Little Mon Cal, previously known as Jotsen's Island, was the second-biggest land of mass in the planet Lamaredd and, from c. 517 BBY onward, a sovereign state inhabited mostly by aliens. From its capital city of Farsands, it was also the seat of the main HQ of the Sailor's Union.


The 10,000-kilometer-long continent later known as Jotsen's Island was the second biggest land of mass on the planet Lamaredd, after the simply-called northern continent.[1]

Around five hundred years before the Battle of Naboo, Hugo Bartyn, an scout from Outer Rim Oreworks, became the Administrator of Lamaredd in the name of ORO. He built a mine in the northern continent and later a nearby city, Bartyn's Landing, that he populated with Shanghaied slaves from Chagri, Dac, Iskalon and Naboo. Bartyn surreptitiously obtained the deeds to several key locations of Lamaredd previously owned by ORO, with Jotsen's Island being one of these.[1]

C. 517 BBY, a Sailor's Union was created and Bartyn was forced to cede Jotsen's Island to the aliens, who would use it as their homeland. At this point, the island was re-named Little Mon Cal,[1][2] and the Sailor's Union moved their main headquarters there. The city of Farsands became the capital of the sovereign state of Little Mon Cal.[1]

Five centuries later, Little Mon Cal was a community of several aliens, nonetheless more backwater than the de facto "big city", Bartyn's Landing. The Landing's town hall dealt with Little Mon Cal about the trade of foodstuff and textiles.[1] Emigrants from Little Mon Cal sometimes went to Bartyn's Landing.[3] By then, the Sailor's Union was still a powerful entity, with the local offices being controlled by shipping manager Kurline. Several non-affiliated workers complained that the Union was threatening them.[1]

C. 29 BBY, Little Mon Cal suffered the outbreak of a fungal plague. Bartyn's Landing sent a team, including their only doctor MD-0C6, to deliver medicines. En route, they had a brush with pirates wanting to steal the cargo and ask for a ransom.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the bad ending of the adventure Reckonings, the Menahuun openly attack Bartyn's Landing and a war is unleashed. A number of civilians, including Miss Mylla, attempt to leave Bartyn's Landing and start anew in a different part of Lamaredd; Mylla herself sets off for Little Mon Cal, but her boat crashes in the Rank.



Notes and referencesEdit

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