis D'aar
Bakura-5Wild Space Bakura sectorBakura systemUnknownUnknown
Bakura-6Wild Space Bakura sectorBakura systemUnknownUnknown
Bakura-7Wild Space Bakura sectorBakura systemUnknownUnknown
Bakura-8Wild Space Bakura sectorBakura systemUnknownUnknown
BalaExpansion Region Brak sectorAramand system UnknownUnknown
BalamakMid Rim Taldot sectorUnknown Humans Dorum
BalanorUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bal'demnicOuter Rim Territories Auril sectorBak'rofsen systemKon'me (indigenous) Unknown
BalfronCore Worlds Dolomar sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
Balis-BaurghUnknown Unknown UnknownHumans, etc. Unknown
BalmorraColonies Unknown Nevoota systemHumans, Hutts, Colicoids Bin Prime
BalosarCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Balosars (indigenous) Unknown
BalowaMid Rim Unknown Balowa systemUnknown Unknown
BaltimnOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Humans Murmamn City
BaltizaarUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BancarMid Rim Rayter sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
BandomeerOuter Rim Territories Unknown Bandomeer system Meerians (indigenous), Ithorians, Humans, Imbats, etc. Bandor
BandoniaUnknown Unknown Bandonian system Humans Unknown
Ban-Satir IIUnknown Unknown Ban-Satir systemHumans? Unknown
Barab IOuter Rim Territories Albanin sectorBarab systemBarabels (indigenous), Duinuogwuins Alater-ka
Barab IIOuter Rim Territories Albanin sectorBarab systemUnknownUnknown
Barab IIIOuter Rim Territories Albanin sectorBarab system Unknown Unknown
BarabooUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Baradas IIUnknown Unknown Baradas systemHumans Unknown
BaralouUnknownUnknown Baralou system Multopos (indigenous), Krikthasi (indigenous) Unknown
BaramorraOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Koodans, Humanss Unknown
BarcolaUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
BardoniaUnknown Unknown Bardonian system Unknown Unknown
BarenthUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
BarhuMid Rim Churba sectorChurba system Unknown Unknown
BarisonUnknown Unknown Unknown native species (indigenous) Unknown
BarkheshOuter Rim Territories Unknown Barkhesh systemHumans Unknown
BarlokUnknown Marcol sectorBarlok systemBrolfi (indigenous), Karfs (indigenous) Unknown
BarmaselOuter Rim Territories Quelii sectorDathomir systemUnknown Unknown
BarnabaColonies Tapani sectorBarnaba systemHumans Bilios
BaroliUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BaroondaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Majan (indigenous) Baroo
BarosOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownBari systemBrubbs (indigenous) Unknown
BarpineUnknown Unknown Barpine systemHumans Unknown
BarsegOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
BarundiUnknown Unknown Unknown Barundi (indigenous) Unknown
BasaraisUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
BashoCore Worlds Darpa sectorRhinnal system Unknown Unknown
BasiliskCore WorldsCoruscant sectorUnknown Basiliskans (indigenous; evolved into Lagartoz War Dragons, Taungs (extinct), Humans? Unknown
BaskarnOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Yrashu (indigenous), Humans Unknown
BassadroColoniesUnknown Unknown Humans, Gossams, Skakoans Agao
BasteelUnknown Unknown Unknown Gulmarids Unknown
BastionOuter Rim TerritoriesBraxant sector Sartinaynian systemHumans Unknown
BatorineColoniesUnknown Unknown Blood Carvers (indigenous) Unknown
BavvaOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat SectorBavva systemNothoiins Unknown
BaylinMid Rim Trans-Nebular sectorBaylin ClusterHumans Unknown
BazaarOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BeauchenUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Beckoning Call Starr 3Unknown Unknown Beckoning Call Starr systemHumans Unknown
BedaraColoniesUnknown Caridan systemUnknown Unknown
BegerenUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BehebothOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Beheboth systemTirrith (indigenous), Humans, Bothans Prosperity
BehenuiOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Beheboth systemUnknown Unknown
BelascoCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Senta
BelazuraCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BelderoneOuter Rim TerritoriesBelderone sectorBelderone systemHumans (possibly wiped out), Firrerreos (wiped out) Unknown
BelgarothCore WorldsUnknown Belgaroth systemHumans Belgar
BelkadanOuter Rim TerritoriesDalonbian sectorBelkadan systemYuuzhan Vong, Humans (wiped out) Unknown
BellassaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Ussa
BellatrigUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bellis IVOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Bellis systemUnknown Unknown
BelnarColoniesBelnar SectorBelnar systemKhil (indigenous) Unknown
BelorphynOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sectorDerilyn systemUnknown Unknown
BeloviaUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BelsavisMid Rim Ninth Quadrant Belsavis systemMluki (indigenous), Ithorians, Humans, etc. Plawal
Belshar OthacuuCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Belsmuth IIOuter Rim TerritoriesDemetras systemBelsmuth systemHumans Unknown
BelthuOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Beltrix IIIUnknown Six Local SystemsBeltrix systemHumans Unknown
BendeluumOuter Rim Territories Anoat sectorBendeluum system Nothoiins, Humans Unknown
BendoneUnknown Unknown Unknown Howler Tree People (indigenous) Unknown
BenerisOuter Rim Territories Unknown Atrig systemUnknown Unknown
BengatUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans? Unknown
BengelyUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Benja-RihnUnknown Unknown Unknown Carthasians (indigenous) Carthas
BenonUnknown Unknown Delantine systemUnknown Unknown
BentoraUnknown Bentora SpaceBentora systemUnknown Unknown
BerchestInner Rim Territories Orus sector Berchest system Berchestians (indigenous), Humans, Rodians, Gotals, BimmsCalius saj Leeloo
BereaOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sector Berea systemHumans Unknown
BerriInner Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Berrites Unknown
Berrol's DonnMid Rim Kriz sectorUnknown Wookiees, Humans Unknown
BerrunCore Worlds Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BerusaMid RimUnknown Garos system UnknownUnknown
BesberraOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownBesberra system Humans Unknown
BescaneOuter Rim TerritoriesObtrexta sector Obtrexta system Humans Lumchugger's Hub
BesnUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BespinOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorBespin systemUgnaughts, Humans, Aqualish, Thranta Riders, etc. Cloud City
BessimirCore WorldsCoruscant sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
Bestal IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesVarada sectorBestal system Humans Unknown
Bestine IVInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Bestine systemHumans Unknown
Beta OlikarkOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans? Unknown
Beta RhamaUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
BetalUnknown Unknown Unknown Poraskors (indigenous) Unknown
Betha IIOuter Rim TerritoriesCorva sectorBetha systemHumans Unknown
BethalColoniesTapani sectorBethal systemHumans Dora Prefecture
BethanyOuter Rim Territories Unknown Kalinda system Unknown Unknown
BetharsUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BetolioColoniesTapani sectorBetolio systemHumans Unknown
BetshishOuter Rim Territories Gordian Reach Unknown Betshish (indigenous) Unknown
BettokUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Bevel IIIUnknown Unknown Bevel systemHumans Unknown
BextarOuter Rim Territories Velcar sectorBextar systemEntymals, Humans Unknown
BezimMid RimUnknown Bezim system native species (indigenous) Unknown
Bhuna SoundUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans? Unknown
BianasColoniesTapani sectorBianas systemHumans Unknown
BiewaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BherizUnknown Unknown Bherizians Unknown
BiituOuter Rim TerritoriesCassandran sectorsUnknown Biituians (indigenous) Unknown
BiivrenExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BilagenCore WorldsCorellian sector New Plympto systemUnknown Unknown
BiliosColoniesTapani sectorBilios systemHumans Unknown
Bimin ThreeOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Bimin ThreeUnknown Unknown
BimmielOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown MZX33291 systemYuuzhan Vong, Humans (relocated) Unknown
BimmisaariMid RimHalla sectorSaari Ha systemBimms (indigenous), Bimms (non-indigenous near-human species) Glastro
BinarosOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorBinaros systemHumans Unknown
BinquarosUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans? Unknown
BiolagCore WorldsBormea sectorCorulus system Unknown Unknown
BioshOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorHoth system Unknown Unknown
BirjisOuter Rim TerritoriesDalonbian sectorBirjis systemHumans? Unknown
B'KnosWild Space Bakura sector? Unknown Ssi-ruuk, P'w'ecks, Humans (wiped out) Unknown
BlatharUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
BlenjeelMid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Blimph 3Mid Rim Unknown Blimph systemJokhalli (indigenous), Hutts, etc. Unknown
BlyteColoniesTapani sectorBlyte systemHumans Unknown
BnachUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Bnar VIIUnknown Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
BodenCore Worlds Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BodrinOuter Rim Territories Elrood sector Bodrin systemHumans Unknown
BoeusExpansion RegionBoeus sector Unknown Humans Unknown
Bofa IIUnknown Unknown Bofa system Humans Unknown
BogdenInner Rim Territories Bogden sectorBogden systemHumans, etc. Unknown
Bogo RaiUnknown RegionsUnknown Unknown Chiss? Unknown
BoladUnknown Unknown Unknown Ret Unknown
BoledgeUnknown Unknown Boledge system Unknown Unknown
Bomis Koori IVMid Rim Unknown Bomis Koori systemKoorivarUnknown
BonadanOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate SectorBonadan system Humans, etc. Unknown
BoordiiOuter Rim Territories Sumitra sector Unknown Humans Unknown
BoranallUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BoraoInner Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Ithorians, Yuuzhan Vong (relocated) Unknown
BorcorashUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BordalOuter Rim Territories Unknown Taroon system Humans Unknown
BorkyneUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BorleiasColoniesUnknown Pyria system Yuuzhan Vong, (relocated?) Humans (relocated) Unknown
BorlovUnknown Unknown Unknown Borlovians (indigenous) Unknown
BormterWild Space Unknown Svekk system Bormterrans (indigenous), Humans Unknown
BoroskOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Borosk system Humans Unknown
BortrasOuter Rim Territories Seswenna sector Unknown Humans Reithcas Sector?
BoschUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BosphOuter Rim TerritoriesBosph Sector Bosph system Bosphs (indigenous) Unknown
BosthirdaUnknown RegionsUnknown Unknown Humans (wiped out) Unknown
BotajefUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans? Unknown
Bothawui ProperMid RimBothan sectorBothan systemBothans (indigenous), etc. Drev'starn
BoudolayzOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Bovo YagenCore Worlds Corellian Sector Bovo Yagen system Bovorians (indigenous), Humans (planet destroyed; some inhabitants relocated) Unknown
Boz PityOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown giants (indigenous; extinct), Humans, etc. Unknown
BoztrokOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Humans, etc. Thokisl
BpfasshOuter Rim TerritoriesSluis sectorBpfassh systemBpfasshi (indigenous) Unknown
Brachnis ChoriosOuter Rim TerritoriesMeridian sectorChorios system Humans? Unknown
BragkisUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BramiorUnknown Unknown Bramior system Unknown Unknown
BranteezOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans? Unknown
BranthOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans, etc. Unknown
Brath QellaMid RimUnknown Qella systemQella (indigenous) Unknown
BreekaUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BrentaalCore WorldsBormea sectorBrentaal systemHumans Cormond
BrenuOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Beheboth system Unknown Unknown
BresallisOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans, Hutts Unknown
BresanOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorBresan system Humans Unknown
BreshkallOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
BresnanOuter Rim Territories Trax sector Wellte-ir system Humans Unknown
BrettaOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
BrevostExpansion Region Unknown Brevost systemUnknown Unknown
Bri'ahlUnknown Unknown Unknown Bri'ahlians (indigenous) the Presidential Palace
Bridin AnchorageOuter Rim TerritoriesPortmoak sectorGallienis systemHumans Bridis City
BrigiaOuter Rim TerritoriesTion HegemonyUnknown Brigians (indigenous) Unknown
BrintooinOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BrochiibOuter Rim Territories Trianii Space Unknown Trianii Unknown
Brodo AsogiUnknown Unknown Unknown native species (indigenous) Unknown
BroestCore WorldsAg CircuitBroest systemHumans Unknown
BrolsamOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorUnknown Fefze, Rodians, Humans Unknown
BrontUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BrosiOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate SectorDostra systemBrosin (indigenous)Mailor
BruggaExpansion RegionBrak sectorLatoma systemUnknown Unknown
BryexxUnknown Varvenna sectorUnknown Humans Unknown
BryndarUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans, etc. Unknown
BryxUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Bseto IMid RimUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
Buamlon CentralUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
BudpockOuter Rim TerritoriesMeridian sectorUnknown Humans Demmit Station
BundimOuter Rim TerritoriesTrax sectorBundim systemHumans, Mon CalamariHeg
BundukiOuter Rim TerritoriesPacanth ReachUnknown Humans Aslaia
Burnin KonnOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat sectorBurnin Konn systemHumans Unknown
BurskaMid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bursol IIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Bursol IInative species (indigenous) Unknown
Butler's CoveMid Rim Unknown Stribos systemSsither (indigenous) Unknown
ByblosColoniesUnknown Byblos systemHumans, etc. Byblos City
ByssDeep CoreDeep Core Security Zone Beshqek system Humans, etc. (planet destroyed) the Imperial Citadel
ByssOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Byss/Abyss systemAbyssin (indigenous) Unknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
CaamasCore WorldsUnknown Cirius systemCaamasi (indigenous), Ithorians, Bothans Unknown
CaamorCore WorldsUnknown Cirius systemUnknownUnknown
CaarazOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Ranth (indigenous) Unknown
CaarimonOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Caarites (indigenous) Unknown
CadeziaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Issor systemHumans Unknown
CadinthOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion SectorUnknown HumansSaskapeg
Cadomai PrimeOuter Rim TerritoriesCatarlo SectorCadomai systemSnivvians (indigenous)Brella
Calabosh-2Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
Calfa-5UnknownUnknown Calfa systemUnknown Unknown
CalippWild SpaceParthovian ClusterFaarlsun systemUnknown Unknown
CalipsaColoniesTapani SectorCalipsa systemHumansCambar
Calline IUnknownUnknown Calline systemUnknown Unknown
Calline IIUnknownUnknown Calline systemUnknown Unknown
Calline IIIUnknownUnknown Calline systemUnknown Unknown
CalloniaInner Rim TerritoriesFakir SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
CalonicaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
CaloriaColoniesTapani SectorCaloria systemHumans Unknown
Cal-SetiCore WorldsUnknown Unknown HumansRamsees Hed
CaltiniaUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CalusInner Rim TerritoriesKeller's VoidCalus system Humans Unknown
CaluulaOuter Rim TerritoriesTion HegemonyUnknownYuuzhan Vong, Humans (all wiped out) Caluula City
CamdenOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Camden systemHumans, etc. Unknown
CamosCore WorldsFarlaxUtos systemUnknown Unknown
Camus IVUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown Unknown
Canastra IVCore WorldsUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
Canoliss IVUnknownUnknown Canoliss system Cannolites (indigenous) Unknown
CantiColoniesTapani SectorCanti system Humans Unknown
Cantras GolaOuter Rim TerritoriesObtrexta Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
Cantros 7Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknown Cantros system Cantrosians (indigenous) Unknown
CanyonInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CapriorilCore WorldsDolomar Sector Unknown Humans Doolis
CaprolInner Rim TerritoriesCallia Sector Vaxal system Unknown Unknown
CapzaOuter Rim TerritoriesVelcar SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
Caramm VUnknownUnknown Caramm systemHumans? Unknown
CardooineOuter Rim TerritoriesJospro Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
Carest 1UnknownUnknown Carest system Jiivahar (indigenous) Unknown
CargamalisMid RimBruanii Sector Cargamalis system Humans Unknown
CariColoniesUnknown Caridan systemUnknown Unknown
CaridaColoniesUnknown Caridan systemCaridans (indigenous), Humans (planet destroyed) Unknown
CarnthUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Carosi IVOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Carosus systemCarosites (indigenous; relocated; planet destroyed) Unknown
Carosi VIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Carosus systemUnknown Unknown
Carosi VIIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Carosus systemUnknown Unknown
Carosi VIIIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Carosus systemUnknown Unknown
Carosi IXOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Carosus systemUnknown Unknown
Carosi XOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Carosus systemUnknown Unknown
Carosi XIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Carosus systemUnknown Unknown
Carosi XIIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Carosus systemCarositesNewlife Point
CarratosInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown O'pahz systemHumans, etc.Chofin
CarrionUnknownCarrion SectorCarrion systemUnknown Unknown
CarrivarUnknown RegionsUnknown Unknown Hemes Arbora (indigenous) Unknown
CarsanzaUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CartaoExpansion RegionPrackla SectorUnknown Cranscoc (indigenous), Humans Unknown
CarzOuter Rim TerritoriesCarz system Unknown Unknown
Casfield 6UnknownUnknown Casfield systemOffens (indigenous) Unknown
Casna AureWild SpaceUnknown Kamino systemUnknown Unknown
Casna BeshWild SpaceUnknown Kamino systemUnknown Unknown
CassanderOuter Rim TerritoriesCassander Sector Cassander systemHumans Unknown
CastellColoniesUnknown Unknown Gossams (indigenous) Unknown
CatharExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Cathar (indigenous) Unknown
CathisOuter Rim TerritoriesSumitra SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
Cato NeimoidiaColoniesNeimoidian SpaceUnknown Neimoidians Unknown
CattamascarWild SpaceBakura Sector?Unknown Ssi-ruuk, P'w'ecks, Humans (wiped out) Unknown
CauperColoniesTapani SectorCauper systemHumans Unknown
CaursitoOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans? Unknown
CegulOuter Rim TerritoriesCegul Sector Cegul systemHumans? Unknown
CejansijUnknownUnknown Cejansiji system Cejansiji (indigenous?) Unknown
CelanonOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Celanon systemNalroni (indigenous), etc. Unknown
CeldaruUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CelegiaExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Celegians (indigenous) Unknown
CentaresMid RimMaldrood SectorCentares systemHumans, Gotals, Sakiyans, etc.Muracie
CenturiousDeep CoreDeep Core Security ZoneCenturious systemHumans Unknown
CereaMid RimCerean QuadrantUnknown Cereans (indigenous), Humans, etc.Tecave City
CeriunUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CesyaColoniesTapani Sector Cesya system Humans Unknown
Ceti 597UnknownUnknown Ceti system?Unknown Unknown
C-ForoonOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
ChaaschOuter Rim TerritoriesSulorine SectorSulorine systemUnknown Unknown
ChaboshOuter Rim TerritoriesBosph SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
ChadraOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Chad systemChadra-Fan (indigenous), Humans Unknown
ChailaMid RimUnknown Garos systemUnknown Unknown
ChalactaMid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
ChalcedonOuter Rim TerritoriesMayagil Sector? Unknown Humans, etc. Unknown
ChallonCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
ChambleMid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
ChampalaInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Chagri systemChagrians (indigenous), etc. Unknown
ChandaarOuter Rim TerritoriesCronese Mandate Unknown Humans Unknown
ChandrilaCore WorldsBormea SectorChandrila systemHumans Hanna City
ChanjUnknownUnknown Trebodar systemUnknown Unknown
ChardaanCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CharenthothUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
CharisOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
CharmathCore WorldsFarrfin Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
CharnyMid RimTeraab SectorHoth's Brand systemUnknown Unknown
Charros IVOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Charros systemXi Charrians (indigenous) Unknown
CharubahInner Rim TerritoriesHapes ClusterUnknown Humans Unknown
Chateuse VIIUnknownUnknown Chateuse systemHumans? Unknown
ChavOuter Rim TerritoriesQuelii SectorDathomir systemUnknown Unknown
ChaykinUnknownChaykin SectorUnknownUnknown Unknown
ChazwaInner Rim TerritoriesOrus SectorChazwa system HumansIritsa
CheelitUnknownUnknown Unknown native species (indigenous) Unknown
Cheeyoom MateeCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
ChelDeep CoreDeep Core Security ZoneBeshqek systemUnknown Unknown
Ch'hodosOuter Rim TerritoriesSith EmpireUnknown Sith (extinct) Unknown
ChibiasMid RimUnknown Unknown Humans, Duros Unknown
ChirgayOuter Rim TerritoriesQuelii SectorDathomir system Unknown Unknown
ChironOuter Rim Territories?Unknown Unknown Chironians (indigenous) Unknown
Chirrion BaseExpansion RegionRolion SectorUnknown Humans? Unknown
Ch'manssMid RimGevarno LoopCh'manss systemHumans Unknown
ChoiUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
ChokanUnknownUnknown Chokan systemHumans Unknown
CholgannaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Chommell MinorMid RimChommell SectorUnknownHumans Unknown
ChoraxColoniesRachuk Sector[Chorax system]]Humans Unknown
ChortoseUnknownUnknown Unknown Chortose (indigenous) Unknown
ChristophsisOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Chroma ZedUnknownUnknown Unknown Chromans (indigenous) Unknown
ChromovonUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
ChronaInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Chrona systemHumans Unknown
ChrondreMid RimDufilvian SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
ChryyaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
ChuleOuter Rim TerritoriesTrax SectorBissillirus system Unknown Unknown
ChurbaMid RimChurba SectorChurba systemHumans Unknown
ChurnbisUnknownChurnbis SectorChurnbis systemUnknown Unknown
ChurrumaOuter Rim Territories?Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Cificap VIIUnknownUnknown Cificap systemUnknown Unknown
CilparColoniesUnknown Unknown HumansMos Tommro
CinnatarCore WorldsUnknown Cinnatar system]Humans Unknown
Circarpous IVExpansion RegionUnknown Circarpous systemHumans? Unknown
Circarpous XExpansion RegionUnknown Circarpous systemHumans? Unknown
Circarpous XIIExpansion RegionUnknown Circarpous systemHumans? Unknown
Circarpous XIVExpansion RegionUnknown Circarpous systemHumans? Unknown
CirraExpansion RegionBrak SectorCirra systemUnknown Unknown
CirrusMid RimUnknown Unknown HumansCiran
Cirus IIOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis Sector Cirus systemHumans Unknown
CiutricOuter Rim TerritoriesCiutric Hegemony Ciutric systemHumans Daplona
ClaerCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Clak'dor IOuter Rim TerritoriesMayagil SectorColu systemUnknown Unknown
Clak'dor IIOuter Rim TerritoriesMayagil SectorColu systemUnknown Unknown
Clak'dor IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesMayagil SectorColu systemUnknown Unknown
Clak'dor IVOuter Rim TerritoriesMayagil SectorColu systemBith, Y'bith New Nozho
Clak'dor VOuter Rim TerritoriesMayagil SectorColu systemUnknown Unknown
Clak'dor VIIOuter Rim TerritoriesMayagil SectorColu systemBith (indigenous), Y'bith (indigenous; relocated)Weogar
Clantaano IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Clantaano systemClantaani (indigenous) Unknown
ClarUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
ClarivUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
ClascvoriaCore WorldsDarpa SectorRalltiir systemHumans Unknown
ClendoraUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cleroff's WorldOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown native species (indigenous) Unknown
Cmaoli DiUnknownBrema SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
Coachelle PrimeMid RimCrazy Rabbit constellationCoachelle systemLepi (indigenous) Unknown
Coachelle IIMid RimSilly Rabbit constellationCoachelle systemLepi Unknown
Coachelle IIIMid RimSilly Rabbit constellationCoachelle systemLepi Unknown
Coachelle IVMid RimSilly Rabbit constellationCoachelle systemLepi Unknown
Coachelle VMid RimSilly Rabbit constellationCoachelle systemLepi Unknown
ColavasMid RimHalla SectorColavas systemUnknown Unknown
Colavas MinorMid RimHalla SectorColavas systemUnknown Unknown
Colavas TertiaryMid RimHalla SectorColavas systemUnknown Unknown
Colla IVInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Colla systemColicoids (indigenous) Unknown
ColossusCore WorldsUnknown Belgaroth systemUnknown Unknown
ColsUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
ColsaOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate Sector Dostra systemUnknown Unknown
ColsassaOuter Rim TerritoriesAuril SectorAdega systemUnknown Unknown
ColumexOuter Rim Territoriesthe CommonalityUnknown Humans Unknown
ColumusCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Columi (indigenous), DuinuogwuinsBailee
Colunda PrimeOuter Rim TerritoriesColunda SectorColunda systemHumans Basbik
Comkin VOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Comkin systemHumans Unknown
CommenorColoniesRachuk Sector Commenor systemHumans Unknown
ComraOuter Rim TerritoriesDead ZoneUnknown Humans, Hutts Unknown
ConaMid RimUnknown Teke Ro systemArcona (indigenous), Duinuogwuins, H'nemthe Tylcarros
Concord DawnOuter Rim TerritoriesMandalore SectorUnknown Humans, Devaronians Unknown
CondorUnknownUnknown M132L4 system Unknown Unknown
CondularUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
ConstanciaUnknownUnknown Unknown Constancians (indigenous), Zeltrons Unknown
ContruumMid RimUnknown Contruum systemHumans Unknown
Contruum SixMid RimUnknown Contruum systemUnknown Unknown
ConusOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis SectorGeonosis systemUnknown Unknown
CoomputuUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Coorimbus IVColoniesTapani SectorCoorimbus systemHumans Unknown
Cophrigin VOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Cophrigin systemUnknown Unknown
Cor IColoniesTapani SectorCor I system Humans Unknown
Cor IIColoniesTapani SectorCor I system Humans Unknown
Cor IIIColoniesTapani SectorCor I system Humans Unknown
CorannCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CorbosOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans (wiped out) Unknown
CordesUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CorelliaCore WorldsCorellian SectorCorellian systemHumans, Dralls, Selonians, etc. Coronet City
CorfaiCore WorldsCorellian SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
CoriallisCore WorldsCoruscant Sector?Unknown Humans Unknown
CorjainOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol SectorUnknown Bothans Unknown
CorlassUnknownUnknown Unknown HumansQuori City
Corlax 4UnknownUnknown Corlax systemHumans Unknown
CoronarOuter Rim TerritoriesParadise SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
CorriUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cor'ricOuter Rim TerritoriesCor'ric SectorCor'ric systemUnknown Unknown
CorridanCore WorldsCorridan SectorCorridan systemHumans Unknown
CorrothUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CorsinExpansion RegionPloo SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
CorstrisOuter Rim TerritoriesQuelii Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
CortellaCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Cortina UnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CorulagCore WorldsBormea SectorCorulus systemHumans, Sullustans Curamelle
CoruscantCore WorldsCoruscant SectorCoruscant systemHumans (indigenous?), Taungs (relocated), Yuuzhan Vong (relocated), etc. Republic City
CorusculCore Worlds?Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CorutarnCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CorvaOuter Rim TerritoriesCorva SectorGalaanus systemHumans Unknown
Corva YagOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Corvanni IVInner Rim TerritoriesNeshig SectorCorvanni systemHumans Gandalom City
Corvis Minor IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesCiutric HegemonyCorvis Minor systemHumans Unknown
Corvis Minor IVOuter Rim TerritoriesCiutric HegemonyCorvis Minor systemHumans Unknown
Corvis Minor VOuter Rim TerritoriesCiutric HegemonyCorvis Minor systemHumans Unknown
CotellierOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
CouncilOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat SectorCouncil systemNothoiins Unknown
CourkrusOuter Rim TerritoriesAuril SectorKhuiumin systemHumans, etc. Vlarnya
CovewayOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
CoynOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood SectorCoyn systemCoynites (indigenous)En'Tra'Tal
CrakullUnknown RegionsUnknown Unknown Crokes (indigenous) Unknown
Cranan 12UnknownUnknown Cranan systemUnknown Unknown
CrellaColoniesTapani SectorCrella systemHumans Unknown
Cridark IIUnknownUnknown Cridark systemHumans Unknown
Criton's PointOuter Rim TerritoriesVelcar SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
CrolliaCore WorldsCorellian SectorCorellian systemUnknown Unknown
Crustai IIUnknown RegionsChiss AscendancyCrusati systemChiss Unknown
Crystan VUnknownUnknownUnknown little green beings (indigenous) Unknown
Crytal NestMid RimRayter Sector?Unknown Shashay (indigenous) Unknown
CsillaUnknown RegionsChiss AscendancyCrusati systemChiss (indigenous) Csaplar
CuirillaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
CujicorUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans? Unknown
CularinMid RimUnknown Cularin systemTarasin (indigenous), Humans, Caarites, Filordi, etc. Unknown
Culroon IIIExpansion RegionKanchen SectorCulroon system Humans Unknown
CuthbernUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
CyblocOuter Rim TerritoriesMeridian SectorErg Es 992 systemUnknown Unknown
CyborreaUnknownUnknown Unknown Cyborreans (indigenous?) Unknown
Cygnus BCore WorldsCygnus Star EmpireCygnus systemsentient algae (indigenous), Humans Unknown
CyimarraCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
CypharMid RimUnknown Cyphar systemHumans Unknown
CyrilliaExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Cyrillians (indigenous) Unknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
Da Soocha Outer Rim Territories Hutt Space Cyax system Mon Calamari Unknown
Daalang Outer Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Dac Outer Rim Territories Calamari sector Calamari system Mon Calamari, Quarren Coral City, Foamwander City
Dachat Core Worlds Hyabb-Twith Corridor Unknown Nelroni Unknown
Dadrus Outer Rim Territories Marcellus Nebula Marcellus system Unknown Unknown
Daemen Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dagary Minor Unknown Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
Dagelin MinorUnknown Unknown Dagelin system Humans Unknown
DagobahOuter Rim Territories Sluis Sector Dagobah system Hepsalum Tash (indigenous), Hysalrians (indigenous?), Humans Unknown
DagroOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Humans Vale City
Dagu Unknown Unknown Unknown Rybets Unknown
DahvilMid Rim Rayter sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
DaimlaUnknown Unknown Unknown Daimlos Unknown
Dakot 7Unknown Mortex sectorDakot systemHumans Unknown
Dakshee ColoniesBarma sector Unknown Humans Unknown
Dakuyl Outer Rim Territories Unknown Verkuyl systemHumans Unknown
Dalastine Outer Rim Territories Sumitra sectorUnknownHumans Unknown
Dalchon Outer Rim Territories Arkanis sector?Dalchon system Unknown Unknown
Dalgoni Deep Core Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dalos IV Outer Rim Territories Nilgaard sector UnknownHumans, etc. Unknown
Dalron 5 Outer Rim TerritoriesDarlonn sectorUnknownHumans Unknown
Dalron IV Outer Rim TerritoriesDarlonn sectorUnknownHumans Unknown
Daltar Inner Rim Territories Orus sector Unknown HumansQuenin
Daluba UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Daluuj Outer Rim TerritoriesTion HegemonyUnknownHumans, WaterwormUnknown
Daminia UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Damonite Yors-B Outer Rim TerritoriesMeridian sectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Damualer Triac Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownMillennium OakUnknown
Danadine Outer Rim TerritoriesDail sectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Danalbeth UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Danar Expansion RegionUnknownVernet systemUnknownUnknown
Danchian Prime UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dancreti UnknownUnknownUnknownSanl'jekUnknown
Dandalas Core WorldsFarlax sectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dandelo UnknownUnknownDandelo systemUnknownUnknown
Dandrian UnknownUnknownDandrian systemBonecrushers (indigenous), Humans, GamorreansUnknown
Dankayo Core Worldsnear Ralltiir sectorUnknownHumansUnknown
Dajutt UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Danoor Outer Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorNah'Malis systemHumansEror Zeen
Da'nor UnknownUnknownDelatine systemDa'nor flying lizardsUnknown
Danteel Core WorldsEmmo sectorUnknownHumansUnknown
Danton VI UnknownUnknownTrebodar systemHumansUnknown
Dantooine Outer Rim TerritoriesRaioballo sectorDantooine systemDantaries (indigenous), Humans, etc.Garang, Khoonda
Danuta Mid RimHalla sectorColavas systemHumans (emmigrated), etc.Trid
Danzer Core WorldsDarpa sectorEssesia systemUnknownUnknown
Dar Outer Rim TerritoriesElrood sectorDerilyn systemUnknownUnknown
Darada Core WorldsUnknownDarada systemHumansUnknown
Darepp Inner Rim TerritoriesUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dargul Mid RimUnknownDarglum systemHumansUnknown
Dargulli Inner RimUnknownKether systemUnknownUnknown
Darkknell Outer RimUnknownUnknownHumans, Twi'leks, etc.Unknown
Darkon III UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Darlon UnknownDarlon SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Darlyn Boda Outer RimAnoat SectorDarlyn Boda systemHumans, Yarkoras, etcUnknown
Daroon UnknownUnknownUnknownHumansUnknown
Dar'Or Outer RimJospro SectorDar'Or systemRi'Dar (indigenous)Unknown
Darsie UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Darstell 4 Outer RimElrood SectorUnknownHumansSymt
Dartessex IV UnknownUnknownDartessex systemUnknownUnknown
Daslkehnt UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Datar UnknownUnknownUnknownGhostlings (indigenous)Unknown
Dathomir Outer RimQuelii SectorDathomir systemRancors (native), Kwa, Kwi, etc.Unknown
Daupherm UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Daver Kuat Core WorldsKuat SectorKuat systemUnknownUnknown
Davirien UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Davnar II Expansion RegionKanchen SectorDavnar systemDavnariansUnknown
Dega Outer RimElrood SectorDega systemUnknownUnknown
DeGerrillion UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Deko Neimoidia ColoniesUnknownUnknownNeimoidiansUnknown
Dela Outer RimCentralityDela systemUlorin (indigenous), HumansUnknown
Delanoth Deep CoreUnknownPrakith systemUnknownUnknown
Delantine UnknownUnknownDelantine systemHumansUnknown
Delari Prime Outer RimCorva SectorDelari systemUnknownUnknown
Delassin VI Outer RimHutt SpaceDelassin systemVodranUnknown
Delaya Core WorldsAlderaan SectorAlderaan systemHumansUnknown
Delderaan UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Delemede UnknownUnknownUnknownHumansWozin?
Dellalt Outer RimTion HegemonyDellat systemDellaltian (indigenous), HumansUnknown
Delle II UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Delphon Outer RimUnknownDelphon systemHumansUnknown
Delrakkin Outer RimUnknownDelrakkin systemDelrakkinsDelrakkin City
Delrian UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Deltooine Tingel ArmCorporate SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Demar Expansion RegionBrak SectorDemar systemHumansJanos
Demesel Outer RimMeram SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Demigue UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Deminol UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Demnadi UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Demonsgate Outer RimKathol SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Demophon Mid RimUnknownDemophon systemHumansByrne City
Demos Four UnknownUnknownDemos systemUnknownUnknown
Denab Outer RimSluis SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Denava Mid RimTrans-Nebular SectorGoroth systemUnknownUnknown
Denbalen Mid RimTrans-Nebular SectorGoroth systemUnknownUnknown
Denbo UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Deneba Core WorldsUnknownDeneba systemUnknownUnknown
De'nel Expansion RegionBrak SectorDe'nel systemUnknownUnknown
Deneter UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Denevar UnknownUnknownUnknownHumansUnknown
Dennaskar UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Denon Inner RimUnknownUnknownHumans, CanoidUnknown
Dentaal Core WorldsBarma SectorUnknownHumans (died)Calif City
Denubba UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Denuhi VIII UnknownUnknownDenuhi systemUnknownUnknown
Deralia Outer RimUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Derenath Outer RimUnknownBeheboth systemUnknownUnknown
Derf UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Derilyn Outer RimElrood SectorDerilyn systemHumans, etc.Derilysa
Derr Mid RimUnknownDemophon systemUnknownUnknown
Derra IV Expansion RegionKanchen SectorDerra systemUnknownUnknown
Derricon UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Desargorr Outer RimAllied Tion SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Desevro Outer RimAllied Tion SectorDeserv systemHumans, SaheelindeeliMaslovar
Despayre Outer RimAtrivis sectorHoruz systemHumans, Wookiees, etc.Unknown
Desstious UnknownUnknownUnknownHumansUnknown
Destreg II UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Destrillion Tingel ArmDalonbian SectorDubrillion systemYuuzhan Vong, Humans (formerly)Unknown
Devaron ColoniesDevaron SectorUnknownDevaronianUnknown
Devato Outer RimAllien Tion SectorLianna systemUnknownUnknown
Devon 4 UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dexus-12 UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Deyer Outer RimAnoat SectorAnoat systemHumansFeiya
Deylerax Mid RimUnknownUnknownEnu (indigenuos)Unknown
Deysum III Outer RimTrax SectorDeysum systemHumans, Wookiees, Twi'leks, etc.Unknown
Dhorian Expansion RegionLazerian SectorLazerian systemUnknownUnknown
Dilbana Mid RimHutt Space?UnknownUnknownUnknown
Dilonexa XXIII Outer RimCentralityDilonexa systemUnknownUnknown
Dimok Outer RimSepan SectorSepan systemDimoksUnknown
Dinlo Mid RimBothan SectorDinlo systemUnknownUnknown
Diorda UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Disim UnknownUnknownEpidimi systemTarongs (emmigrated)Unknown
Di'tai'ni Mid RimBothan SpaceBoth systemTai'ni (indigenous), Trintic, LeresaiDel Velmor
Dithanune UnknownUnknownUnknownNeedle beastUnknown
Di'wor Outer RimUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dix'thaar UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Djurmo Inner RimUnknownUnknownHuraloks (indigenous)Unknown
Dles IV UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dlor 3 UnknownUnknownUnknownDlor systemUnknown
DNX-N1 Wild SpaceUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Doaskin Outer RimAnoat SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dodz UnknownUnknownUnknownGamorreansUnknown
Dohlban UnknownUnknownUnknownGuineoUnknown
Dohu VII UnknownUnknownDohu systemSilikaSkagras
Doldur Mid RimDoldur SectorDoldur systemHumansUnknown
Doli Outer RimUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dolis 3 Outer RimImperial SpaceUnknownHumansUnknown
Dolla Outer RimUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dolomar Core WorldsDolomar SectorDolomar systemHumansDiflu
Dolstan Outer RimKathol SectorDolstan systemHumansUnknown
Dolucar Core WorldsBormea SectorChandrila systemUnknownUnknown
Dom-Bradden Outer RimArkanis SectorBradden systemAffytechansUnknown
Domgrin Outer RimUnknownDomgrinUnknownUnknown
Don I The ColoniesTapani SectorDon systemHumansUnknown
Don II The ColoniesTapani SectorDon systemUnknownUnknown
Donadus Inner RimBamula SectorUnknownDonadiUnknown
Doneer'so Inner RimFakir SectorDoneer'so systemDoneerUnknown
Doniphon Outer RimKwymar SectorUnknownHumansUnknown
Donoa Wild SpaceUnknownKamino systemUnknownUnknown
Dononter Minor UnknownUnknownDononter systemJer'uskUnknown
Donovia Expansion RegionUnknownUnknownHumansUnknown
Dontamo Mid RimUnknownRadiant One systemUnknownUnknown
Doornik-207 UnknownUnknownKoornacht systemCorasgh (formerly), YevethaUnknown
Doornik-628A Core WorldsFarlax SectorDoornik-628 systemUnknownUnknown
Doornik-628B Core WorldsFarlax SectorDoornik-628 systemUnknownUnknown
Doornik-628C Core WorldsFarlax SectorDoornik-628 systemUnknownUnknown
Doornik-628F Core WorldsFarlax SectorDoornik-628 systemUnknownUnknown
Doornik-628G Core WorldsFarlax SectorDoornik-628 systemUnknownUnknown
Doornik-628H Core WorldsFarlax SectorDoornik-628 systemUnknownUnknown
Dor Outer RimModdell SectorEndor systemUnknownUnknown
Dor Nameth UnknownUnknownUnknownDor NamethiansUnknown
Dorajan UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dorande UnknownUnknownUnknownDorandeansUnknown
Dorcin UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dordolum UnknownUnknownDordulUnknown
Dorella The ColoniesTapani SectorDorella systemHumansUnknown
Dorellia ColoniesTapani SectorDorellia systemUnknownUnknown
Dorin Expansion RegionUnknownDorin systemKel DorDor'shan
Doris ColoniesTapani SectorDoris systemUnknownUnknown
Dorlo UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dorlon II ColoniesBarma SectorUnknownHumansUnknown
Dornea UnknownUnknownUnknownDorneansUnknown
Dorriella Outer RimUnknownUnknownHumansUnknown
Dorsis UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dorvalla Outer RimVidenda SectorDorvalla systemHumans, etc.Unknown
Dorvalla IV Outer RimCadavine SectorDorvalla systemUnknownUnknown
Dosuun Outer RimUnknownUnknownHumansUnknown
Douglas III Outer RimCentralityDouglas systemUnknownUnknown
D'Pur Core WorldsFarlax SectorN'zoth systemUnknownUnknown
Dra III UnknownUnknownDra systemNashtahsUnknown
Drackmar Outer Rim?Quelli SectorDrackmar systemDrackmarians (indigenous), MorseeriansUnknown
Dractu UnknownUnknownUnknownDractuvians, Dractuvian cave slugsUnknown
Draenell's Point Outer RimTrax SectorBissillirus systemHumans. Borneck, etcWullerton
Draethos Outer RimCorporate SectorUnknownDraethosUnknown
Dragos VI UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Drall Core WorldsCorellian SectorCorellian systemDralls (native), Humans, etc.Unknown
Draria UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Draukyze Core WorldsDolomar SectorDraukyzeUnknownUnknown
Dravione Outer RimAllied Tion SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dreena Inner RimHapes ClusterUnknownHapansUnknown
Dreffon IV UnknownUnknownDreffon systemUnknownUnknown
Drefni UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dremulae [[Core Worlds?UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dressel Mid RimBothan SectorDressel systemDresselliansUnknown
Dreve UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Drexel II Outer RimUnknownDrexel systemSea-dragons (formerly), Inleshat, HumansUnknown
D'rinba IV UnknownUnknownD'rinba systemUnknownUnknown
Droecil UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Drog II UnknownCorporate SectorDrog systemHumanUnknown
Drogheda Mid RimTeraab SectorUnknownHumanUnknown
Dromund Fels Outer RimUnknownDromund systemUnknownUnknown
Dromund Ixin Outer RimUnknownDromund systemNoneUnknown
Dromund Kaas Outer RimUnknownDromund systemHumans, Sith (extinct), Noghri, Mailocs Unknown
Dromund Kalakar Outer RimUnknownDromund systemNoneUnknown
Dromund Tyne Outer RimUnknownDromund systemNoneUnknown
Drong II Outer RimUnknownDromund systemDrongian (indigenous)Unknown
Drongar Outer RimUnknown[[Dromund systemNoneNone
Dronseen UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
DroxineOuter RimUnknownDroxine systemDroxine (indigenous)Unknown
DroxuOuter RimUnknownCignet systemUnknownUnknown
DruckenwellMid RimDoldur SectorDruckenwell systemHumansIl Avili
DrunostUnknownShelsha sectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Drup IOuter RimUnknownDrup systemUnknownUnknown
Drup IIOuter RimUnknownDrup systemUnknownUnknown
Drup IIIOuter RimUnknownDrup systemUnknownUnknown
D'SkarOuter RimUnknownCoyn systemUnknownUnknown
Du HattaHutt SpaceUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
DubravaOuter RimUnknownUnknownDubravan (indigenous)), Human, Abyssin, Snivvian, Nimbanel Unknown
DubrillionOuter RimDalonbian SectorDubrillion systemHumans, Yuuzhan Vong, many speciesUnknown
DucononCore WorldsKoornacht ClusterUtos systemUnknownUnknown
DulathiaOuter RimUnknownUnknownHumansUnknown
DuneedenCore WorldsUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dur SabonUnknownUnknownUnknownDur Sabon, OotoolanUnknown
Dura-KahnUnknownUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
DurkteelMid RimUnknownUnknownSaurin (indigenous)Unknown
DuroCore WorldsDuro SectorDuro systemDuros (indigenous), Humans,

Fafze||Jivv Space City

DuroonTingel ArmCorporate SectorDuroon systemHumansUnknown
DurrenOuter RimMeridian SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
DuunirOuter RimUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
DweemOuter RimUnknownUnknownHumansUnknown
Dwi'karMid RimBothan sectorKothlis systemUnknownUnknown
Dwi'larMid RimBothan sectorKothlis systemUnknownUnknown
DworUnknownSteniplis SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Dzass IVUnknownUnknownDzass systemUnknownUnknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
EalorOuter RimUnknown Bysis systemUnknown Unknown
EbaqDeep CoreUnknown Treskov systemUnknown Unknown
EbiwaanInner RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
EbraMid RimKesh SectorDousc systemEbranites (indigenous) Unknown
Ec PandMid RimAdo sectorEc Pand systemHumans Unknown
EcklessUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EclipseDeep CoreUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
EczarUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Edan IIUnknownUnknown Edan system HumansFortuna City
EdathaUnknownUnknown Unknown Edathans (indigenous) Unknown
EdiorungUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EdonaarisOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EedoqUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EerophaCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
EeyyonUnknownUnknown Unknown Eeyyon (species), (indigenous) Unknown
EhjenlaOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorEhjenla system Tuhgri (indigenous) Unknown
Eiattu 6Mid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
EirrauusUnknownUnknown Unknown Eirrauc Unknown
Eislomi IIIMid RimEislomi sector Eislomi systemUnknown Unknown
EjolusUnknownUnknown Ejolus systemUnknown Unknown
EkiboTingel ArmTrianii SpaceUnknown Unknown Unknown
Elbara NineMid RimUnknown Elbara system Humans Unknown
ElcorthCore WorldsFarlax Sector Unknown Yevetha Unknown
ElerionOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EliadOuter Rim TerritoriesMinos ClusterEliad systemHumans Unknown
Elin RoeOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Elin Roe system Unknown Unknown
EloggiOuter Rim TerritoriesModdell sector Endor systemUnknown Unknown
ElokasOuter Rim TerritoriesSamix sector]] Sabrixin system Unknown Unknown
ElomOuter Rim TerritoriesBorderland RegionsUnknownElom (indigenous), Elomin (indigenous), Humans Elos
ElpurExpansion RegionUnknown Ropagi system Unknown Unknown
ElroodOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood sector Elrood systemHumansElrooden
Elshandruu PicaOuter Rim TerritoriesQuence sector Unknown Humans Picavil
ElshoOuter Rim TerritoriesTadrin Sector Garqi systemUnknown Unknown
EmbarilOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion sectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
EmberCore WorldsUnknown Belgaroth systemUnknown Unknown
EmberleneUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
EmetExpansion RegionBrak Sector Genesia systemUnknown Unknown
EmmerOuter Rim TerritoriesNilgaard Sector Emmer system Emmerian (indigenous), Herglic (indigenous), Ugor (indigenous), Defel, Gamorrean Unknown
Empress TetaDeep CoreTeta Sector Empress Teta systemHumans, various Cinnagar
EmraExpansion RegionBrak SectorDemar system Unknown Unknown
EnalehUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EnarcMid RimUnknown Demophon systemUnknown Unknown
EnarcMid RimUnknown Enarc systemHumans, Nemoidian Unknown
EndexUnknownUnknown Unknown Entymal (indigenous) Unknown
EndorOuter Rim TerritoriesModdell sectorEndor systemNoneNone
EndoraanOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EndovanUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EnenpaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Thurra systemUnknown Unknown
EnetExpansion RegionBrak SectorEnet system Unknown Unknown
Engebo VOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Engebo systemUnknownUnknown
EngiraOuter Rim TerritoriesJospro Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
EniscaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EnkepUnknownWild Space Katorrs system Unknown Unknown
EnnthOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Various Unknown
EnsolicaUnknownUnknown Unknown Ensos (indigenous) Unknown
EntrallaOuter Rim TerritoriesVelcar SectorEntralla systemHumans Nexus City
EntrusOuter Rim TerritoriesTrax Sector Unknown Humans Cica
EntuurUnknownUnknown Unknown Entuurans Unknown
Eol ShaOuter Rim TerritoriesRaioballo SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
EosOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Eos system Unknown Unknown
Epsi NadirOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EquanusOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Nharl systemEquani (extinct) Unknown
EraiUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Eredenn PrimeOuter Rim TerritoriesTion HegemonyErediss systemHumans, Wookiees Unknown
EredinOuter Rim TerritoriesAstral SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
ErepMid RimChommell SectorNaboo systemUnknown Unknown
Eres IIIUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
ErgeshuiInner RimUnknown Agash systemErgesh (indigenous), Humans Unknown
ErgoUnknownUnknown Unknown Gran, Humans Unknown
EriaduOuter Rim TerritoriesSeswenna SectorEriadu systemHumans, Septoids Unknown
ErigormUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
ErilnarOuter Rim TerritoriesCentralityErilnar systemHumans Unknown
EriscotUnknownUnknown Unknown Formerly Nejma (indigenous) Unknown
Er'KitOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Er'Kit (indigenous) Unknown
Er'staciaUnknownWild SpaceUnknown Er'stacian (indigenous) Unknown
ErtegasOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat SectorErtegas systemUnknown Unknown
ErysthesTingel ArmCorporate SectorErysthes systemHumans Unknown
EscabarUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
EsfandiaUnknownWild SpaceUnknown Brrbrlpp (indigenous), various Unknown
EskaronUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
EsoomaUnknownUnknown Unknown Esoomians (indigenous)Unknown
EsselesCore WorldsDarpa SectorEsselia systemHumans, Herglics, Bothans, Geonosians, Gungans, Hutts, Jawas, Mon Calamari, Sullustans, Twi'leks, Weequay Calamar
EssionTingel ArmCorporate SectorLucaya systemHumans Unknown
EssowynOuter Rim TerritoriesTrax SectorSaurton systemSaurtons, Hoska, Humans, Verpine, Sullustans Hilissa
EstaphUnknownTapani SectorEstaph systemUnknown Unknown
EtoraspUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Etti IVTingel ArmCorporate SectorEtti systemEtti (indigenous), Humans, Rakririan Mondder
EuceronCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Euceron (indigenous)Eusebus
EutonOuter Rim TerritoriesQuelii SectorDathomir systemUnknown Unknown
Evas VIUnknownUnknown Unknown Pliith (indigenous) Unknown
ExcargaOuter Rim TerritoriesExcarga SectorUnknown Excargans (indigenous) Unknown
ExocronOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol sectorUnknown HumansCaballa City
ExodeenUnknownUnknown Unknown Exodeenians (indigenous) Unknown
Exodo IIOuter Rim TerritoriesMeridian SectorExodo system

Humans, Ghaswar || Unknown

ExporaCore WorldsBormea SectorChandrila systemUnknown Unknown
EyttyrminOuter Rim TerritoriesAuril SectorKhuiumin systemUnknown Unknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
FaaOuter Rim TerritoriesWild SpaceKamino systemUnknown Unknown
FaargauCore WorldsUnknown Zug systemUnknown Unknown
FaddenUnknownUnknown UnknownDuros Unknown
FahulOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood Sector Derilyn systemUnknown Unknown
Fait d'FaitMid RimRayter SectorUnknownUnknown Unknown
FakirInner Rim TerritoriesFakir SectorFakir systemHuman Unknown
FalExpansion RegionUnknown Obas systemUnknown Unknown
Falang MinorOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Falang systemHumans Unknown
FaldosOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownHumans, Whiphids Unknown
FalkExpansion RegionBrak Sector Genesia systemUnknown Unknown
FalleenMid RimUnknown Falleen systemFalleen (indigenous), Yuuzhan Vong, Chazrach Unknown
FangolUnknownMortex SectorUnknownUnknown Unknown
Far QasqiOuter Rim TerritoriesMaldrood Sector Centares systemUnknown Unknown
FarbogUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FarboonUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
Farfeld IIUnknownUnknown Farfeld systemUnknown Unknown
FarrfinMid RimFarrfin sector Farrfin sysytemFarghul (indigenous) Farlhu
FarsellahUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FarsteyUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FarstineOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FazCore WorldsFarlax sectorUnknownYevetha Unknown
F'Dann IXMid RimDufilvian sector UnknownUnknown Unknown
FedalleCore WorldsUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
FedjeOuter Rim TerritoriesAltrivis SectorUnknownUnknown Unknown
FeenixUnknownUnknown Feenicks systemHumans Unknown
FefMid RimGlythe sector Fef systemFefze (indigenous)Unknown
FehernOuter Rim TerritoriesTrax Sector UnknownEddell (indigenous)Unknown
FelacatOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownFelacatians (indigenous) Unknown
FeluciaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Felucia systemFelucians (indigenous), Humans, Twi'leks, Gossams Kway Teow
FendryUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FengrineCore WorldsUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FenionOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
FennesaUnknownUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
FenvesUnknownUnknown UnknownDevaronians Unknown
FereUnknownUnknown Fere systemFere (indigenous)(extinct) Unknown
Feriae JunctionOuter Rim TerritoriesThesme SectorFeriae systemHumans, Twi'leks, Duros Junction City
FerrhastUnknownUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
FerroUnknownUnknown UnknownFerroans Unknown
Ferros VIUnknownUnknown Ferros systemHumans Unknown
FerxaniInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Polith systemUnknown Unknown
FestOuter Rim TerritoriesAtrivis SectorFest systemHumans, Ewoks Unknown
FetherUnknownUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
FibuliTingel ArmCorporate Sector UnknownUnknown Unknown
FiddanlOuter Rim TerritoriesGordian ReachYavin systemNoneNone
FiloMid RimMaldrood SectorCentares systemUnknown Unknown
FilordisInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownFilordi Unknown
FilveMid RimDufilvian Sector Dufilvian systemFilvian (indigenous), Humans Unknown
FindrisColoniesFindris SectorUnknownHumans Unknown
FirrerreOuter Rim TerritoriesFirrerre SectorFirrerre systemFirrerro (indigenous) Firrerre Capital
FirroCore WorldsFarrfin SectorUnknownHumans Unknown
FislanUnknownUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
Fitca PrimeUnknownUnknown Fitca systemHumans Unknown
FlandarCore WorldsCorellian SectorThanta Zilbra systemUnknown Unknown
FlankersInner Rim TerritoriesFakir SectorUnknownHumans Unknown
FlashpointUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknownFlashpoint Stellar Research Station
FlaxOuter Rim TerritoriesSumitra SectorPtera systemFlakax (indigenous) Unknown
Fleyars IVUnknownUnknown Fleyars systemHumans Unknown
FlitterUnknownUnknown UnknownHumans, various species Unknown
FlornWild SpaceUnknown UnknownFlorn Lamproids (indigenous) Unknown
FlotsamCore WorldsUnknown Belgaroth systemUnknown Unknown
FluwhakaUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FnessalUnknownUnknown UnknownFnessians (indigenous) Unknown
FodroUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FodurantUnknownUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
FoerostDeep CoreUnknown UnknownUnknownHajibar
FokaskUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FolessInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FondorColoniesTapani SectorFondor systemFondorians, Humans, Twi'leks, Selkath CovliteFondor City
FormosOuter Rim TerritoriesKessel SectorUnknownVarious Unknown
FornaxMid RimGlythe SectorUnknownNone Unknown
Forscan VIOuter Rim TerritoriesAuril SectorUnknownHumans Unknown
ForsenOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FoundryInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownHumans, Skakoans Denus
Framesk YagenCore WorldsCorellian SectorBovo Yagen systemUnknown Unknown
FredaMid RimUnknown Freda systemUnknown Unknown
FregoUnknownUnknown UnknownFregans (indigenous) Unknown
FreliqUnknownUnknown UnknownLepusa (indigenous) Unknown
FrellorCore WorldsUnknown Fre'ji systemUnknown Unknown
Fremond IIIUnknownUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
FrenorisCore WorldsUnknown Fre'ji systemUnknown Unknown
FresiaCore WorldsUnknown Fre'ji systemHumans, B'trillians, Wookiees, Yuzzem Unknown
FretariaCore WorldsUnknown Fre'ji systemUnknown Unknown
FrewwilUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FriijillisOuter Rim TerritoriesDial SectorUnknownUnknown Unknown
FrisalUnknownUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
FrithiaMid RimUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FroswytheColoniesUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
FrozCore WorldsCorelliean SectorFroz systemFrozians (indigenous) Unknown
F'TangCore WorldsKoornacht ClusterN'zoth systemUnknown Unknown
F'tralOuter Rim TerritoriesCalaron Sector F'la Ren systemIyra (indigenous) Unknown
FusaiOuter Rim TerritoriesFusai SectorUnknownUnknown Unknown
FwatnaUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FwiisInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
FwillsvingOuter Rim TerritoriesCalaron SectorUnknownUnknown Svitalos
FyodosUnknownUnknown Tatrang systemGalidyn (indigenous), Fyodoi (indigenous) Unknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
G'aav'aar'oonUnknownUnknown Unknown Gamorrean Unknown
Gaazam PrimeUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gabredor IIIOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown None, formerly Humans, Defels Unknown
GacerianUnknownUnknown Gacerian system Unknown Unknown
Gadon 3UnknownUnknown Unknown Gadon (indigenous) Unknown
GaftikarOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans, Marit Unknown
GaileaUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Femon
GaiosUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GalaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Galacians(indigenous) Galu
GalaanOuter Rim TerritoriesCorva Sector Galaanus system Unknown Unknown
GalandCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Galandans (indigenous) Unknown
GalantosCore WorldsFarlax Sector, Koornacht Cluster Utos system Fia (indigenous), Humans Gal'fian'deprisi
GaldarUnknownUnknown Unknown Galderians (indigenous) Unknown
GaleMid RimTeraab SectorHoth's Brand systemNoneNone
GalidraanOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GallOuter Rim TerritoriesCadavine SectorZhar systemHumans Unknown
Galleefryn IIOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate SectorGalleefryn systemHumans Unknown
GallinoreInner Rim TerritoriesHapes ClusterUnknown Hapans Dimitor
GalltineUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Galpos IIOuter Rim TerritoriesAbrion SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
GalteaOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
Galvoni IIIUnknownUnknown Galvoni systemHumans Unknown
GamaUnknownUnknown Unknown Gama-Senn (indigenous) Unknown
GamandarOuter Rim TerritoriesIskalon system Unknown Gamandars (indigenous), Humans Unknown
GambollaOuter Rim TerritoriesSpadja SectorUnknown Humans, WhiphidsDock City
GammalinUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GamorrOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Opoku systemGamorreans (indigenous) Unknown
GanashMid RimBothan SpaceBoth systemUnknown Unknown
GanathMid RimHutt SpaceGanath systemGanathans (indigenous) Unknown
GandOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Gand (indigenous) Unknown
GandealMid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Gandle OttOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol SectorOtt system Humans Unknown
GandoloOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gandrossi VIOuter Rim TerritoriesPerinn Sector Gandrossi systemUnknown Unknown
Gandrun IIUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ganeid IVUnknownUnknown Ganeid system Unknown Unknown
GaniaColoniesTapani sector Gania system Unknown Unknown
GanlihkUnknownUnknown Ganlihk system Humans Unknown
GanthelUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GanthoUnknownUnknown Gantho system Humans Unknown
Gap NineUnknownUnknown Iast systemUnknown Unknown
GarbanOuter Rim TerritoriesAbrion SectorTau Sakar systemJenet Unknown
Garen IVOuter RimUnknown Unknown Humans? Unknown
Garagolyn IVUnknownUnknown Unknown Cor Unknown
GargonOuter RimMandalore SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
GariaExpansion RegionBrak SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
GarnUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GarnibMid RimSenex SectorGarnib systemBalinaka Unknown
GarobiColoniesTapani SectorGarobi systemUnknown Unknown
Garos IVMid RimUnknown Garos systemHumans Garan
GarqiOuter Rim TerritoriesTadrin SectorGarqi systemHumansPesktda
GarrthiniusUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GarsalaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Gorsh systemUnknown Unknown
GartExpansion RegionBrak SectorDemar systemUnknown Unknown
GartanaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Gorsh systemUnknown Unknown
GarulagCore WorldsBormea SectorCorulus systemUnknown Unknown
GasconUnknownUnknownUnknown UnknownUnknown
GastolCore WorldsBormia SectorBrentaal systemUnknown Unknown
GastrulaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Gastrulans (indigenous) Unknown
GathusUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GaulusUnknownGaulus SectorUnknown Gaulians (indigenous), Humans Unknown
GaurickTingel ArmCorporate SectorGaurick system Unknown Unknown
GautherOuter Rim TerritoriesAllied Tion SectorDesev system Unknown Unknown
GavensUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Torlas
GavrynUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GbuOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Veubgri (indigenous) Unknown
Gedi IVUnknownUnknown Gedi systemUnknown Unknown
Geedon VOuter Rim TerritoriesPloo Sector Geedon systemHuman Unknown
GelefilOuter Rim TerritoriesNimat CorridorAnnoo systemRet (indigenous), Humans, Annoo-dat Prime Unknown
GelgelarOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood Sector or Airam SectorGelgelar system Human, Sullustan, Twi'lek, Quarren, Rodian Gelgelar Free Port
GellefonOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Korness systemGellbeasts (indigenous)Humans Unknown
GeminorOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Lianna systemUnknown Unknown
GenariusMid RimUnknown Cularin systemHumans Unknown
GenassaMid RimM'shinni SectorUnknown M'shinni Unknown
Gendius VUnknownUnknown Gendius systemUnknown Unknown
GenerisOuter Rim TerritoriesAtrivis sectorAtrivis systemHumans Unknown
GenesiaExpansion RegionBrak SectorGenesia system Phlogs (indigenous), Human, Rodian, Twi'lekBrenn
GenianMid RimUnknown Unknown Genian (indigenous) Unknown
GenonUnknownUnknown Unknown Hutts, various Unknown
GentesOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat Sector Anoat systemUgnaughts, Humans Unknown
GeonosisOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis SectorGeonosis systemGeonosians (indigenous)Stalgasin hive
GeranOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Mneon systemUnknown Unknown
Gerbaud 2Outer Rim TerritoriesSepan SectorGerbaud systemUnknown Unknown
Gerhalt IIIUnknownUnknown Gerhalt systemUnknown Unknown
Geric IVUnknownUnknown Geric systemUnknown Unknown
GeridardMid RimDoldur SectorGeridard systemHumans Unknown
Geris VIUnknownUnknown Unknown Mandalorian Unknown
GerissOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis SectorGeonosis systemNoneNone
Gerrard VCore WorldsUnknown Gerrard system Human Unknown
GerrenthumOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat SectorGerrenthum systemHumans, Nothoiins, Lutrillians, Mugaari Cadriell
Gerres GuleUnknownUnknown Unknown Kulless (indigenous) Unknown
Gertafuu VIUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GesarilOuter Rim TerritoriesMinos ClusterGesaril systemGesaril, Humans, various Unknown
GestronUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GettiarnOuter Rim TerritoriesIotran ExpanseIotran systemHumans Unknown
GhishiUnknownUnknown Unknown Ghishi Unknown
G'HolDeep CoreKoornaucht ClusterN'zoth systemUnknownUnknown
Gholondreine-ßUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GhormanColoniesSern SectorGhorman systemHumans Unknown
GibbelaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GigorUnknownUnknown Unknown Gigoran (indigenous) Unknown
GijuColoniesHerglic SpaceUnknown Herglic Unknown
Gilatter VIIIMid RimUnknown Gilatter systemNoneNone
GilladDeep CoreTeta SectorEmpress Teta systemUnknown Unknown
GladeOuter Rim TerritoriesGordian Reach SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
GlakkaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GlauheimOuter Rim TerritoriesMarcellus NebulaMarcellus systemUnknown Unknown
Glee AnselmMid RimUnknown Unknown Nautolans (indigenous), Anselmi (indigenous) Unknown
GlithnosUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Glom ThoUnknownHewrol Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
GlottalUnknownUnknown Unknown Glottalphibs (indigenous) Unknown
GlovaUnknownUnknown Glova systemHumans Drepplin
GobindiUnknownUnknown Gobindi systemGobindiMah Dala
GodoOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Godoans (indigenous) Unknown
GodsspireOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Muunilinst systemUnknown Unknown
GoelitzTingel ArmCorporate SectorGoelitz system UnknownHumans
GolhUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GolkusColoniesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GolmMid RimUnknown Both systemUnknown Unknown
GolrathOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Goluud MinorDeep CoreUnknown Goluud systemCha'a Unknown
GonmoreOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Goratak IIIUnknownUnknown Goratak systemUnknown Unknown
GoravasCore WorldsKuat Sector Kuat system Unknown Unknown
GorbahUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Goroth PrimeMid RimTrans-Nebula Sector Goroth systemGorothite (indigenous), Humans, Aqualish Unknown
GorshOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Gorsh systemOrgons (indigenous), Humans Unknown
GortamniOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Gorsh systemUnknown Unknown
GortisCore WorldsKuat Sector Kuat system Unknown Unknown
GosfamblingUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GotidaUnknownUnknown Goti systemHumans Jalor City
GottlegoobUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GowdawlUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gra PlovenUnknownUnknown Unknown Ploven (indigenous) Unknown
Graal'diinUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GrakouineUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GrannaUnknownUnknown Unknown Grannan (indigenous) Unknown
Granus IVMid RimUnknown Unknown None None
GrastesCore WorldsAzure Sector Axum system Unknown Unknown
Gravan SevenOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Gravan system None None
Gravlex MedOuter Rim TerritoriesRaioballo Sector, Anx Space Unknown None, Formally Anx, Shusugaunt, Medx Homunculi None
Greater GalamUnknownUnknown Lan systemNone None
Greater MarianasUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GreeOuter Rim TerritoriesGree Enclave Gree system Gree Unknown
GrellaUnknownTapani Sector Grella system Unknown Unknown
Greyman's PlanetOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Soarin system Unknown Unknown
G'rhoWild SpaceShiritoku SpurUnknown Ssi-ruuks, P'w'ecks Unknown
GrizmalltCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GromasMid RimPerkell Sector Gromas system Unknown Unknown
GruviaExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Gruvian (indigenous) Unknown
GryphonUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
GuiteicaOuter Rim TerritoriesKadok Sector Tertiary Kadok system Bitthævrian (indigenous) Unknown
GulmaUnknownUnknown Unknown Gulmarid (indigenous) Unknown
GumbusCore WorldsUnknown Brentaal system Unknown Unknown
G'weneeUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
GymeloOuter Rim TerritoriesWild Space Unknown Unknown Unknown
GyndineExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Humans [Yractos]]
GyoshaCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
HaaridenUnknownUnknown Haaridan systemHumans Spaceport City
HaashimutOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Habassa IIUnknownUnknown Habassa systemHabassa (indigenous) Unknown
Had AbbadonUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HadlressUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HaffrinOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HakassiUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HalanitUnknownUnknown Unknown None, formerly Humans None
HalbaraOuter Rim TerritoriesElrood SectorHalbara systemHumans Halbara One
HaldeenColoniesHaldeen SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
HaliUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Hallitron-7Mid RimUnknown Halliron systemHumans Unknown
Hallrin IVMid RimUnknown Hallrin systemUnknown Unknown
HalmUnknownUnknown Unknown Gran Unknown
HalmadOuter Rim TerritoriesQuelli SectorHalmad systemHumans Hullis
HalowanInner RimFakir SectorHalowan systemHumans Unknown
HalpatCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HanchinOuter Rim TerritoriesModell SectorMina systemUnknown Unknown
HandooineOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Handooine systemHumans Jelwick
HanofarUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HapesInner Rim TerritoriesHapes ClusterHapes systemHumans Ta'a Chume'Dan
HapuntepUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HargeevaOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis SectorUnknown Humans Arginall City
HarixUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HarloenOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HarporiMid RimUnknown Unknown None None
HarrandarrOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Buzchub (indigenous) Unknown
HarridanUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans, various Unknown
HarrinInner Rim TerritoriesHarrin SectorHarrin systemHumans Unknown
Harrod's PlanetOuter Rim TerritoriesOplovis SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
Haruun KalMid RimUnknown Al'Har systemHumans, various Pelek Baw
HasaqUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HastUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hathrox IIIUnknownUnknown Hathrox systemNone Unknown
Havath MinorOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Muunilinst systemUnknown Unknown
Havath PrimeOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Muunilinst systemUnknown Unknown
HaverlingOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HavricusColoniesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HebethOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Beheboth systemNone None
HefiOuter Rim TerritoriesAbrion SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
Helix IXUnknownUnknown Unknowna methane-breathing species Unknown
HelliosColoniesTapani SectorHellios systemHumans Unknown
Heloan YagenCore WorldsCorellian SectorBovo Yagen systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 1Tingel ArmDalonbian SectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 2Tingel ArmDalonbian SectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 3Tingel ArmDalonbian SectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 4Tingel ArmDalonbian SectorHelska systemYuuzhan Vong Unknown
Helska 5Tingel ArmDalonbian SectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 6Tingel ArmDalonbian SectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Helska 7Tingel ArmDalonbian SectorHelska systemUnknown Unknown
Hemei IVCore WorldsUnknownUnknownHumans Unknown
Hensara IIIColoniesRachuk SectorHensara systemHumans Unknown
HerdessaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans, Zeltrons Unknown
HeregoOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Herios IVUnknownUnknown Herios systemUnknown Unknown
HeristonOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown UnknownHumans Unknown
HernCore WorldsDarpa SectorRhinnal systemUnknown Unknown
Herstell VMid RimPerkell SectorHersell systemUnknown Unknown
HerzobColoniesUnknown Unknown Humans, Rodians Unknown
HetharUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HettskBorderland RegionsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HewlUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
High ChunahOuter Rim TerritoriesJavin SectorHigh Chunah systemUnknown Unknown
HijarnaInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HikilUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hintivan IIUnknownUnknown Hintivan systemUnknown Unknown
HirinUnknownUnknown Thrantin OM81-A systemNone None
HirsiOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Qwohog (indigenous) Unknown
HishyimWild SpaceAbrion SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
HjaffInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Tarc (indigenous) Unknown
H'nemtheOuter Rim TerritoriesMayagil SectorUnknown H'nemthe (indigenous) Unknown
HockalegOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Patriim systemUnknown Unknown
HokColoniesUnknown Unknown Gran Unknown
HolageusOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hollast VIIOuter Rim TerritoriesHutt SpaceHollastin systemHutts, Humans, various Spilgan
HomonOuter Rim TerritoriesHomon SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
HonoghrOuter Rim TerritoriesCalaron SectorHonoghr systemNoghri (indigenous), Humans Nystao
HoppawuiMid RimBothan SpaceBoth systemUnknown Unknown
Hordon CalCore WorldsCorellian SectorThanta Zilbra systemUnknown Unknown
Horn StationUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HorobUnknownUnknown Unknown Horobian (indigenous), Humans Unknown
HorskaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HorticarCore WorldsFarlax SectorUtos systemUnknown Unknown
Hosrel XIOuter Rim TerritoriesCentralityHosrel systemHumans Unknown
Hoszh IszhirUnknownUnknown Unknown Gektl (indigenous) Unknown
HothOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat SectorHoth systemNone None
HoucheWild SpaceUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HoullDeep CoreDeep Core Security ZoneBeshqek systemUnknown Unknown
Hovan 99UnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HrakiOuter Rim TerritoriesVorzyd SectorVorzyd systemHrakian (indigenous) Unknown
H'ratthUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
HuipOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Beheboth systemNone None
HukOuter Rim TerritoriesImperial SpaceAbbaji systemYam'rii (indigenous) Unknown
HumbarineCore WorldsHumbarine SectorUnknown Humans, Various Unknown
HurchaMid RimUnknown Churba systemUnknown Unknown
HurikaneUnknownUnknown Unknown Hurikaneans (indigenous) Unknown
HutlarMid RimSenex SectorUnknown Hutlarians (indigenous) Unknown
HyabbCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HyderUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
HyporiOuter Rim TerritoriesArkanis SectorHypori systemNone Unknown
Hyrol Preen BetaOuter Rim TerritoriesPortmoak SectorHyrol Preen systemUnknown Unknown
Hythrope IVUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
IbanjjiUnknownUnknown Unknown Varn (indigenous), Humans Unknown
IchiumCore WorldsAzure Sector Axum systemUnknown Unknown
Ichtor 8UnknownUnknown Ichtor system Humans Unknown
IeriaCore WorldsUnknown Andaran system Ierians (indigenous) Unknown
Ifmix VIColoniesUnknown Unknown Squalris (indigenous) Unknown
IfronUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
IgnaciaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Kalinda systemUnknown Unknown
IhopekUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
IjolMid RimZeemacht Cluster Tirahnn systemUnknown Unknown
IktotchExpansion RegionUnknown Iktotch system Iktotchi (indigenous) Unknown
IktotchonExpansion RegionUnknown Iktotch system Unknown Unknown
IlimardonMid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
IllarreenOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Poss'Nomin (indigenous) Unknown
IllodiaCore WorldsIllodia Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
IlumUnknown RegionsUnknown Ilum system Gorgodons (indigenous) Unknown
ImdaarOuter Rim TerritoriesDreighton NebulaUnknown Humans Unknown
ImmaliaExpansion RegionImmalia Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
ImocoWild SpaceUnknown Kamino system Unknown Unknown
ImproccoCore WorldsCoruscant Sector Coruscant system Unknown Unknown
Inat PrimeUnknownUnknown Inat system Unknown Unknown
IndellianOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Indellian system Unknown Unknown
IndikirMid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
IndinorOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Lianna systemUnknown Unknown
IndoumodoWild SpaceUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
IndrexuOuter Rim TerritoriesIndrexu Sector Indrexu system Humans Unknown
Indu SanOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Indu San system Humans Unknown
InduparMid RimAdo Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
IngoMid RimBortele Cluster Unknown Various Unknown
Inner LosUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Insta-7Core WorldsUnknown Recopi system Unknown Unknown
IntranExpansion RegionBrak Sector Intran system Unknown Unknown
IntuciOuter Rim TerritoriesAbrion Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
InwilCore WorldsUnknown Ralltiir system Unknown Unknown
InyshUnknownUnknown Unknown Abinyshi (indigenous) Unknown
IoneOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat Sector Ione system Humans, Lutrillians, Nothoiins, Ugnaughts Unknown
IosOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Feriae system Unknown Unknown
IotraOuter Rim TerritoriesIotran Expanse Iotran system Iotrans (indigenous) Unknown
IphiginCore WorldsUnknown Iphigin system Iphigini (indigenous) Unknown
Iqobal[[Inner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Polith systemUnknown Unknown
IqoonOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Roon system Unknown Unknown
IrfanInner Rim TerritoriesCallia Sector Vaxal system Unknown Unknown
IriUnknownUnknown Epidimi system Tarongs Unknown
IridiumOuter Rim TerritoriesAtrivis SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
IridoniaMid RimUnknown Unknown Zabrak (indigenous) Malidris
IrithUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
IrmenuUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Iscera Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Isde NahaOuter Rim TerritoriesYarith Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
IsenOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Isen system Unknown Unknown
IsenoInner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Ishanna IUnknownUnknown Ishanna system Unknown Unknown
Ishanna IIUnknownUnknown Ishanna system Unknown Unknown
Ishanna VUnknownUnknown Ishanna system Unknown Unknown
IshtCore WorldsIshori Confederene Unknown Ishori (indigenous) Unknown
IsiringOuter Rim TerritoriesTendrannan Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
IsisOuter Rim TerritoriesAnoat Sector Isis system Gutretees (indigenous), Humans Unknown
IskadrellOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Iskallon system Iskalloni (indigenous) Unknown
IskalonOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Iskalon system Inleshat, Chuhkyvi, Stribers, Graygl, Nejma, Frid, plus eleven other species Unknown
IssargaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
IssorOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Issor system Issori (indigenous), Odenji (indigenous) Unknown
Istic IIMid RimTeraab Sector Istic system Isticians (indigenous), Humans Unknown
IthonaCore WorldsDarpa Sector Essesia system Unknown Unknown
IthoonMid RimMaldrood Sector Centares system Unknown Unknown
IthorMid RimOttega Sector Ottega system Ithorians (indigenous) Tafanda Bay
IthullInner Rim TerritoriesStenness Node Stenness system None, Formally Ithullians Unknown
IvatchOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
IxtlarCore WorldsCoruscant Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
IychtorCore WorldsUnknown Velus system Unknown Unknown
IyredOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Iyuta]]Inner Rim TerritoriesFakir Sector Unknown Unknown Takari


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
JabiimOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Jabiim system Humans Choal
JaborMid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JaemusOuter Rim TerritoriesObtrexta Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
Jagga IIColoniesUnknown Venjagga system Humans Unknown
Jagga VIIColoniesUnknown Venjagga system Unknown Unknown
JaguadaOuter Rim Territories]]Unknown Jaguada system Unknown Unknown
JaminereOuter Rim Territories]]Unknown Allied Tion Sector Humans Unknown
Janara IIIUnknownUnknown Janara system Unknown Unknown
JandoonOuter Rim TerritoriesCorva Sector Jandoon system Unknown Unknown
JandurUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
JangelleOuter Rim TerritoriesKathol Sector Jangelle system Humans Unknown
JanguineOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Mooloolians (indigenous) Unknown
Janilis VIIUnknownUnknown Janilis system Unknown Unknown
JankokUnknownUnknown Unknown Srrors'tok (indigenous) Unknown
Janodral MizarUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jante Mid RimUnknown Jante system Jante (indigenous) Reynols
JappeUnknownTapani Sector Jappe system Unknown Unknown
Jardeen IVUnknownUnknown Jardeen system Humans Unknown
JaroonaOuter Rim TerritoriesSeswenna SectorEriadu system Unknown Unknown
JarsattUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JarvanamOuter Rim TerritoriesAstal Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jastro IIIUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
JateeMid RimUnknown Demophon system Ssither Unknown
Jatir ColoniesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JavaalCore WorldsUnknown Brentaal system Unknown Unknown
Javin[[Outer Rim TerritoriesJavin Sector Javin system Humans, Mugaari Unknown
JavisColoniesTapani Sector Javis system Humans. Twi'leks, Wookiees, Duros, Selkath Unknown
JazbinaUnknownUnknown Unknown Jazbinans (indigenous), Humans Unknown
Jedd 6UnknownUnknown Jedd system Unknown Unknown
Jellyfish CoveUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
JendarUnknownJendar Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
JendornMid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
JenenmaUnknownUnknown Unknown Duros, Hutts, Cereans, Zabrak, Gamorrians Sahl-Evin
JentawuiMid RimBothan Space Both system Unknown Unknown
JerijadorOuter Rim TerritoriesCalaron Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
JerneUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans, formerly Jerni Unknown
JerrilekUnknownUnknown Jerrilek system Humans, Ithorians Unknown
Jerrist VIOuter Rim TerritoriesCorporate SectorJerrist system Humans Unknown
JestanUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JestefadOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Mustafar system Unknown Unknown
Jeyell Mid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JhasOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Hoth system Unknown Unknown
JiaanUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
JindaColoniesTapani Sector Jinda system Unknown Unknown
JinetExpansion RegionBrak SectorJinet system Unknown Unknown
Jiroch-ResliaMid RimUnknown Jiroch system Tunroth (indigenous) Unknown
Jjannex IIUnknownUnknown Jjannex system Unknown Unknown
JodakaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JofogerOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
JoiolInner Rim TerritoriesOrus SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
JomarkOuter Rim TerritoriesJospro Sector Jomark system Humans Unknown
JomonWild SpaceUnknown Kamino system Unknown Unknown
JorallaUnknownUnknown Joralla system Tikiarri (indigenous), Humans Unknown
JorunaCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
J't'p'tanCore WorldsFarlax Sector Unknown Humans, Twi'leks, Galandans Unknown
Jubilar UnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Julsujod IIIUnknownUnknown Unknown None, Formally StribersUnknown
JumusCore Worlds Corellian SectorJumus system Humans, Gran, Wookiees, Hutts, Twi'leks, Miraluka, Bith, Trandoshans Unknown
JunWild SpaceParthovian ClusterFaarlsun system Unknown Unknown
Junction VMid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Rion
Jussafet FourOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Jussafet system Humans Unknown
JuvexMid RimJuvex Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
Jweab VIIUnknownUnknown Jweab system Unknown Unknown



Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
Laakteen DepotColoniesHerglic Space Unknown None Unknown
LaazrauCore WorldsUnknown Zug system Unknown Unknown
Laboi IIOuter Rim TerritoriesLaboi system Unknown Laboi (indigenous) Unknown
LaciaCore WorldsUnknown Recopi system Unknown Unknown
LadarraOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
LadroOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
LaertosOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
LafraInner Rim TerritoriesOrus Sector Unknown Lafrarians (indigenous) Unknown
LahsbaneMid RimUnknown Unknown Lahsbees (indigenous), Huhks (indigenous) Unknown
LamarebbOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Lamaro system Unknown Unknown
LamareccOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Lamaro system Unknown Unknown
LamareddOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Lamaro system Menahuun (indigenous), Humans, Gungans, Chuhkyvi, Mon Calamari, Ewoks, Quarren Unknown
LamaremmOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Lamaro system Unknown Unknown
LammaxColoniesHerglic Space Danju system Herglics, Humans Unknown
Lamuir IVColoniesTapani Sector Lamuir system Humans, Herglics Gryle City
Lamuir VIIColoniesTapani Sector Lamuir system Unknown Unknown
Lan BarellOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Lan system Qieg (indigenous), Humans, Wookiees Shulell
LanghesaUnknown Unknown UnknownLanghesi (indigenous), Tsinimals Unknown
LangoonaUnknown Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
LankashiirUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Lankor VIUnknown Lankor Sector UnknownLankorians (indigenous), Humans Unknown
Lannik[[Mid Rim Unknown UnknownLannik (indigenous), Tsinimals Unknown
LansonoUnknown Unknown UnknownHumans Unknown
Lanthe[[Mid Rim Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown
LanthrymOuter Rim Territories Elrood Sector UnknownUnknown Unknown
LantilliaMid Rim Unknown UnknownHumans Unknown
Lao-monColonies Unknown UnknownShi'ido (indigenous) Unknown
Lapez-3Unknown Unknown Lapez systemUnknown Unknown
LaramusOuter Rim Territories Parmic Sector Laramus systemNone Unknown
LasanOuter Rim Territories Unknown UnknownLasat (indigenous) Unknown
LaseelOuter Rim Territories Quelii Sector Dathomir systemUnknown Unknown
LastelleColonies Tapani Sector Lastelle systemUnknown Unknown
LatomaExpansion Region Brak Sector UnknownUnknown Unknown
LattExpansion Region Unknown Demar systemUnknown Unknown






Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
Qalita PrimeUnknownUnknownQalita systemHumansUnknown
QasqiMid RimMaldrood systemCentares systemUnknownUnknown
Qat ChrystacExpansion RegionUnknownAthega systemHumansUnknown
QetixOuter RimTrax SectorDresscol systemUnknownUnknown
QiaxxUnknownUnknownUnknownJeodu (indigenous)Unknown
QiiluraMid RimQiilura sectorUnknownGurlanins (indigenous), Humans, Weequay, Neimoidians, Ubese, Trandoshans Imbraani
Q'MaereOuter RimKathol SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
QoribuUnknown RegionsUnknownGyuel systemUnknownUnknown
Qretu 5UnknownUnknownQretu systemUnknownUnknown
Quadrant SevenMid RimUnknownUnknownQuadrant Seven (species)Unknown
Quaensan PrimeMid RimUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Quas KillamMid RimUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
QueliiOuter RimQuelii SectorQuelii systemHumansUnknown
QuenusCore WorldsBormea SectorChandrila systemUnknownUnknown
QuermiaOuter RimUnknownQotile systemQuermianUnknown
QuesHutt SpaceUnknownQues systemUnknownUnknown
QuestalOuter Rim TerritoriesQuestal SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
QueytaOuter Rim TerritoriesSluis SectorUnknownUnknownUnknown
Quiberon VUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Quiberon VOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknownRoon systemHumansUnknown
QuintUnknownUnknownUnknownQuint (species) (indigenous) Unknown
Quockra-4Outer RimMinos ClusterQuockra systemQuockran (indigenous)Unknown





Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
UauaOuter Rim Territories Centrality Ua system Quor'sav Unknown
Uba IMid Rim Unknown Uba system Unknown Unknown
Uba IIMid Rim Unknown Uba system Unknown Unknown
Uba IIIMid Rim Unknown Uba system Unknown Unknown
Uba IVMid Rim Unknown Uba system Unknown Unknown
Uba VMid Rim Unknown Uba system Unknown Unknown
UberticaMid Rim Unknown Ubertica system Unknown Unknown
UbuugaUnknown Unknown Unknown Ubuugans Unknown
U'DrayOuter Rim Territories Sarin sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
UhanayihExpansion Region Immalia sector Yinchorri system Yinchorri Unknown
UhltendenUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UkatisUnknown Unknown Ukatis system Humans Unknown
UkioOuter Rim Territories Abrion sector Ukio system Ukians, Humans Sashasa
UlabosCore Worlds Coruscant sector Coruscant system Unknown Unknown
Ulda FravUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UliciaCorporate Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UltaarMid Rim Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
UluuCore Worlds Unknown Zug system Unknown Unknown
Umaren'k'saUnknown Regions Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UmbaraExpansion Region Ghost Nebula Unknown Umbarans Unknown
UmgulMid Rim Unknown Darglum system Humans, Ugnaughts Umgul City
Uogo'corOuter Rim Territories Trax sector Unknown Uogo, Humans Unknown
UR-1060Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UR-2650Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UR-3741Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UR-8827Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UR-9353Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UR41-284Unknown Regions Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UrazuunCore Worlds Unknown Zug system Unknown Unknown
UrdurOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UrfonCore Worlds Azure sector Axum system None Unknown
UriekUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
UrkuppOuter Rim Territories Auril sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
UruOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Oni Unknown
Usean IIUnknown Unknown Usean system Unknown Unknown
UssuisMid Rim Maldrood sector Centares system Unknown Unknown
UtInner Rim Hapes Cluster Unknown Hapans Unknown
UtapauOuter Rim Territories Tarabba sector Utapau system Pau'ans, Utai Pau City
UtharisDeep Core Farlax sector Utharis system Unknown Unknown
UtrostCore Worlds Coruscant sector Unknown Humans Unknown
UukaablisOuter Rim Territories Kathol Outback Uukaablis system Unknown Unknown
Uvena IIIOuter Rim Territories Seswenna sector Uvena system Shistavanen Unknown
Uvena PrimeOuter Rim Territories Seswenna sector Uvena systemShistavanen Unknown
Uviuy ExenColonies Shwuy sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
UyterMid Rim Unknown Unknown Humans Visdic



Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
WakeelmuiColoniesUnknown Wakeelmui system Humans Unknown
WakizaCore WorldsKoornacht Cluster Unknown Unknown Unknown
WalallaUnknownSeventh Security ZoneUnknown Humans Unknown
Walin'orOuter Rim TerritoriesShiwal Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
Wann TsirUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WaskiroOuter Rim TerritoriesJospro SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
WateboUnknown RegionsUtegetu Nebula Woteba systemKillik (indigenous), Humans, various Unknown
WaylandOuter Rim TerritoriesOjoster Sector Wayland systemMyneyrsh (indigenous), Psadan (indigenous), Humans, Noghri, Yuuzhan Vong, Chazrach New Nystao
WeerdenCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
WegoExpansion RegionUnknown Obas system Unknown Unknown
WehttamCore WorldsFarlax Sector Unknown Wehttam (indigenous) Unknown
WeiUnknownUnknown Gacerian system Unknown Unknown
WekenExpansion RegionParthovian ClusterFaarlsun system Unknown Unknown
WelarnExpansion RegionZuni Cluster Vernet system Unknown Unknown
Weldii IIIUnknownUnknown Unknown Aqualish, Humans, Mustafarians, Rodians Unknown
Wen'he'dinaeOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Cha'wen'he (indigenous) Unknown
Werncin 3Outer Rim TerritoriesBorderland RegionsWerncin system Humans, Twi'leks, various Unknown
WeyttaOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
WidekCore WorldsWidek Sector Widek system Unknown Unknown
WidowMid RimChommell SectorNaboo system Unknown Unknown
WilpietMid RimUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WistrilCore WorldsFarrfin Sector Wistril system Humans Unknown
WodenstamOuter Rim TerritoriesSkine SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
Wol CabasshUnknownUnknown Unknown Wol Cabasshites (indigenous) Unknown
WomrikMid RimDufilvian Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
WoostriExpansion RegionUnknown Unknown Woostoids Gopsthal
WoquaCore WorldsFarlax SectorUnknown Unknown Unknown
Wor TandellCore WorldsDolomar SectorTandell systemHumans Unknown
WorldOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Tripod (indigenous), Humans Unknown
Worru'duUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WorxerOuter Rim Territories[[Elrood SectorUnknown Spiners (indigenous) Unknown
WranagUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WreaUnknownUnknown Unknown Wreans Unknown
WroonaInner Rin TerritoriesUnknown Wroona systemWroonians (indigenous), Humans, Rodians, Twi'leks, various Unknown
WukkarCore Worlds]]Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
WxtmOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WyloffColoniesWyloff SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
Wyndigal 2UnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
WynthColoniesWyloff SectorUnknown Humans Unknown
WyveralUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
Xa FelExpansion Region Kanchen sector Sz Fel System Xa Fel Unknown
XagobahOuter Rim Territories Mayagil sector Unknown Xamsters Unknown
Xal 3Inner Zuma Ablajeck sector Xal system Unknown Unknown
Xandil VIIUnknown Unknown Xandil System Unknown Unknown
XartunOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Xaza IVUnknown Unknown Xaza System Unknown Unknown
XendUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Insects and Winged Xendrites Unknown
XeronUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Xerton 9Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
XerxesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
XiunsrusUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
XoUnknown Unknown Unknown Zanibar Unknown
Xobome 6Outer Rim Territories Unknown Xobome system Unknown Unknown
XoemefelOuter Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Xoman FreeUnknown Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Xuaquarres IVUnknown Unknown Xuaquarres system Unknown Unknown
XyquineCore Worlds Corellian sector Unknown Unknown Unknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
YablariOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Yablari system Anomids (indigenous) Unknown
Yabol OpaUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
YabostaUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Yaga MinorOuter Rim TerritoriesImperial Space Yaga system Yaga (indigenous), Humans Unknown
Yag'DhulInner Rim TerritoriesGivin Domain Yag'Dhul system Givin (indigenous) Dodecapolis
YalaraOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Noghri, Formally Yalaran (extinct) Unknown
YallnUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
YanibarOuter Rim TerritoriesWild Space Unknown Duros, Twi’leks, Rodians, Humans, various Unknown
YaralouUnknownUnknown Baralou system Unknown Unknown
YarnilOuter Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
YaronnUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
YarrvUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
YashuvhuUnknown RegionsUnknown Unknown Yashuvhi (indigenous), Humans Unknown
YasilorOuter Rim TerritoriesBajic Sector Unknown Humans Unknown
YaslaCore WorldsUnknownKarlatt systemMorse (indigenous) Unknown
Yavin PrimeOuter Rim TerritoriesGordian Reach Yavin system None None
YefowrUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
YelsainOuter Rim TerritoriesMinos Cluster Yelsain system Humans Tradetown
YelthaMid RimBothan Space Both system Unknown Unknown
Yen-2Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknown Verde system Unknown Unknown
YerphoniaCore WorldsUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
YeshocqUnknownUnknown Unknown Qormot (indigenous) Unknown
YetnisUnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Yetoom Na UunMid RimSenex Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
YetorosCore WorldsFarlax SectorUtos systemUnknown Unknown
YgziirYuuzhan Vong GalaxyUnknown Unknown Yuuzhan Vong Unknown
YhifarUnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yhuli UnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yibikkoror Expansion RegionImmalia Sector Yinchorri system Yinchorri Unknown
Yinchorr Expansion RegionImmalia Sector Yinchorri system Yinchorri (indigenous) Tol Kashorn
Yir Tangee ColoniesUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Yisagga UnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yitheeth Expansion RegionImmalia Sector Yinchorri system Yinchorri Unknown
Yityl UnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Ylesia Outer Rim TerritoriesHutt Space Cha Raaba system Yuuzhan Vong, Humans, various Peace City
Ylix Mid RimUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Ymura Core WorldsUnknownKarlatt systemMorse (indigenous) Unknown
Yn UnknownUnknown Unknown Ynian (indigenous) Unknown
Yntrann [[Outer Rim Territories]Tharin Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
Y'nybeth UnknownUnknown Unknown Plasmar (indigenous) Unknown
Yobboy Unknown RegionsUnknown Unknown Killik Unknown
Yoberra UnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yoribuunt Mid RimHutt Space Unknown None None
Yorn Skot Inner Rim TerritoriesUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yout UnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Y'taa UnknownUnknown Unknown Y'taa Unknown
Y'Trella Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknown Y'Trella system Unknown Unknown
Yuga 2 Outer Rim TerritoriesUnknown Yuga system Unknown Unknown
Yugami UnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yuka (searing planet) [[Outer Rim TerrtioriesWild Space Kamino system Unknown Unknown
Yuka (ice planet) [[Outer Rim TerrtioriesWild Space Kamino system Unknown Unknown
Yulant Core WorldsUnknown Yulant system Humans Unknown
Yunkor IX UnknownUnknown Yunkor system Unknown Unknown
Yurb UnknownUnknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yutusk UnknownUnknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Yuuzhan'tar Yuuzhan Vong GalaxyUnknown Unknown Yuuzhan Vong (indigenous) Unknown
Yuvern Outer Rim TerritoriesOplovis Sector Yuvern system Yuvernians Unknown
Yvara Outer Rim TerritoriesKathol Sector Yvarema (indigenous) Unknown Unknown


Name Region Sector System Inhabitants Capital city
Zaddja Outer Rim Territories Trilon sector Unknown Geonosians Unknown
Zaloriis Outer Rim Territories Unknown Zalor system Humans Zaloriis City
Zalso Unknown Jendar sector Unknown Humans Unknown
Zaraksander Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zarsteck Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zauhu Core Worlds Unknown Zug system None None
Zaur Core Worlds Unknown Zug system None None
Zchtek worlds Mid Rim Unknown Unknown Jin Unknown
Zebitrope IV Outer Rim Territories Centrality Zebitrope system Unknown Unknown
Zebitrope VIII Outer Rim Territories Centrality Zebitrope system Unknown Unknown
Zeffliffl Outer Rim Territories Atrivis sector Unknown Zeffliffl Unknown
ZeHeth Mid Rim Unknown Unknown ZeHethbra Unknown
Zekulae Unknown Unknown Unknown Zeku Unknown
Zelakesh Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zeldiis Inner Rim Unknown Zel system Unknown Unknown
Zellone Inner Rim Unknown Zel system None None
Zelmaadine Mid Rim Unknown Velm system None None
Zeloa Inner Rim Unknown Zel system None None
Zeloc Mid Rim Unknown Velm system None None
Zelos II Unknown Unknown Zelos system Zelosians, Humans Kryndyn
Zeltros Inner Rim Unknown Zel system Zeltrons Unknown
Zelvahn Inner Rim Unknown Zel system Unknown Unknown
Zenobah Mid Rim Unknown Demophon system Unknown Unknown
Zerm Outer Rim Territories Calaron sector Unknown Humans Unknown
Zeta Zero Nine Wild Space The Wastes Unknown Humans Unknown
Z'fell Deep Core Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zham Hlar Mid Rim Thaereian system Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zhann Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zhanox Outer Rim Territories Anoat sector Zhanox system Humans, Ugnaughts Unknown
Zhar Outer Rim Territories Cadavine sector Zhar system None None
Zhina Deep Core Farlax Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zhotta 3 Outer Rim Territories Unknown Unknown Humans Unknown
Zilior Unknown Unknown Uziel system Humans Unknown
Ziost Outer Rim Territories Sith Space Unknown Massassi, Sith Unknown
Zirku Mid Rim Unknown Riflorii system Unknown Unknown
Zirulast Expansion Region Unknown Zirulast system Temolak Unknown
Zlarbv IV Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zolan Mid Rim Unknown Zolan system Zolanders, Clawdites Unknown
Zoma V Outer Rim Territories? Unknown Zoma system Felinians Unknown
Zonama Sekot Mobile Mobile Mobile Yuuzhan Vong, Ferroans La'okio
Zonju V Outer Rim Territories Unknown Zonju system Humans Zoronhed
Zor Vlahu Mid Rim Teraab sector Ruusan system None None
Zoraster Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zorbia I Outer Rim Territories Moddell sector Zorbia system Unknown Unknown
Zorbia II Outer Rim Territories Moddell sector Zorbia system Humans Unknown
Zorbia III Outer Rim Territories Moddell sector Zorbia system Unknown Unknown
Z'trop Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zuliria Mid Rim Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zygeria Outer Rim Territories Chorlian sector Unknown Zygerrians Unknown

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