The Livien League was a state located within the Tion Cluster in the Pre-Republic era. It consisted of worlds such as Amarin, Jhantoria, Kanaver, and Livien. The capital planet was Desevro. During the Cronese Sweeps, the Pirate King Xer VIII tried to conquer the League but it successfully defied him and remained the only part of the Tion Cluster out of his control. After Xer's retirement, Xim the Despot managed to defeat the League at the Battle of Jhantoria, forcing its surrender and unusually for the Despot, integrating it into his empire mostly peacefully thereafter. Xim unified the cluster for the first time; Xer's Empire and the Livien League became Xim's Empire.

After the collapse of Xim's Empire following his defeat by the Hutts at the Third Battle of Vontor, the worlds of the old Livien League became part of the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion, and thereafter those worlds clustered around Livien at the head of the Desevran Trace became known as the Livien Worlds.



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